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Hawkman Timeline

by John Wells

art by John DeBarbieri

"The past and present must work together, not independently. One learns from the other -- rejecting the bad, accepting the good." -- Hawkman, Flash Comics # 67.

Hawkman over the agesIn 1989, a simple editorial decision transformed Hawkman into the poster child for Disconcerting Continuity. The recent Hawkworld mini-series had been successful and an ongoing book was in the offing. The plan was to regard the mini-series as a prequel to The Brave and The Bold # 34 and the ongoing series would pick up in the present day, following in the footsteps of Shadow War of Hawkman. Instead, the decision was made to have the events of the mini-series continue directly into the present-day, ignoring all of the Hawks' appearances in post-Crisis continuity.

As months passed, the problem was dealt with as much as possible. Hawkman's Silver Age appearances in his own book and with the Justice League were attributed to the Golden Age Hawkman (Hawkworld Annual # 1) while the more recent incarnation was a villain claiming to be Carter Hall's son (Hawkworld # 23-24).

But things only got more confused, particularly when Zero Hour, intended to fix the problem, made things worse by compressing all the incarnations of Hawkman into a single, unsociable character. Within two years, the character had become enough of a liability that he was shunted off into limbo.

And there he remained until the recent events of JSA # 23-25 when Hawkman -- the original, Golden Age Carter Hall incarnation -- stepped out of limbo and back into the DC Universe.

In the interest of averting still more continuity gaffes, I've constructed this admittedly gargantuan Hawkman chronology, preserving as much as possible of the Silver Age Hawkman's history as possible.

Happily, JSA is adhering to the Hawkman origin as written in Flash Comics # 1 rather than more recent revisions. The origins of Prince Khufu and Carter Hall that appeared in 1995's Hawkman Annual # 2 deviated so much from established history (both before and after the story) that it seems evident that the entire twenty-page sequence is non-canonical. Fortunately, page twenty-one of that issue established that the entire flashback had been a nightmare of Hath-Set's present-day incarnation and, as such, is not bound to mainstream continuity. The Annual is not without its redeeming features, though, and provides Khufu with a last name (Kha-Tarr) and Shiera with an Egyptian identity (Chay-Ara).

Among the discrepancies in the Annual: Khufu receives the Nth Metal from Horus and forges it into a flight vest (rather than creating it himself from a Thanagarian spacecraft), Hath-Set dies in his climactic encounter with Khufu (rather than vice-versa, wherein Khufu is stabbed by a knife that will be rediscovered much later), Shiera is given the last name of Saunders (rather than Sanders), Carter's memories of Khufu come to him a series of dreams (rather than being triggered by the knife that killed the Prince), Shiera's memories of her previous life fail to be revived at all and she never meets the modern Hath-Set and, finally, Carter refers to Hitler's possession of the Spear of Destiny (which didn't take place until the Fuhrer's encounter with Hawkman and the heroes destined to form the Justice Society). One detail present in both the Annual and Secret Origins # 11: Prince Khufu's reign is set in the 15th Dynasty (rather than 19th), a nod to the fact that the invading Hyksos introduced Egypt to the horse and chariot (seen in Flash Comics # 1).

Despite periodic confusion, the original Hawkgirl's name remains Shiera Sanders despite periodic attempts to render the surnames of herself and the Vigilante as Saunders and establish them as cousins of Cyril "Speed" Saunders. It's not unheard of for relatives to spell their family names in slightly different ways (I have relatives named both Hartley and Heartley) and a family tree tying all of this together follows the chronology.

Hawkgirl's status with the wartime JSA remains unclarified. She appears in multiple wartime flashbacks, two of them in 1945. None of these stories explicitly refer to Hawkgirl as a member but the question remains. Near the end of her career, for what it's worth, she was actually depicted at the JSA meeting table (Justice Society of America [2] # 10).

My survey of the Hawks' Golden Age adventures was at the mercy of my collection. I possess Flash Comics # 1-25 and, given their rarity, provided more detailed of those stories that the more accessible material from the Silver Age-onward. Thanks to renowned Joe Kubert fan Al Dellinges, I was also able to read several episodes from later in the Flash Comics run. Still, there are a number of potentially significant stories that I was unable to read.

I've speculated that, for most of the glory days of the original Justice League of America, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were agents of a secondary group of Guardians of the Universe (seen in Strange Adventures # 22 and 35), who supplied them with a gold and emerald spacecraft not unlike the one Joe Kubert designed for The Brave & The Bold # 34. These Guardians would claim to be a separate body than the creators of the Green Lantern Corps and indicate they merely used the name to expedite their own goals in protecting "the clockwork universe." In fact, the alien peacekeepers had been secretly sanctioned by the Guardians of Oa to recruit more independent-minded heroes than those in the Corps. Although not addressed in the timeline below, one can speculate that these Guardians -- and the Hawks' spacecraft -- were destroyed during the Great Crisis.

But why did the Guardians choose the Hawks in the first place ? Hawkman had traveled into space frequently during the 1940s, both with the Justice Society and in his own adventures, and already had a degree of experience under his Nth Metal belt that others did not. Though they weren't aware of it until he left Earth, Carter and Shiera were even close friends with a Thanagarian named Paran Katar. And, unlike many of their contemporaries from that era, the Hawks were still active. When Earth was teleported into the relative vicinity of the planet Rann (Mystery In Space # 90), Hawkman and Hawkgirl were logical choices to designate as agents of the Guardians, particularly given the absence of Superman and the Justice League (who were off-planet fighting Despero, as seen in Silver Age Secret Files # 1).

Evidence already exists to support the fact that the Hawks were traveling in space as law officers during that period:

In a story in JLA 80-Page Giant # 2 (set immediately after Justice League of America # 112), Green Arrow sniffs that Hawkman is an "alien cop."

In Hawkworld # 23 (set just prior to Justice League International # 19), an imposter identifies himself as Carter and Shiera's older son and claims to have spent years on the planet Thanagar studying their culture. The Martian Manhunter accepts his story at face value, something he would only have done if the Hawks had been frequent space travelers.

And, in The Darkstars # 6, both Carter and Shiera display a remarkable familiarity with outer space forces. In that issue, they recognize a pair of aliens as Immanite slave traders and prove to be equally familiar with the alien uniforms of the Darkstars.

Many of the aliens encountered by the Hawks in the Silver Age can be preserved in present continuity despite their presence in Hawkworld:

The Wingors and Illoralians on Thanagar arrived there through dimensional warps similar to the ones seen in Hawkman [1] # 6 and 16.

Fal Tal and her Kalvars had been in suspended animation for 500,000 years before their revival in Hawkman [1] # 8. In the millennia since her disappearance, the legend of the military leader had spread to other worlds, where female offspring were often named in her honor. One such latter-day Fal Tal was a She-Hawk who helped free hundreds of subjugated alien races from the planet Thanagar (Hawkworld # 21-23, 25-26).

The orange-skinned plant queen known as Hyathis (Justice League of America # 3) is unrelated to the caucasian grandmother of Shayera Thal who spells her name Hyanthis (Hawkworld # 10-12).

Following his defeat in Justice League of America # 139, Kanjar Ro somehow found himself on Thanagar's Downside, where he quickly began rebuilding his power base (Hawkworld [2] # 1, 6, 10).

The only aliens seen in Hawkworld who couldn't effectively be worked into current continuity are Byth (no surprise) and the Man-Hawks. By the time the Thanagarian elements of their Silver Age appearances were removed, there wasn't much left.

The various Earth-based Hawkman foes can almost entirely be retained, notably the Matter Master, Kaslak, the Shadow-Thief, I.Q., Chac, C.A.W., the Raven, the Gentleman Ghost and the Fadeaway Man.

Doctor Konrad Kaslak escapes a prison sentence twice (following B&B # 36 and Detective # 452) by claiming to have been under the influence of a magic spell. Nonetheless, he moves to Chicago rather than push his luck further (Hawkworld # 4).

A flesh and blood Gentleman Ghost named James Craddock appeared in Hawkman [3] # 21 but this was apparently a descendant of the original highwayman who has since reappeared in Impulse # 61.

The Shadow-Thief's ninja-derived origin and name from Hawkworld # 5 can be retained without deleting his Silver Age appearances. He acquired his

Dimensiometer Belt from Thar Dan in Brave & Bold # 36, clashed with the Hawks several times, permanently lost the belt to the Phantom Stranger in JLA # 139 and gained a new shadow-suit (based on Thar Dan's concepts) in Hawkworld # 5.

Only Hawkman # 20-21's Ed (Lionmane) Dawson (whose history was reworked in Hawkworld # 20, 24 and 25) and B&B # 44's "Men Who Moved the World" (see Wonder Woman [2] # 115-117) didn't make the cut.

