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Issue -1     January/February, 2002

This Issue:
Limbo Rocks!

by David R. Black

A look at a trio of limbo-ized characters from First Issue Special

by Douglas Ethington

How long did your favorite character reside in limbo before being released?

by Michael Condon

Can you solve it before we disappear?

by Andrew Pellerito

Archer Hammerlocke? Who's that?

by D.J. LoTempio

Yeates discusses his work on Swamp Thing and DC's early 1980's sword & sorcery books!

Don't just sit there!  Help him!
"Gangbuster in Limbo!" by Yusuf Madhiya
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Merryman : " Welcome to limbo! You know, I didn't think you'd be back here quite so soon."
Animal Man : " Back? What do you mean, "back"? I haven't been here before."
Merryman : " Of course you have! You just don't remember! No one remembers limbo once they've left it."
Animal Man : " What is this place?"
Merryman : "I just told you: It's limbo. Comic book limbo .... See, this is where all the old characters end up. The ones nobody cares about anymore. You know, the dumb ones and the old fashioned ones. "
Animal Man #25


by D.J. LoTempio

Mystery in Space!


by L.T. Hayes

Elseworlds: The Spectre rescues a well known Golden Age hero from the recesses of Hypertime!

by Dannell Lites

Elseworlds: A killer is stalking Olympic athletes Wally West, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon!

by Arlene Pon

Elseworlds: High school stinks, especially when brainiac Tim Drake learns he must tutor football star Conal!

by Syl Francis

Two kidnappers run afoul of their intended target!

by Nicolas Juzda

Can Green Lantern save an entire planet from the impact of a huge yellow meteor?

by Syl Francis

Batman confronts Catwoman after Commissioner Gordon is shot!


Cover Parodies!


by Ye Olde Assistant Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Brian MacDonald

The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 reviewed!

by David R. Black

The last HOJ column! Featuring two Outsiders villains!

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

"Beginnings and Endings"

art by Yusuf Madhiya

Reboot! The death of the Anti-Fanzing Monitor!

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