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Issue 0     January, 2001

This Issue:
Sword and Sorcery Month!

by D.J. LoTempio

Never heard of the Warlord? D.J. will introduce you!

by David R. Black

A summary of all 133 Warlord issues plus guest appearances!

by Black & LoTempio

Tara! Shakira! Ashir! They're all here!

by Black & LoTempio

A compilation some of the best dialogue from from the Warlord series!

by David R. Black

A look at the original Starfire (not that orange skinned Tamaran)

"Fafhrd & Mouser" by Marla F. Fair
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Jim Rook (Nightmaster): "I feel like a character from Howard or Tolkein. Pretty soon, though, I'm gonna wake up and find this is a spaced out dream. And I'm gonna swear off reading sword-and-sorcery sagas!"
Showcase #82


by Michael Hutchison

Elongated Man must meet his challenge to nab Riddler by Friday. Supervillain cameos galore!
Part 3
Part 4

If you missed it, read Part 1

by Michael Hutchison and David R. Black

The conclusion we've all been waiting for!

Results of the "Villainy on Vacation" challenge.

by Michael Hutchison

The supervillains' holiday takes a bizarre turn as villains and heroes are affected by the virus.

by Michael Hutchison

Villains are heroes, heroes are villains, with several courses of action to pursue. Enjoy!

by David R. Black

An Elseworlds proposal starring the DCU's pilots!

by Syl Francis

Christopher Chance, the Human Target, must save the President of the USA from an assassination plot!

by Syl Francis

Young Dick Grayson is kidnapped - Can Batman find him before Bruce Wayne pays the ransom?

by Amy Antonucci

Police officer Dick Grayson is shot in the line of duty!

by Syl Francis

So now you know how it feels, Bats!

by John Westcott

A Major Nightwing Epic!
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Action Challenge

Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
This Month:
A ton of art by Marla Fair!
"Arion" and "Warlord" by Yusuf Madhiya


by Ye Olde Fiction Editor

The story behind this issue

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by John Wells

The Origin and History of DC's first S&S hero!

by Simon Brown

From the Fanzing Archives comes a look at the Sword of the Atom series!

by David Luhn

An archived piece on Sword of Sorcery, starring Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser!

by David R. Black

Robert Silverberg's "Nightwings" reviewed!

by Matt Morrison

Matt weighs in on JLA: Act of God

art by Marla F. Fair

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Next Month:

Birds of Prey!

We go from Swords & Sorcery to Babs & Dinah
There, David, you can stop pestering me now!
I gave you your sword & sorcery month…

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