Carter and Shiera's continued residency in Midway City is implied by the false Hawkman's decision to set up shop there in Hawkworld # 22. Presumably, the Halls moved from their Westchester County mansion to Midway after it was invaded by the Appellaxians in JLA: Year One # 11. They reclaimed the manor shortly before the formation of Infinity, Inc. Upon their return from limbo, Carter and Shiera discovered the mansion in ruins (see Infinity, Inc. # 42-44) and moved to Chicago (mentioned in Darkstars # 6), where they bought the Aerie Complex (Hawkman [3] # 14).

Trivia note: The address of Carter's Hall's home -- presumably Hall Mansion -- was cited in Flash Comics # 98. It was 1948 Keystone Avenue. Of course, the city was identified as Gotham but we'll overlook that ...

In the present-day DC Universe, George Emmett (Midway's police commissioner, who coincidentally shared his name with Chicago's police superintendent) is retired but his son Tony still serves on the Midway police force as a lieutenant (Action Comics # 697).

Of the three Silver Age supporting characters introduced in Hawkworld, George Emmett was far and away the most important to retain in the current account of those 1960s stories. It would be pushing coincidence too far, though, to have both Carter Hall and Katar Hol associating with Mavis Trent and Joe Tracy. Consequently, the accounts of Brave & Bold # 35, 36, Mystery In Space # 89 and Hawkman [1] # 1 & 2 that appear in this chronology make no reference to them although characters with different names may have filled their roles.

Green Arrow's combative relationship with Hawkman survives largely intact though it now hinges more on the generation gap, with Ollie finding fault in the viewpoint of the conservative symbol of the old guard. The "space cop" angle is still there if anyone wants to use it.

It's important to note that, beneath all that bluster, GA and Hawkman did genuinely like and respect one another, something that hasn't always come across in post-Crisis flashbacks. Consider Len Wein's JLA # 109, where Ollie got choked up when Katar returned to Thanagar (this one's definitely no longer canonical) or Wein's more recent JLA 80-Page Giant # 2, in which it's clear that, up to a point, the guys were putting on a show.

The Emerald Archer and the Hawk eventually "buried the hatchet" in a night on the town in Steve Englehart's

JLA # 145. Hawkman & Hawkgirl and Green Arrow & Black Canary were still said to be socializing as late as JLA # 181, when Ollie quit the team.

Though not touched on by anyone but Steve Englehart, the relationship between the Hawks -- particularly Shiera -- and the Red Tornado may also be worth examination. Early in his career, Reddy saved Hawkman's life three times -- in Justice League of America # 65 and 72 (both witnessed by a grateful Hawkgirl) and # 129 (wherein Red Tornado actually sacrificed his life). Significantly, it was Shiera who defended Red Tornado when he returned in # 146 and rallied him to overcome the Construct. Appropriately, the duo joined the League side by side.

Missing from this timeline almost entirely are stories written by Bob Rozakis and Tony Isabella, both of whom dealt extensively with a now non-canonical version of Thanagar. Each writer is represented here with episodes that didn't tie into the ongoing saga. Also missing are the stories from Hawkman [1] # 22-27, a run that didn't fit into Earth-One continuity or, upon reexamination, current DC history.

Finally, a note of thanks to Murray Ward for his proofreading and to Ola "Hellstone" Hellsten for his last-minute comments and insights.

And now, on with the show ...

Circa 3000 B.C.:

Thoth, leader of a race of bird-men in the Nile Valley, "warned the Egyptians of the world-curse of his eternal enemy, Setekh ... but they heeded him not. So, he left the 'Black Land' forever, leading his great flock to what is now called Greenland. There, they founded Feithera ... and Thoth taught his magic to save the world from a prophesied and all-consuming evil. Then he left this planet altogether, and has since been seen by none" (Infinity, Inc. # 43).

Circa 2600-2500 B.C.:

Khufu serves as king of Egypt, facing hidden perils from his high priest (New Fun Comics # 2-5) as he oversees the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza, his eventual tomb (Action Comics # 6). The Greeks will remember Khufu as Cheops.

Both Vandal Savage (mentioned in The Flash [1] # 137 and Justice Society of America [1] # 1-8) and Kulak briefly attempt to pass themselves off as Cheops. Defeated by Savage, Kulak is placed in a tomb-like time capsule in the Egyptian desert (Justice Society of America [2] # 10). Apprised of Savage's claims, Hawkman will later snap, "He was never Cheops!" (Justice Society of America [1] # 7)

Following King Khufu's death, Vandal Savage reigns under the name of Khafre. The tyrant is imprisoned in a sorcerous tomb through the collaborative efforts of the time-traveling Bonnie Baxter and the Egyptian mage Nabu (Time Masters # 6).

Circa 1400 B.C.:

In Crete, Daedalus constructs the Labyrinth to contain the Minotaur only to eventually be imprisoned there with his son Icarus. Constructing wings of wax, father and son attempt to escape their prison by flying across the sea. Flying too close to the sun, Icarus' wings melt and he drowns after plunging into the sea.

COMMENT: Among the beings purported to have been an incarnation of Hawkman was someone who recalled flying "in the skies above Crete" (Hawkman [third series] # 30) and can be inferred as having been Icarus.

The pre-Crisis account of Daedalus and Icarus revealed that the Labyrinth had actually been a "gateway through the ages" and that, following his doomed fight to defeat the robotic Talos, Icarus had been fished out of the sea and fled through the Labyrinth, destroying it behind them. In his new life in 1956, Icarus became an Air Force pilot (Strange Adventures # 67).

Circa 1300 B.C.:

The properties of the Nth Metal, "an element unique to (the planet) Thanagar," are discovered to be "capable of governing not just gravity, but the other fundamental forces binding our universe as well." The Thanagarians put that knowledge to use as space travelers (JSA # 23) and one of their vessels eventually crashes on Earth. In Egypt, during its 19th Dynasty, the wizard Nabu, the champion Teth-Adam and Prince Khufu Kha-Tarr discover the craft and its dying occupants. Experimenting with the Nth Metal, the Prince creates an anti-gravity belt and, at Nabu's urging, the Claw of Horus, a glove destined to be instrumental in a battle millennia in the future. A combined Egyptian-Thanagarian heritage will be part of all Khufu's future incarnations (JSA # 22).

A time-lost Jay (Flash) Garrick finds himself in Egypt before Khufu, Nabu and Teth-Adam. The trio explain how they came into possession of the Thanagarian spacecraft and present Garrick with the Claw of Horus, cryptically referring to the crucial role that it and the reincarnations of Khufu and his beloved Chay-Ara will play in the defeat of an enemy "who threatens not only the world our visitors came from, but this world as well." With the Claw in tow, the Flash returns to his own time period (JSA # 20-22).

Via one of his wizards, Prince Khufu curses a thief and murderer named Ebrax to eternal life (Deathstroke # 52).

Hath-Set, an evil priest of Anubis who truly serves Setekh, captures Prince Khufu and his betrothed, Chay-Ara, at a temple of the hawk-god Horus and stabs each in the heart with a crystal dagger. With his dying words, Khufu vows that "I shall live again -- as shall you, Hath-Set. And then I shall be the victor!" (Flash Comics # 1; Secret Origins # 11).

COMMENT: The only tweaks to this story in current continuity are the portrayal of Khufu with black hair and brown skin (rather than the unlikely European blonde hair and pink flesh seen in the earlier accounts) and the identification of the Prince's lover as Chay-Ara (instead of Shiera). Though the story in Hawkman Annual # 2 has been largely discredited, it was the source of Khufu's surname of Kha-Tarr and Shiera's Egyptian name.

Circa 100 A.D.:

A gladiator named Abrihim Barabbas is transformed into an angelic winged warrior known as Gabriel. He perishes in battle with a demonic lion-man (Hawkman # [third series] # 25).

Circa 500 A.D.:

Aided by a falcon called Slasher, stable boy Brian Kent takes the persona of the Silent Knight to battle the tyranny of his uncle, Sir Oswald, and defend the honor of Lady Celia Penbrook (The Brave & The Bold # 1-22; Secret Origins # 49).


An alleged sorcerer known as the Purple Pilgrim is sentenced to death by Judge Sanders. The Pilgrim responds by cursing him "and all who may come after you and bear your hated name." Viewing the man's punishment as unjust, a faction of the community decides "to cut themselves off from the colonies" and move to a completely isolated area known as Hidden Valley (Flash Comics # 86).

The 1860s-1970s:

Hannibal Hawkes takes the masked alias of the Nighthawk to fight outlaws in the Old West (Western Comics # 5, 7-76). The hero is disintegrated by anti-matter in 1879 (Crisis On Infinite Earths # 3). He is presumed to have been survived by a wife and child, who continued his legacy into the present, when his namesake Hannibal Hawk became the 21st Century Nighthawk (Robin Annual # 6).

