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Issue 46     July, 2002

This Issue:
Star Spangled Comics!

  Superman with American Flag
"July Fourth" by Rosaline Terrill


by Nicolas Juzda

The Golden Age Wonder Woman was up to no good!

by Russ Yocum

One Fan's Search for the Legends of the Superheroes

by Mathew D. Rhys

Gateway City: A bridge from wood to surf

by David R. Black

Reviewing the Freedom Fighters' first appearnce in JLofA #107 & #108

by Gerald "Capt Gerry" Wilson

Praise the Lord and pass the comic covers!

by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before Red, White, and Blue?


It's not too late to submit entries!


by Bat-Mite (as told to Eric Lindberg)

Feeb-Off: Bat Mite wants you to know the truth! He's not just a joke!

by Mathew D. Rhys

General Glory and the Unknown Soldier team-up to stop a Nazi plot!

by Mark Anderson

One family sees Uncle Sam fight to protect the American Dream over three generations

by David J. LoTempio

A 2nd helping of Chicken Soup For The Supervillain Soul!
International intrigue in Vlatava imperils Count Vertigo and Blythe Bonner!

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Barracuda : "You fared well against my comrade, Uncle Sam, but you'll taste death from the Barracuda!"
Uncle Sam : "Dagnabbit, sonny! When're you villains going to realize I embody the Spirit of America? And that's no easy thing to kill!"
Freedom Fighters #9


by Rosaline Terrill

This month's cover does double duty as a desktop wallpaper.

Art by Chris Franklin, Nikoru-Chan, and Russ Yocum


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller

A letter from Phil Foglio, and letters on If I Ran DC

From the Archives:



by Michael Hutchison

Did Electric Superman really need a Trade Paperback? Why not...

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

A review of Hawkman's series, summer movies, and...the Mount Lifetime Achievement Award?

by John Wells

Cognitive reasoning deduces a profile on the Thinker!

by Nicolas Juzda

Reinventing Comics: What does the future hold for comics? And is this the book to tell you?

by David R. Black

Conventions, Tiger the Wonder Cat, and Vertigo's Strange Adventures!

art by Russ Yocum

A sneak preview of our next issue

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