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Issue 48     September, 2002

This Issue:
Beyond the DCU!

  Beyond the DCU
"Beyond the DCU" by Erik Burnham
colors by Phil Meadows

Major announcement! Please read.

by Michael Hutchison


by Michael Condon, DJ LoTempio, and John McDonagh

The Scarab (from Vertigo and the JSA) takes the spotlight!

by Gerald Wilson

An overview of the Golden Age title and hero!

by Mathew D. Rhys

Answering all questions about Hub City!

by Robert Doucette

Will this tell you everything you want to know about Black Canary?

by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before you're exiled from the DCU?


by Adrian Tullberg

How well did Bruce Wayne know his parents?

by "Dr. Thinker"

Origins Challenge: Who is Kiz Kiz-El? And what is she doing on Earth?

by Mathew D. Rhys

The Powerpuff Girls and Freakazoid confront...the Boogie Man?

by Gerald Wilson

Can our two heroes solve the Puzzler's puzzle in time?

From the Archives:

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
King Peacock : "This is the death of Baldur you're investigating?"
Syn : "Yeah. What's so funny?"
King Peacock : "Well, Gods are eternally recurring symbols. They're stories. The death of Baldur's been going on since before time... and it will happen again tomorrow."
Smax : "Let me get this straight: We're not busting anybody because they eternally murder people?"
King Peacock : "Not unless you want eternal paperwork."
Top Ten #7


Origins and 50th anniversaries!


Art by Jim Coder & Rosaline Terrill


by Chaim Mattis Keller

Letters from...



by John Wells

The strange story of Batman's affair with Marcia Monroe!

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

Lucifer: The Best DC Book You Aren't Reading

by Nicolas Juzda

Manhunter: The Special Edition - Sometimes good things come in small packages, as this collection proves

by David R. Black

Two weeks in the life of a Fanzing editor!

art by Kurt Belcher

A sneak peek of our next issue

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Next Month:

Call Belle Reeve! Call the Slab! Call Stryker's Island!
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