COMMENT: (Hawkman [third series] # 29 claims that Vandal Savage captured and hanged Nighthawk. Because that entire sequence may have been a drug-induced hallucination of Katar Hol, this alternate fate of Hannibal Hawkes is not officially acknowledged. If it did take place, Nighthawk may have miraculously survived and been cut down after his would-be killers rode off.


A Thanagarian named Paran Katar is sent to Earth to determine whether it would be a viable target for invasion. The alien scout also uses the relative solitude to his advantage and works towards creating an anti-gravity device. As "Perry Carter," the Thanagarian befriends a Manhattan socialite named Carter Hall, who, to his astonishment, is also trying to master gravity. Through ill-defined sorcerous means, Paran Katar somehow harnesses his prototype metal to the energy of a Thanagarian hawk-god whom he believed he had imprisoned (Hawkworld Annual # 1; Hawkman [third series] # 12).

While on an archaeological expedition in Egypt, Professor James Rock unearths the crystal dagger that Hath-Set used to murder Prince Khufu and Chay-Ara (mentioned in Flash Comics # 1; Secret Origins # 11).

September: Carter Hall creates an anti-gravity belt that his subconscious leads him to call Nth Metal. Unknown to Hall, his experiment has failed but Perry Carter secretly substitutes the metal alloy that he'd perfected "to see how it worked and what he would do with it" (Hawkworld Annual # 1).

October 6: The crystal dagger sent to him by his college mentor Professor Rock triggers Carter Hall's memories of his life and death as Khufu. In a daze, Hall wanders the streets of New York and stumbles into a woman fleeing a horrific electrical catastrophe in the subway system. Recognizing Shiera Sanders as the reincarnation of Chay-Ara, Carter escorts the traumatized woman back to his home. Compelled to investigate the subway tragedy, Hall takes the guise of Khufu's deity, Horus, wearing a beaked hawk mask, wings strapped to his bare back and the Nth Metal belt. The Hawkman eventually links the subway incident to electricity pioneer Anton Hastor, the reincarnation of Hath-Set. Deducing that the winged stranger is the reincarnation of Khufu, Hastor uses an ancient spell to lure Chay-Ara/Shiera to his lair and attempts to kill her. Instead, Hawkman fires an arrow into the madman's chest that sends him crashing into an electrical generator to his apparent death (Flash Comics # 1; Secret Origins # 11). Unknown to Carter and Shiera, the gravely injured Hastor survives and spends the next several months recovering (All-Star Squadron # 12).

December: Buildings in a section of Manhattan collapse under their own weight, the result of a mass-amplifying device created by a physicist called Alexander the Great. Not yet accustomed to maintaining a secret identity, Carter Hall (accompanied by his new fiancée Shiera) agrees to meet with the extortionist over dinner and is offered a one-million dollar bribe to "remain friendly." After secretly determining that the gravity doesn't affect Nth Metal, Hawkman impales the villain on a Roman trident and confiscates the mass-inducer for his own use (Flash Comics # 2).

COMMENT: Hawkman's proclivity towards killing his foes in many of these early adventures seems to indicate that Prince Khufu's personality initially asserted a greater influence over Carter Hall.

December: A scientist named Mazda builds a generator within the volcanic Mount Krakatao with the intent of harnessing its power for world domination. Hawkman and Shiera thwart the villain and his supposed fire-ghosts (actually men in asbestos suits) but Mazda dies when he is thrust into the heart of the volcano by the Winged Wonder. As the heroes flee the exploding generator, Hawkman loses his so-called "Hammer of Thor" (All-Star Comics # 3), an artifact that, unbeknownst to him, holds great power and "was created by an elder race, long vanished from the Earth" (All-Star Squadron # 22).

During the same period, the Ultra-Humanite also seems to perish in a volcano (Action Comics # 21) but escapes via "a mechanical mole." As Ultra weighs his options, he learns of the missing Hammer of Thor (All-Star Squadron # 22).


January: Dick Blendon, one of Carter's college classmates, discovers the secret of immortality and is among several other scientists who are abducted and tortured by Una Cathay, an evil colleague of Blendon's. After Hawkman intervenes, both Una and her partner perish as they attempt to flee. Blendon and his associates vow to keep Hawkman's true name a secret (Flash Comics # 3).

February: Captured by a hypnotic villain known as the Thought Terror, Hawkman is freed when Shiera smuggles weapons into his cell (Flash Comics # 4).

April: Soon after Arab terrorists make an unsuccessful assassination attempt on President Roosevelt, a government agent named Ione Craig reveals to Carter that Hassan Ibn Sadah's Sect of Assassins was responsible. Hawkman follows Craig to Arabia, ultimately rescuing her from the Sect and killing Hassan with a stone hurled from a slingshot (Flash Comics # 5). His wings partially disabled in the fight, Hawkman has difficulty maneuvering accurately in the sky and he lands in the desert to correct the problem. He and Ione soon find themselves captives of a revolutionary called Sheba, the so-called "Queen of the Desert. Through the combined efforts of Hawkman and an Armerican army division, the rebels are captured (# 6).

COMMENT: Ione Craig's appalling performance as a federal agent was, in all likelihood, an act designed to get close to the mystery-man and acquire data about the hero on behalf of the U.S. government. By November of this year, the F.B.I. will possess a file on the Winged Wonder (DC Special # 29).

May: Using a mysterious "plasm- clay," a sculptor named Boris Nickaloff creates a "statue man" named Czar with "pseudo-flesh" of marble. Hawkman "kills" the creature by twisting bolas around its neck. Nickaloff perishes of the same cause when he tries to intercept one of the Hawk's weapons. In an anonymous phone call to a local newspaper, Carter credits Hawkman with the defeat of the "unkillable man" (Flash Comics # 7).

June: In Wales, Hawkman clashes with an old man named Trygg who learned the Haitian secret of zombies. In order to protect the madman's niece and nephew, Hawkman destroys Trygg, his accomplice and their mountain headquarters in an explosion (All-Star Comics # 1).

June: Professor Kitzoff harnesses the power of sunspots into a deadly heat ray. Hawkman pursues the villain into South America only to see him accidentally gunned down by his own underlings (Flash Comics # 8).

July: Hawkman defends New York City against a marauding aquatic race known as the Kogats. During the course of the adventure, Hawkman wins the favor the Poseidon, who enables him to destroy the would-be conquerors and permanently grants the Winged Wonder the ability to breath underwater (Flash Comics # 9).

COMMENT: It's unclear precisely how long the Hawk's "permanent" aquatic powers lasted.

August: In Colorado, Hawkman thwarts John Denver's attempt to steal a gold mine (Flash Comics # 10).

September: In Mexico, Hawkman battles an Aztec priestess named Nyola. The madwoman attempts to murder Irene Norris in retaliation for an unflattering book that her brother wrote about her tribe (All-Star Comics # 2).

September: While Hawkman deals with the ringleaders of a real estate racket, Shiera provides the police with records that implicate the corporation (Flash Comics # 11).

October: Shiera discovers that the medical crisis of Tommy Rogers, one of Carter's college pals, is being triggered by drugs that his girl friend was slipping into his food. Hawkman eventually exposes a larger marriage-for-money scandal (Flash Comics # 12).

November: Surgeon Sara Descarl transplants human brains into the bodies of tigers and assumes the persona of Satana. Shiera narrowly escapes having her own brain transplanted before Hawkman captures the villainess (Flash Comics # 13).

November: A recovered Anton Hastor joins the scientific Brain Trust of Professor Elwood Napier, a group intent on concocting a fictitious alien menace that will unite the world's warring nations. Claiming to share their goals, Hastor joins the scientists (All-Star Squadron # 12).

November 9: The Atom, Dr. Fate, the Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman,

Hourman, the Sandman and the Spectre join forces to prevent Adolf Hitler's planned invasion of England. At the suggestion of President Roosevelt, the heroes decide to form the Justice Society of America (DC Special # 29, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 31).

November 22: The JSA holds its first meeting, with Johnny Thunder and, briefly, the Red Tornado also making appearances. The assembly draws the attention of J. Edgar Hoover, who invites the team to FBI headquarters (All-Star Comics # 3).

November 26: The JSA brings Fritz Klaver and his ring of saboteurs to justice (All-Star Comics # 4, reaffirmed in All-Star Squadron # 67).

December: A madman named Karvac summons a Phoenician elder god (an alligator deity named Scorio) who bequeaths him with occult flame guns. After Shiera learns that Karvac's troops have massacred an army regiment, she summons Hawkman. The Winged Wonder drives Scorio back to his nether realm and prevents Karvac from committing suicide, ensuring that he'll face charges (Flash Comics # 14).


Shiera stitches together a modest yellow hood to add to Carter's collection of hawk-masks, "some he's worn, and others ... he's keeping in reserve." Looking at Shiera's addition, he jokes, "The day I start wearing that one, you'll know I'm about ready to retire" (All-Star Squadron # 11).

