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Issue 47     August, 2002

This Issue:
Year One!

  Wonder Girl
"Wonder Girl" by Rosaline Terrill


by John Wells

The Power Company: Year One Footnotes

by Gerald Wilson

A short bio on golden-ager Genius Jones!

artwork by Scott McCullar

A tribute to the latest Fanzinger to turn pro!

Mathew D. Rhys

The Twin Cities: Central and Keystone

Scott Frank

A review of the stories in DC's Year One Annual Event from 1995

by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before the neophyte heroes?


by Gerald Wilson

Feeb-Off: From the pages of the golden age Adventure Comics comes Genius Jones!

by Harvey Kent

Feeb-Off: Silver Age JLA villain Mind-Grabber Kid may finally get a chance to be a hero!

by Mathew D. Rhys

Feeb-Off: What was New Blood hero Joe Public doing during Cataclysm and No Man's Land?

by "Murmur The Fallen"

Feeb-Off: Captain Comet pays a visit to Wonderworld

by Adrian Tullberg

A short JLA parody: Superman has a problem with the show Smallville

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Quote of the Month:
Steel: "Two months ago, a leap like this might have crippled me! And as for running faster than a hopped-up Packard, that's something I never even dreamed about before! It'll take time to get used to all this muscle, but somehow, I don't think I'm going to mind the effort!"
Steel: The Indestructible Man #2


We have a winner! The hard working author is....

The 5th annual swimsuit contest winner is....

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Art by Rosaline Terrill, Russ Yocum, and Klien!


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller

Letters from...



by Matt "Stars" Morrison

Green Arrow: The Wonder Year

by Nicolas Juzda

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters - Remember the last time Green Arrow was revived from obscurity?

by David R. Black

Three series deserving TPB treatment anad a review of Under a Yellow Sun!

art by Nikoru-Chan

A sneak peek of our next issue

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