Too Many Long Boxes!
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  • Letter Column
  • The Elongated and Winding Road
  • Midway City
  • Vlatava: Jewel of the Valley
  • Off The Road
  • Something of a Stretch
  • Comic Book Movies
  • Never Discuss Politics
  • Elastic Wars
  • Dixonverse Annual
  • Farewell to Dannell
  • Trivia Quiz
  • Art Challenge
  • Writing Challenge Results
  • Musee de Bivolo
  • Long Stretch
  • The Evil Stepmother's Manifesto
  • Burning Over
  • The Case Of The Really Dead Waiter
  • Half Empty Bowl, Half Full, Part 3
  • Echoes
  • Deconstruction of a Tragedy
  • Oracle's Files
  • From the Bookshelf
  • The Mount
  • If I Ran DC
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    The Independent Online DC Comics Fanzine

    Issue 52     January/February 2003

    This Issue:
    Elongated Month!

      Elongated Man and Sue
    "Elongated Man and Sue Dibny" - by Rosaline Terrill

    by Michael Condon

    Can you stretch your mind and solve it before they bounce away?

    by Michael Hutchison

    A reprint of Michael's first ever Fanzing article, comparing Elongated Man and Plastic Man.

    by Michael Hutchison

    Reviews of "Spider-Man," "Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels," James Robinson's "Comic Book Villains" and "The Matrix."


    by J. Morgan Neal

    What a long, strange trip it has been for Ralph Dibny!

    by Michael Hutchison, et al

    PDFs of 2002's fan-made comic tribute to Chuck Dixon, including an Elongated Man mystery!

    by Svetlana Valyusha
    translated by David R. Black

    Chronicling the geography and history of Vlatava!

    by Mathew D. Rhys

    A guide to Blue Valley and Waymore, Nebraska!

    by Mathew D. Rhys

    Mat's tour of the DCU concludes with the home of Hawkman and the Doom Patrol!

    by Kent "Cheeks" Orlando

    The superheroic origin of Ralph Dibny, Elongated Man!

    by Michael Hutchison


    written and illustrated by Mathew D. Rhys

    Is there a place for Stretch, from Hero Hotline, in the DCU?

    by Hazel von Nolastname

    Lois Lane and Clark Kent discuss a Grimm issue!

    by "Blinky the Tree Frog"

    Is Azrael losing his mind?

    by Mathew D. Rhys

    Elongated Man and Plastic Man team up to solve a murder!

    by David J. LoTempio

    Count Vertigo discovers the truth behind the international intrigue surrounding Vlatava!

    by "Blinky the Tree Frog"

    Sebastian Faust has been having a bad day...

    by "Blinky the Tree Frog"

    A Batman mystery told in reverse!

    by Rosaline Terrill

    Powerless and lost, can the JLA and Zauriel survive T.O. Morrow's dastardly plan?

    Comic Book Quote of the Month:
    General Jeb Stuart: "I think you should ask one question: What did your brother leave undone?"
    Hawk: "I can't... can't think of a thing, sir. Don always took care of things. Cleaned up the loose ends. I just think he died too soon."
    General Stuart: "Don't measure his life by time. Measure it by his deeds."
    Hawk and Dove Annual #1 (1990)


    Winter weather art challenge!


    Art by the Brothers Grinn, Yusuf Madhiya, Philipp Neundorf, and Russ Yocum!


    by Ye Olde Editor

    by Chaim Mattis Keller

    Letters from...

    by Michael Hutchison

    In memorium of a fantastic Fanzing contributor



    by John Wells

    Profiling Police Comics' powerhouse and Plastic Man's pal... Burp the Twerp!

    by Matt "Stars" Morrison

    What is the inherent political ideology of the superhero genre?

    by Michael Hutchison

    Rebuttal to The Mount.

    by Nicolas Juzda

    The Crisis On Infinite Earths brings an era to an end

    by Michael Hutchison

    Continuity and timelines, the affliction of true fanboys

    by David R. Black

    The end looms large on the horizon...

    art by Yusuf Madhiya

    The end of Fanzing...

    Still need something to read? We recommend...

    From the Archives:


    Thanks for reading!
    This is the last issue of Fanzing!

    Enjoy the archives, and be sure to look for the "Job Wanted" project coming soon to a comic shop near you!
    And that's a wrap! C'mon, all you Fanzingers, take a well deserved bow!
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