January: Edward Thayer creates a sentient, animated hand that he uses to murder his brother, a friend of Carter Hall's father. Despite Hawkman's involvement, it is the Hand that ultimately metes out justice, strangling both Thayer and his lover before vanishing in a car crash (Flash Comics # 15).

COMMENT: The name Edward Thayer shows up frequently in Gardner Fox's scripts. Among others with that name were a jewel thief in Green Lantern [2] # 57 and a friend of Ray Palmer in The Atom # 15 and 26.

February: Shiera is the lone survivor of an archaeological expedition that is slaughtered in Mongolia. Captured by rebels from the hidden kingdom of Dravidia, she narrowly escapes being sacrificed by the High Priest thanks to Hawkman's intervention.

When the natives notice the Blue Keft Blade in the Winged Wonder's hand, they suspect that he is Icaro, the city's ancient ruler, and Hawkman plays to their superstitions, announcing, "Perhaps I, the Hawkman, knew this city and these peoples centuries ago. I have been reincarnated many times." He identifies Shiera as the "beloved of Icaro" and declares her off limits.

Ultimately, the couple allies themselves with Dravidia's ruler, King Targo, learning that the kingdom ancestors came from a land that sank into the sea and helping to quash the rebellion of Daki's forces. Wielding Icaro's sword, Hawkman slays Daki in retribution for the murder of Shiera's expedition (Flash Comics # 16).

March: After an opera singer is murdered onstage, Shiera and Hawkman investigate the Golden Mummy Sect linked to the killing. Shooting an arrow into the Golden Mummy, Hawkman learns from the mortally wounded villain that he was the singer's spurned boyfriend (Flash Comics # 17).

April: When her cousin Hank Sanders strikes a rich gold vein, Shiera becomes concerned for his safety and she and Hawkman travel to Alaska. There, they expose a plot to kill the miners. In the chilly terrain, Hawkman uses another application of the Nth Metal -- its ability to generate heat (Flash Comics # 18).

April: Hoping to lure a group of gunmen into a trap, Hawkman decides to have a decoy convince them that he's elsewhere. Equipped with a Nth Metal belt and wings of her own, Shiera is up to the challenge and becomes Hawkgirl for the first time. Hawkman immediately has misgivings about his decision when Shiera receives a relatively minor bullet wound (All-Star Comics # 5) and Carter takes back her costume.

May: On the heels of Shiera's wound, Carter's shoulder is grazed by a bullet as he attempts to stop the kidnapping of physicist Pratt Palmer. Later, Hawkman and Shiera trace a lethal "cloud" of cold light to the mysterious Hood, whom they unmask as Palmer (Flash Comics # 19).

COMMENT: In a strange coincidence, this episode's villain possessed the last names of the Golden and Silver Age incarnations of the Atom.

May: An extortionist named Sathan threatens New York with guided missile attacks and nearly murders Shiera before Hawkman thwarts his plot (Flash Comics # 20).

May: Shiera's inheritance leaves her independently wealthy but also attracts kidnappers whom Hawkman defeats (All-Star Comics # 6).

June: Investigating the crash of a gold and emerald spacecraft, Hawkman discovers two gigantic white corpses and a large egg, all of whom he theorizes came from Neptune. Noel Ratchford, a spurned suitor of Shiera's, inadvertently learns of the egg and, unaware of its origin, steals it, hoping to pass it off as a discovery of his own. Instead, the egg hatches and the alien child named Egon, already articulate thanks to heredity, quickly grows into a behemoth in the control of Rathchford (who identifies himself as Carter Hall).

As Egon strides towards New York, destroying property with his strength and electric rays from his eyes, Carter learns that the rampage is being carried out in his name. Initially defeated, Hawkman forges a shield and spear of Nth Metal, noting that the substance "does not respond to electricity." Although Ratchford's treachery is exposed, Egon's rage only increases and Hawkman is forced to break his neck with the Nth Metal spear point (Flash Comics # 21).

June: Hoping to get into the Police Commissioner's good graces and help capture the Killer Gang, Shiera begins flirting with his son. Hawkman's misgivings over the situation are justified when he learns that the young man is one of the murderers (Flash Comics # 22).

June: Thrown from a plane by gangsters, an unconscious Hawkman is rescued by a huge hawk named One-Eye and brought to the secluded Hawk Valley. As he recovers, Carter learns to communicate with the birds through shrill cries and asks the entire kingdom to join him in a raid on the killers. One-Eye is killed during the battle but the other birds elect Hawkman as their "new chieftain" (Flash Comics # 23).

June: Given his recent injuries, Carter feels guilty over forbidding Shiera from wearing a costume. He returns the Hawkwoman outfit to her for a masquerade ball and she is mistaken as Hawkman by the birds of Hawk Valley. They involve Shiera in an auto insurance scam that Hawkman, with the aid of a hawk named Big Red and other birds, ultimately resolve (Flash Comics # 24).

COMMENT: The introduction of Hawk Valley and the formal launch of Hawkwoman's (or Hawkgirl's) career must take place prior to All-Star Squadron Annual # 3 and All-Star Comics # 8. Hence, the presence of several Flash Comics stories in a two-month period.

June 27-28: After raising "$1,000,000 for war orphans" (ASC # 7), the JSA faces the supernatural threat of Ian Karkull. Hawkman and Hawkgirl defeat the revived Alexander the Great before joining the other heroes to confront Karkull. They and all others present are bathed in chronal rays that will extend the heroes' youth and vitality by decades (All-Star Squadron Annual # 3, reaffirmed in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly # 1).

COMMENTS: JSA Secret Files # 1 suggested that the conclusion of the Karkull adventure occurred in 1945 instead of 1941. The rationale, I presume, was to endow as many 1940s characters with enhanced youth and vitality as possible. I'd like to suggest an alternative.

Aside from the subtraction of Superman and Batman, the events of June 28, 1941 took place as originally recorded, with the JSA learning that their life spans may benefit from Karkull's destruction.

A quarter-century later, medical journals begin to report that middle-aged and older Americans are experiencing unprecedented vitality, complete with a surge in late-in-life pregnancies. Having previously developed a theory regarding the unexpected number of pregnancies among the JSA wives, Charles McNider comes to a stunning conclusion. The fallout from Ian Karkull's demise affected most of the Northern Hemisphere in varying degrees, with the heaviest concentration directed towards the east coast of the United States.

The beauty of this explanation is that it leaves the youth and vitality level of a given 1940s character entirely at the discretion of the writer. If the Great Defender shows up as a feeble old man, well, obviously, Stormy Foster didn't get touched by the fallout. But, if Stormy's still taking on the occasionally bad guy in the 1990s, there's an explanation for his vigor already in place.

June 30-July 1: Hawkgirl and the JSA clash with the time-traveling Justice League over whether to use T.O. Morrow's futuristic technology in the present (DC 2000 # 1-2).

August: Hawkgirl assists Hawkman in the JSA's latest case and narrowly escapes death in a rockslide. Hawkman concludes that the Nth Metal "formed a protective aura around her" (All-Star Comics # 8).

September: At J. Edgar Hoover's request, the JSA deals with further spies and saboteurs in Mexico and South America. The team is honored with a victory gala (All-Star Comics # 9), also attended by the Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl (Golden Age Secret Files # 1).

November: Thieves target Shiera's Uncle Nestor Sanders when he creates a youth serum. After Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Big Red defeat the criminals, the serum fails to rejuvenate Shiera's great-aunt and Doctor Sanders concludes that the elixir only works on animals (Flash Comics # 25).

Dec. 6-8: The JSA is abducted by the 1947 incarnation of Degaton, who unwittingly initiates the creation of the All-Star Squadron in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack and the beginning of World War Two (Justice League of America # 193 and All-Star Squadron # 1-4).

Dec. 9-10: The JSA disbands, its members intent on enlisting in the armed forces (ASC # 11 and All-Star Squadron # 5). Before he joins up, Carter Hall checks in on Shiera in the Yucatan and finds her a captive of a fanatic called Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent. After escaping, Shiera changes to Hawkgirl and joins Hawkman and the All-Star Squadron in exposing Kukulkan as a Nazi. Even as Carter Hall leaves for the Army, Hawkgirl replaces him in the All-Stars (A-SS # 5-6).


January 1: Hawkgirl adopts a more feminine mask, adapted from one of Carter's many hawk helmets (All-Star Squadron # 11).

January 1-2: A giant mechanical eye is a harbinger to a seeming alien threat to the Earth. Eventually, the All-Star Squadron discovers that Anton Hastor has seized control of the Flying Eye, intent on channeling the power of Professor Napier's braintrust for world domination rather than world peace. Using the ancient crystal dagger as a focusing point, Hawkman challenges Hastor to a duel on the psychic plane, where the spirits of Khufu and Hath-Set engage in a life-or-death struggle . When Hawkgirl adds her spirit to the battle, Hastor is defeated and taken into custody by military forces (All-Star Squadron # 10-12).

