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Issue 49     October, 2002

This Issue:

"Mr. Mxyzptlk" by Rosaline Terrill


by Nicolas Juzda

Get out your old Power Of Shazam issues and find out what Mr. Mind was actually saying!

by Michael Hutchison

The various incarnations of Superman's greatest enemy!

by Mathew D. Rhys

If you thought Hub City was bad, wait'll you visit Vanity!

by Kent "Cheeks" Orlando

Cheeks' review of the late lamented Secret Society Of Super-Villains!

by Kent "Cheeks" Orlando

Who are the best of the bad?

by Bob von Nolastname

Meet Mr. Nice, Mastermind, and The Perfesser, three villains from The Batman Adventures!


by Mathew D. Rhys

The Shade recounts an occasion when he played hero!

by Mark Anderson

Major Disaster is trying to make a new start, but his past is coming back to haunt him and his new team. An adventure of the new lineup JLA!

by Nicolas Juzda

The Trickster, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang go hunting!

by David J. LoTempio

The mystery in Vlatava deepens! Vertigo investigates as Blythe falls into enemy hands.
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Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Captain Cold : " I promise you... I'll take these idiots out before they can blink. You forget I'm used to dealing with someone that moves at the speed of light?
Then I'll come after you. Shove this gun down your throat and freeze you from the inside out. "

Flash #182 (3rd series)


Origins and 50th anniversaries!


Art by Yusuf Madhiya


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller

Letters from...

From the Archives:



by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before they break out of Belle Reeve?

by John Wells

Profiling the criminal organizations of the DCU

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

":So It Has Come To This..."

by Nicolas Juzda

Time passes and things change. Does A Lonely Place Of Dying hold up today?

art by Yusuf Madhiya

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