February: The Ultra-Humanite finally ascertains the location of Hawkman's lost Hammer of Thor and sends a thug named Fenton to retrieve it, unaware of the effect it will have on his mind (All-Star Squadron # 22). Believing himself to be Thor, Fenton attacks the All-Star Squadron and is defeated (A-SS # 18).

Feb. 9: After escaping a nightmarish vision induced by the Brain Wave (All-Star Squadron # 18-19), the reunited JSA learn of the War Department's request that they return to action as the Justice Battalion (A-SS # 20, based on All-Star Comics # 11).

Feb. 9-10: With the Hammer of Thor, the Powerstone and the Helm of Nabu in his possession, the Ultra-Humanite threatens to dominate the world before the All-Star Squadron intervenes (All-Star Squadron # 21-26; A-SS Annual # 2). Immediately afterwards, Hawkman and the Justice Society halt the mystic threat of Kulak (A-SS # 27-28).

Feb. 23: The JSA are among those in attendance at the first gathering of the entire All-Star Squadron (A-SS # 31-32). In the subsequent battle with Baron Blitzkrieg and his forces, one faction of the team meets an aquatic young man in Santa Barbara, California named Neptune Perkins (A-SS # 33-35).

March: The Hawks oppose evil botanist Benjamin Brock and his plant men (Flash Comics # 29).

April 1-12: Hawkman travels into outer space for the first time when the JSA is "shanghaied into hyperspace" by a Nazi scientist (All-Star Comics # 13 and All-Star Squadron # 50, 57-60).

April 1-2: Nyola returns as part of a group of villains organized by an unknown party. After an initial confrontation with Hawkgirl, Doctor Fate and Hourman, the society of evil goes on to be defeated by the All-Star Squadron (A-SS # 51, 53-54).

COMMENT: Originally, Nyola's group was conceived by Mister Mind, whose history has been mostly written out of World War Two in current DC history.

April 29: Hawkman and Hawkgirl meet Neptune Perkins and Tsunami when the All-Star Squadron accepts them and several others as trial members of the All-Star Squadron (YAS # 3).

June: The Coin menaces Hawkman and Hawkgirl with gimmicked money (Flash Comics # 32).

Late June: Hawkman and the JSA embark on an extended mission in Europe to provide "food for starving patriots" (All-Star Comics # 14, reaffirmed in Young All-Stars # 27).

July: Shortly after facing a villain with a poisoned scythe called Father Time (Flash Comics # 32), Hawkman and the JSA encounter a time-traveling Hippolyta (as Wonder Woman) in a battle with Dark Angel. Afterwards, Wonder Woman accepts an invitation to join the team (Wonder Woman [2] # 130-133).

COMMENT: As an explanation for the frequent involvement of honorary and future members of the JSA in the team's wartime exploits, I suggest the existence of the Justice Society Reserves. Possibly formed at the request of President Roosevelt, the heroes of this unit functioned, individually or collectively, as replacements for the official members. The line-up consisted of honorary members the Flash, Green Lantern and Hourman, JSA secretary Miss America, plus Hawkgirl, Mister Terrific, Wildcat and perhaps the Red Tornado.

November: The Hawks face the menace of a gambler named Chance (Flash Comics # 37).


January: Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and others join the male members in helping to thwart the Brain Wave's latest scheme (All-Star Comics # 15, reaffirmed in Starman # 69).

COMMENT: The current account of this story -- related by a severely wounded Ted Knight decades in the future -- suggests that Myra Mason and Mary James were not involved in this adventure. Because Knight's memories are clearly faulty (he also incorrectly identifies this as one of Hawkgirl's first cases), the details cannot be fully relied upon.

March: Hawkman and Hawkgirl encounter a defrosted Viking called Sven Scarface (Flash Comics # 41).

July: After the Brain Wave shrinks the JSA members to the size of dolls, Hawkman summons Big Red and several birds from Hawk Valley to carry their small cages to a safe location (All-Star Comics # 17).

November: The Hawks face the electrified menace of a human dynamo named Danford March (Flash Comics # 49).


January: Captured and paralyzed by Hector Bauer, Hawkman uses his hawks to send the JSA a message about the villain's impending attacks (All-Star Comics # 19).

January: Starman, Sandman and Hawkman are joined by Hawkgirl and Sandy in an encounter with Johnny Sorrow (JSA # 18).

February: The Hawks contend with a flying villainess called the Hummingbird (Flash Comics # 52).

March: Equipped with common objects as tools in his crimes, Simple Simon matches wits with Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Flash Comics # 53).

April: Hawkman contends with Al Graham and his radium bullets (Flash Comics # 54).

July: Hawkman, Hawkgirl and the JSA are on hand when the Spectre stops Johnny Sorrow and the King of Tears (JSA # 18).

October: The Hummingbird returns (Flash Comics # 60).

October: A human furnace called Hot Shot heats things up for Hawkman and Hawkgirl (Big All-American Comic Book # 1).

November: The Hawks deal with alien invaders purported to be from Saturn (Flash Comics # 61).


January: The Psycho-Pirate, aware of Hawkman's romance with Shiera Sanders, has his men kidnap her so that the Winged Wonder won't interfere in his schemes (All-Star Comics # 23).

January: The Sandman prevents Kali Gari from assassinating Hawkman and Wonder Woman (All-Star Comics 80-Page Giant # 1).

COMMENT: Although the headgear worn by Hawkman in the various JSA flashbacks rarely match the historical models, the presence of his 1948-1950 era mask is particularly conspicuous. The mask existed as early as 1941 (according to All-Star Squadron # 11) and, while under Kali Gari's influence, Hawkman could easily have selected the "wrong" topper.

February: The appearance of the Stalker leads to threats on multiple fronts (All-Star Comics [2] # 1) that are dealt with by teams such as Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and her cousin, O.S.S. agent Cyril "Speed" Saunders (Sensation Comics [2] # 1) and Hawkman, Wildcat, Manhunter and the Huntress (Thrilling Comics # 1) before the other-dimensional menace is defeated (All-Star Comics [2] # 2).

March: Hawkgirl helps the JSA ward off a Nazi attack on the White House (Justice Society of America [2] # 6).

April: Simple Simon clashes with the Hawks again (Flash Comics # 65).

April 15: All past and present members of the JSA attend President Roosevelt's funeral (Last Days of the Justice Society Special # 1).

May: Hawkman and Hawkgirl apprehend mass-murderer Jonathan Cheval, who, as the Monocle, used his energy-projecting lenses to kill his victims (Flash Comics # 64).

July: Alerted that his former All-Star Squadron teammate -- and now successful author -- Neptune Perkins is being held against his will by gangsters, Hawkman travels to California. The heroes prevent Rice and his thugs from using Perkins' houseboat as an escape craft following their crime spree but the vessel is destroyed in the process (Flash Comics # 66).

July: Hawkman alerts the JSA to a spacecraft of possible alien invaders approaching Earth (All-Star Comics # 26).

August: Hawkman comes to the aid of millionaire industrialist Tim O'Malley when the wealthy collector is victimized by thieves. The Hawk achieves a secondary victory when he helps reconcile O'Malley with his son Tim, Jr., a gifted abstract artist whose paintings prove instrumental in the resolution of the case (Flash Comics # 67).

September: With the end of World War Two, the All-Star Squadron is disbanded.


March: News of a rumored race of bird-men in northern Greenland and plans for a hunting expedition spur Hawkman into action. After Big Red serves as an intermediary, Hawkman befriends the advanced race of Feithera and convinces the American hunters to keep the land's existence a secret rather than risk its corruption. During his visit, Hawkman also defeats the villainous Feitheran known as Trata (Flash Comics # 71).

April: 25th Century villain Landor steals Hawkman's Nth Metal belt (All-Star Comics # 29).

July: In New Orleans, the Hawks meet someone claiming to be the Greek god Pan (Flash Comics # 75).

August: Hawkman contends with an anti-gravity box created by the alien Zor (All-Star Comics # 31).

November: The birds of Hawk Valley rebel after falling under the spell of the Jewel of Shalani (Flash Comics # 79).

November: Hawkman and Hawkgirl battle a winged costumed bandit called the Raven who creates the illusion of flight by being dangled from a helicopter (Flash Comics Miniature).


January: An alien geneticist enamored with Earth creates two creatures spoken of in legend -- the Roc and the Kraken -- only to have them escape and wreak havoc on his planet. In desperation, the scientist sends a clear spheroid craft to Earth to transport heroes of air and water to his world to fight the beasts. Hawkman and Neptune Perkins fail to overcome the creatures on their own and ultimately succeed only by pitting the Roc and Kraken against one another (Flash Comics # 81).

COMMENT: The planet in the story above was originally Venus, something of an unlikelihood in current DC history.

February: Hawkman deals with the threats of the Cloak of Cagliostro (Flash Comics # 82).

April: Hawkman comes to the aid of disoriented extraterrestrials who've crashed on Earth (Flash Comics # 84).

May: In Hollywood, Hawkman and Hawkgirl appear in a government- sponsored anti-crime film at Starkey Productions. While in California, the Hawks also pursue Lasso, a ruthless strangler who has left a succession of bodies in his wake. Starkey's early gift of appreciation to the Hawks -- a simple pen and pencil set -- proves instrumental in saving the heroes' lives. They return the favor by rescuing the producer from Lasso on one of the producer's own movie sets (Flash Comics # 85).

June: A would-be thief discovers Hidden Valley and the legend of the Purple Pilgrim. Claiming to be a descendant of the 17th Century villain, the new Purple Pilgrim appears to renew the old feud with the Sanders family when he murders four members of the clan. Choosing his targets on the basis of their wealth, the Pilgrim also loots their properties in the course of the attacks. After Shiera is attacked, Hawkman trails her to the Purple Pilgrim's safe house in Hidden Valley and convinces the reclusive community that they have been duped (Flash Comics # 86).

July: After being immersed in the conscience-erasing waters of Koehaha, "five drowned men" match wits with the JSA (All-Star Comics # 36).

July: The Hawks cross swords with the Foil (Flash Comics # 87).

August: At Hawkgirl's insistence, she and Hawkman travel to Europe in search of an unstoppable thief called the Ghost. The bodiless being, clad in an all-white outfit including top hat, tails, gloves and a hovering monocle, eludes the heroes in London and leaves Hawkman uncertain as to whether their foe is man or spirit (Flash Comics # 88).

September: The Hawks fight the Acrobat (Flash Comics # 89).

September: Hawkman is captured by Vandal Savage as part of the Injustice Society's assault on the JSA (All-Star Comics # 37, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. Annual # 2).

October: Despite being lured into a trap by the Hawks, the Ghost escapes in an explosion. Photographs secretly taken of the villain indicate that he genuinely has no face (Flash Comics # 90).

November: The Hawks encounter a different sort of "phantom menace" when they face a man who uses a mixture called Dexium to make himself invisible (Flash Comics # 91).

December: In Paris, the Hawks thwart the Ghost's latest crime spree but the villain seems to perish in another explosion (Flash Comics # 92).


April: Carter treats his and Shiera's wings with a special solution that reduces their weight and enhances their speed. Soon after, the Hawks confront a race of power-hungry centaurs who have been secluded in a dormant volcano for millennia. Led by a warlord called Soro, the centaurs kidnap a group of the United States' greatest scientists with the intent of using them "to invent weapons to terrorize the world." Draped in the Cloak of Medea, the Hawks find that the slightest friction creates fire but the special treatment on their wings "act(s) as a fire extinguisher against the flames." Though the scientists are rescued, one of the centaurs' weapons awakens the volcano and the mountain vanishes in the ensuing inferno (Flash Comics # 96).

July: Carter and Shiera are knocked unconscious by strangers led to their door by Perry Carter. The invaders, actually time-travelers Katar Hol and Shayera Thal, pose as Hawkman and Hawkgirl at a Keystone City benefit to prevent the similarly time-displaced Fiddler from murdering the Flash (Hawkworld Annual # 1). Despite an explanation from Perry that avoids mention of his Thanagarian origins, the Hawks conclude that the incident has compromised the integrity of their costumes and they opt for a radical change in their headgear. Replacing their winged helmets are a simple yellow hood for Hawkman and a face mask for Hawkgirl, both emblazoned with red hawks on the forehead. Carter and Shiera unveil the outfits at a costume party (Flash Comics # 98).

July: Hawkman attends his first JSA meeting in the new headgear (All-Star Comics # 42).

August: Using a stolen anti-gravity belt and car, John Rotor and his Human Fly Bandits heat things up for Hawkman and Hawkgirl in a giant thermometer (Flash Comics # 100).

October: Carter's invention of "flying bubbles" is promptly stolen (Flash Comics # 102).

November: Thomas Talle, a college friend who once saved Carter's life, starts his own cruise line and casts about for a celebrity to serve as social director on the inaugural voyage. Hawkman and Hawkgirl volunteer but the wealthy passengers also attract the attention of the Ghost (Flash Comics # 103).

December: As twilight falls on his documented solo career, Hawkman investigates a series of crimson illusions accompanied by very tangible demands of a scientific braintrust to turn over its secrets (Flash Comics # 104).


By this year, it seems certain that Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders were married. Given the fact that they were engaged a decade earlier (Flash Comics # 2), the wedding may have occurred much earlier, the odd Golden Age story to the contrary notwithstanding.


September: Using plans conceived by Professor Napier, Hawkman and the JSA construct a spacecraft and travel to Jupiter and Mars, where alien forces have established a beachhead in preparation for an attack on Earth (All-Star Comics # 55).


January: In the American southwest, Carter Hall is on hand when Vandal Savage unleashes a "space-god" capable of negating Hawkman's Nth Metal (Justice Society of America (1) # 4). In the course of the adventure, one-time anthropologist William Twotrees deduces the Winged Wonder's true identity (# 5). The Native American provides assistance in the ensuing battle as Savage attempts to capitalize on sorcerous discoveries from his time impersonating Cheops/Khufu (# 6-8).

COMMENT: It is possible that William Twotrees went on to become the adoptive father of the younger William Twotrees, whose natural father was JSA member Johnny Thunder (Primal Force # 12). First seen in Primal Force # 2, the younger Twotrees eventually took the alter-ego of Willpower (# 8).

January: The JSA rescue four kidnapped detectives from the Key (All-Star Comics # 57).

February: After defeating the leader of Eliminations, Inc., Hawkman and the Justice Society are called before Congress, who demand that they unmask and reveal their secrets. Refusing, the JSA disbands and vanishes from the session (Adventure Comics # 466) using Thanagarian technology provided by Paran Katar. Katar, who had revealed his extraterrestrial origins to Carter and Shiera only days earlier, leaves the plans for the teleporter with the couple and says goodbye as he leaves for Thanagar (Hawkworld [2] # 21).

At an indeterminate point in the previous decade, a Cherokee woman named Faraway Woman befriended Carter and Shiera Hall and, through them, met Perry Carter. They eventually eloped, with the Halls serving as witnesses to the ceremony. Upon Paran Katar's return to Thanagar, "Naomi Carter" accompanies him. Appalled by the racism of the planet, Naomi provides covert humanitarian aid to the planet's Downside (Hawkman [3] # 6).


Green Lantern is gravely injured after coming out of retirement to battle the Reaper. In response, the JSA briefly returns to action to track down the villain (Secret Origins # 50).


Under the direction of Edmund Blake, several Hartmouth College students assist the Atom and Hawkman in rescuing passengers of a capsized excursion steamer (ASC # 48).

The 1960s:

While pregnant, Naomi Carter demands to leave Thanagar and Paran Katar agrees ... until the child, a son named Katar, is born. Naomi is returned to Earth alone while Katar's father would go on to claim that his mother died in childbirth (Hawkman [3] # 6).


Professor James M. Rock, the archaeologist who gave Carter Hall the pivotal crystal dagger in 1939, dies of malaria (Infinity, Inc. # 34).

The 1970s:

Hawkman brings anthropologist Fred Cantrell to Feithera to study the customs of the bird-people and engages in numerous philosophical discussions with its High Priest, Worla. Ranphastos, the betrothed of Worla's daughter, abandons his future bride soon after and vanishes from the kingdom. Fred Cantrell eventually courts and marries Osoro (Infinity, Inc. # 37, 1).

Carl Sands, an American-born man raised in Japan, puts his knowledge of the Ninja and the martial arts to the test when he becomes an industrial spy nicknamed the Shadow-Thief (Hawkworld # 5).


Hector Sanders Hall is born to Carter and Shiera Hall on November 14 (Infinity, Inc. # 9). Tragically, his birth is the culmination of Thoth's long-prophesied world-curse of Setekh. Born without a soul, the child is destined to grow up "to scourge the earth -- to slay untold millions without a twinge of conscience -- then rule as a god the charred remains" (Infinity, Inc. # 43-44).


Carter and Shiera arrive in Feithera to show Fred and Osoro Cantrell their infant son. Sensing that Hector Hall is the subject on an ancient curse, Osoro's father, Worla, uses the Sceptre of Thoth on the egg of his daughter's soon-to-be-hatched son in the hope of creating an adversary for the evil within the Halls' son. At the naming ritual of the hatchling to be known as Norda, where the Halls are to become the child's godparents, Shiera hands Hector to Carter. Seeing his father in the helmet he wore in his initial clash with Anton Hastor, Hector begins to shriek while Norda "half-leaped, half-flew" into Hawkman's arms (Infinity, Inc. # 37).


In his role as industrial saboteur, the Shadow-Thief is contracted by Professor Simon Bennett to tamper with a competitor's research. Sands is caught and arrested for the first time but doesn't implicate his client (The Flash [2] # 107).


Kendra Shiera Saunders is born to Michael and Trina Saunders (JSA # 22).


As the Justice Society is honored at a Washington, D.C. ceremony, Miss America's daughter, Lyta Trevor, borrows her father's private jet and takes fellow "JSA brats" Hector Hall, Albert Rothstein and Rick Tyler on an unauthorized flight that ends up on the White House lawn (Infinity, Inc. # 27, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. # 48).

COMMENT: In the original account of this story, the Washington ceremony took place following All-Star Comics # 69 and Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid were among those in attendance. In the current account, to accommodate the pre-teen "JSA brats," the flashback must be pushed back to a period before PG and SSK joined the team.


Hector Hall's resentment of Norda Cantrell grows to the point that he "deface[s] sacred objects in [a Feitheran] temple." A repentant Hector begs Worla not to tell his parents and, out of respect to the Hawks, the High Priest reluctantly agrees. It will mark Hector's last visit to the hidden kingdom (Infinity, Inc. # 37).

On Thanagar, Ensign Katar Hol comes face-to-face with his planet's dark side when he discovers the oppressed aliens that inhabit the world's Downside. The death of Katar's girl friend Shayera Thal in a terrorist attack is compounded when Commander Byth manipulates the young ensign into slaying the killers' alleged arms supplier -- his father, Paran Katar. The grieving son privately learns that his father had actually been supplying food and medicine but is sentenced to ten years on the remote Isle of Chance before he can search for the true gun-runner. In withdrawal from drugs, a deranged Katar murders an alien priest for his wings and spends the next decade learning a more peaceful, purer lifestyle (Hawkworld [1].

Elsewhere on Thanagar, a red-haired girl whom Katar Hol had met in passing on the Downside (Hawkworld [1] # 1) is adopted by Thal Porvis and named Shayera after his slain daughter (Hawkworld [1] # 3). Though a closely-guarded secret, the girl is later alleged to be the product of an affair between Commissioner Andar Pul and a thirteen-year-old Shayera Thal (Hawkworld # 12, 14).

On November 14, Hector Hall celebrates his thirteenth birthday.


The Doom Patrol is formed in Midway City (My Greatest Adventure # 80, reaffirmed in Secret Origins Annual # 1).


Norda Cantrell secretly leaves Feithera to pay a visit to the land of his father's birth. In Washington, D.C., he meets his paternal grandfather in a nursing home and comforts her as she dies. After Norda is shot by a man who mistook him for a prowler, he makes his way to the Hall Mansion in New York. Carter and Shiera cancel their planned archaeological expedition to take care of the young bird-man and escort him home. Hector silently fumes that "his parents would never have changed their plans on his account" (Infinity, Inc. # 37).

Young Dinah Lance becomes the new Black Canary and joins the Justice League of America (Secret Origins # 32) to the delight of most of the JSA (JLA: Year One # 4).

Captured by the invading Appellaxians, the JSA and other heroes join the Justice League in crushing the threat. On behalf of his team, Hawkman gives the League their stamp of approval. "Consider the torch passed ...with admiration." (JLA: Year One # 11-12).

Shaken by the Appellaxian invasion of their New York home (JLA: Year One # 11), Carter and Shiera Hall accept an offer to replace the retiring Edward Emmett as directors of a Midwestern museum in Midway City. The Hawks remain especially close to Police Commissioner George Emmett, in whom they confide their true identities (inspired by The Brave & The Bold # 34, where Ed Emmett's retirement is mentioned). With Hector's sixteenth birthday on the horizon, his parents feel confident in leaving him home alone as they actively resume their costumed careers.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl defeat the Matter Master and discover a stasis-inducing glowstone in the possession of a Tibetan tribe of "Abominable Snowmen" whose ancestors originated on the planet Xardoon (The Brave & The Bold # 35).

Doctor Konrad Kaslak, an expert in magic-related artifacts, steals several artifacts from the Midway City Museum in a bid for power only to be exposed by the Hawks (B&B # 36). Kaslak escapes a prison sentence by claiming to have been under the influence of a magic spell.

After Thar Dan, an other-dimensional being from Xarapion provides him with a Dimensiometer Belt, Carl Sands becomes immaterial and escapes from prison. Now a literal Shadow-Thief, Sands is captured by the Hawks, who unwittingly avert an ice age that the belt's prolonged usage would have caused (B&B # 36).


After joining Barry Allen in the defeat of Vandal Savage, the Justice Society members decide to formally regroup (The Flash [first series] # 137).

In his first one-on-one encounter with a representative of the new generation's super-heroes, Hawkman teams up with the Atom (The Atom # 7).

Hawkman and the Justice Society join forces with the Justice League to defeat the Crime Champions (Justice League of America # 21-22, reaffirmed in Secret Origins # 50).

In New York City, Carter and Shiera Hall meet fellow archaeologist Adam Strange, whose secret activities on the planet Rann inadvertently lead to Ira Quimby's career as costumed villain I.Q. Granted flashes of genius by a stone that Adam brought to Earth, I.Q. is ultimately captured by the Hawks (Mystery In Space # 87).

An Atlantean renegade named Tyros transforms Hawkgirl into a harpy after he gains access to artifacts that grant him mastery over aquatic life and birds. The combined efforts of Hawkman, Aquaman and Aqualad cure Hawkgirl and de-power Tyros (The Brave & The Bold # 51).

Hawkman exposes a Midway City reporter as a payroll thief (Mystery In Space # 89).

With virtually the entire Justice League off-planet (Silver Age Secret Files # 1), Hawkman and Hawkgirl find themselves to be Earth's first line of defense when the planet is teleported into the proximity of Rann (Mystery In Space # 90). The Hawks are approached by the mysterious Guardians of the Clockwork Universe, who offer them a striking gold and emerald spacecraft in exchange for their agreement to carry out periodic missions on their behalf as Captain Comet once did (in Strange Adventures # 22 and 35). The Winged Wonders agree to the deal and use their new rocket to help Adam Strange separate the planets in peril (Mystery In Space # 90). Though claiming to be a separate body than the creators of the Green Lantern Corps, these Guardians are secretly affiliated with the Oans and charged with recruiting more independent-minded heroes than those in the Corps.

In the Yucatan, the Hawks defeat an immortal Mayan tyrant known as Chac (Hawkman [first series] # 1).

In compensation for defeating the extraterrestrial conquerors known as the Trall, Hawkman and Hawkgirl receive a telepathic communication device from one the races enslaved the villains (Hawkman [1] # 2).

As a fundraiser for the museum, Carter Hall is called upon to demonstrate a pair of wings theorized to have belonged to the mythological Icarus (Hawkman [1] # 2).

Hector Hall turns seventeen on November 14.

An ancient Egyptian "fear ray" interferes with Hawkman and Hawkgirl's pursuit of the Sky Raiders (Hawkman [1] # 3).

By using sign language, Hawkman bridges the language barrier between him and an alien bird-creature (Hawkman [1] # 3).

Michael and Trina Saunders, Shiera's second-cousin and wife, are murdered in their hotel room in St. Roch, Louisiana (JSA # 21). Though presumed to be an act of "random violence," the deaths are actually tied to a "lost exhibit" and the Stonechat Museum's Danny Evans (Hawkman [current] # 1).

COMMENT: Michael's relationship to Cyril "Speed" Saunders was originally identified as that of son and father (JSA Secret Files # 1) but has since been revised to that of nephew and uncle (Hawkman [current] # 1).

During a clash with the Matter Master, the Atom confiscates his Mentachem Wand, which absorbs the white dwarf properties in the Tiny Titan's costume (Justice League of America # 28).


The Injustice League steals the Absorbascon from Thanagar despite the best efforts of the Justice League (Green Lantern: Silver Age # 1). As a final battle rages on Earth, a joint battalion of Thanagarian Wingmen and Green Lanterns help turn the tide. As one of the Wingmen shakes Superman's hand afterwards, he notes that "the legend of the Justice League far transcends its Terran origins. It would be an honor to have a Hawkman serve alongside you in the future" (Silver Age 80-Page Giant # 1).

The threat of the Qwardian Crime Syndicate brings the JLA and JSA together again (Justice League of America # 29-30; Current: Justice League Quarterly # 8).

A rift (partly influenced by the mystic Wotan) splits the JLA and JSA, and ultimately escalates into a full-scale brawl before Wotan's influence is curtailed. In the aftermath, Hawkman joins the Justice League as a liaison between them and the Justice Society (JLA: Incarnations # 1), soon helping them defeat Joe Parry and Super-Duper (Justice League of America # 31).

As Zatanna searches for her missing father, she accidentally immobilizes herself by splitting in two. In a last-ditch effort, she casts a spell to attract the most prominent 1940s allies of Zatara who are still active -- Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Thanks to the Winged Wonders, Zatanna's two bodies are successfully located and merged (Hawkman [1] # 4).

The Hawks thwart thieves from the 120th Century (Hawkman [1] # 4).

Carl Sands regains control of the Dimensiometer Belt and attempts to trigger an ice age on Earth while plotting to overthrow the other-dimensional world of Xarapion (Hawkman [1] # 5).

Investigating a dimensional warp that is leaking radiation, the Hawks find themselves in the world of Illoral, whose races have devolved into animal-men like the flying apes known as Wingors (Hawkman [1] # 6). In the recent past, other Wingors were stranded on Thanagar (Hawkworld [1] # 2).

Hawkman battles Chac once more as part of a plot by Doctor Destiny (Justice League of America # 34).

Hawkman and Hawkgirl clash with the I.Q. Gang once more (Hawkman [1] # 7).

Another Egyptian artifact complicates the Halls' lives when a statue of the dog of Sebek unexpectedly teleports Shiera to the Nile and a stronghold of C.A.W., the Criminal Alliance of the World (Hawkman [1] # 7).

In Greece, the Hawks defeat a metallic giant created by Vulcan while, in Midway City, they overcome a band of crimson-skinned aliens known as the Kalvars, harpies who'd spent millennia in suspended animation before being revived in the present (Hawkman [1] # 8). Unknown to all, the legend of military leader Fal Tal and her Kalvars had spread to other worlds, where female offspring were often named in her honor. One such latter-day Fal Tal was a She-Hawk who helped free hundreds of subjugated alien races from the planet Thanagar (Hawkworld # 21-23, 25-26).

Unaware that his Mentachem Wand had been altered through its contact with the Atom's costume, the Matter Master unintentionally shrinks Hawkman and Hawkgirl into a sub-atomic world. Despite their eventual return and capture of the villain, the Winged Wonders remain tiny and ask the Atom to help them. Afterwards, the heroes unmask and exchange secret identities (Hawkman [1] # 9).

With the Atom already assisting them on another case (The Atom # 21), the C.I.A. contacts Hawkgirl and Hawkman for aid in a case involving C.A.W. Soon after, the Winged Wonders solve a decade-old robbery with the aid of a "magic" mirror (Hawkman [1] # 10).

Hawkgirl discovers that Hawkman and the rest of the Justice League have been drugged by the Key and helps the team turn the tables on the villain (Justice League of America # 41).

The Hawks discover an amnesiac winged super-man named the Shrike, whom they eventually deduce is an extraterrestrial. With the aid of their starship, Hawkman and Hawkgirl help the Shrike return to his homeworld of Moronon and overthrow a tyrant (Hawkman [1] # 11).

As Hawkman and Hawkgirl swoop down to capture the Royal Flush Gang's Hi-Jack, the rogue tosses a specially treated Seven of Spades at them that causes the couple to begin arguing with one another (Justice League of America # 43).

Hawkman is pulled into an other-dimensional land within the Earth by Alvit, the self-proclaimed Queen of Alfheim. Intended to be Alvit's latest husband, Hawkman is rescued by Hawkgirl. The passage to Alfheim is sealed behind them, trapping Alvit and her still-young mates -- a collection including Vikings, gladiators, futuristic soldiers and others (Hawkman [1] # 13).

Soon after, the Winged Wonders oppose C.A.W.'s plot to capture a Bronze "Talking Head" and an adjoining lamp, components of an ancient computer created in India circa 273 B.C. (Hawkman [1] # 14).

Earth is wracked by quakes and volcanic eruptions as a pre-human inhabitant called Makkar attempts to restore the planet to its primordial state. Faced with an unrelenting barrage from Hawkman and Hawkgirl's ancient weapons, Makkar finally devolves himself into an amoeba to escape while other forces destroy the forgotten Atlantean technology that nearly destroyed the world (Hawkman [1] # 15).

Hawkman is among the JLA and JSA members who unite when Earth is imperiled by the Anti-Matter Man (Justice League of America # 46-47).

COMMENT: Obviously, this story would have to have an entirely new plot to work in current continuity but a picture of the Anti-Matter Man can be seen in the JSA Museum on page 32 of JSA # 25.

In Australia, the Hawks discover the lost city of Quaranda and, with the aid of the people of Illoral, they successfully depose Ruthvol, its tyrannical conqueror (Hawkman [1] # 16).

Hawkman defeats Joey Makk, the latest costumed criminal to call himself the Raven. With Hawkgirl, he subsequently captures a group of jewel thieves (Hawkman [1] # 17).

As the rest of the Justice League clashes with the Lord of Time (Justice League of America # 50), Hawkman and Hawkgirl snap the Martian Manhunter out of a trance that convinced him that he was Faceless, the leader of Vulture (Justice League of America # 52).

Zatanna reports the happy news of Zatara's return to Hawkman and the other Justices Leaguers who helped her in her quest (Justice League of America # 51).

On an Aegean island expedition, the Hawks work to prove Carter Hall's innocence when he is accused of extinguishing the land's sacred "living flame" (Hawkman [1] # 20).

While on an outing with Jean Loring and Shiera, Ray Palmer and Carter Hall compare notes on recent cases and join forces as the Atom and Hawkman to deal with the menace of Toyboy (The Atom # 31).

Hawkman and Mister Terrific's defeat at the hands of the Money Master, along with similar reversals among other Justice Society members, leads them to join forces with the Justice League to defeat the threat of the Black Spheres (Justice League of America # 55-56).

As Snapper Carr watches, Hawkman resolves a cultural dispute in India (Justice League of America # 57).

Hawkman matches wits with I.Q. once more as part of another of Doctor Destiny's plots (Justice League of America # 61).

At Ray Palmer's request, Hawkman equips an injured bird with experimental motorized wings that result in the Atom acquiring a new partner -- Major Mynah (The Atom # 37).

Charged with "future-energy" by the Red Tornado, Hawkgirl and other JLA loved ones give their partners "the kiss of life" to revive them from a comatose state induced by T.O. Morrow (Justice League of America # 64-65).

Revived from their death-like state, the collective Justice League and Justice Society are stunned to learn that the Doom Patrol has been killed (Doom Patrol # 121, reaffirmed in Secret Origins Annual # 1).

During a Mexican vacation shared by the Halls and Ray Palmer, the Winged Wonders and the Atom find themselves in battle with a Mayan fanatic known as Tekla (The Atom & Hawkman # 39).

Hawkman alerts the Justice League to the threat of Neverwas, an amoeba-creature capable of creating warps in time (Justice League of America # 68).

Hector Hall turns eighteen on November 14.

Chthonic demons manipulate a Midway City collector into using the Philosopher's Stone to release them. In the chaos that follows, Hawkman and numerous other citizens are transformed into salt pillars. Ultimately, Red Tornado, impervious to the salt curse because of his android nature, travels to a mystic chasm beneath the city and undoes the spell. Euphoric over her husband's restoration, Hawkgirl becomes one of Red Tornado's biggest supporters (Justice League of America # 72).

COMMENT: The chasm beneath Midway City may be an example of the Chaos Stream detailed in Supergirl [current] # 11.

Alerted to the Ghost's renewed series of crimes, Hawkman and Hawkgirl rush to Europe for a series of typically inconclusive battles with the villain now calling himself the Gentleman Ghost (The Atom & Hawkman # 43-44).

As part of a rescue mission on behalf of the time-displaced Seven Soldiers of Victory, Hawkman and Doctor Mid-Nite are sent to the 1948 site where the Seven Soldiers faced the Nebula Man and Wing died. There, the duo meets Hippolyta, who is investigating the incident. With Wonder Woman at their side, the heroes return with the nebula-rod to the present. As the crisis reaches its climax, Red Tornado sacrifices his life to save Earth from the Iron Hand (Justice League of America # 100-102, reaffirmed in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 9).

COMMENT: To accommodate the presence of the Vigilante in the current account of the Doomsters adventure (Justice League of America # 78-79), his revival with the Seven Soldiers of Victory must occur at this earlier point.

When Hawkman and the Flash teleport to the JLA Satellite, they are accidentally merged with a third being called the Dharlu (Justice League of America # 130).

Hawkman joins the Atom in a desperate journey to a subatomic world to rescue his fiancée Jean Loring only to find that the young woman's captors deliberately drove her mad (The Atom & Hawkman # 45). Gambling that the Guardians of the Clockwork Universe can help her, Hawkman and Hawkgirl head towards their homeworld with Jean aboard. Instead, they find themselves menaced by an apparent fanatic named Norch Lor and a madness-inducing being called the Jest-Master, forcing the Guardians of Oa to directly intervene by dispatching the Green Lantern known as Tomar-Re along with the Justice League. In the end, Jean's sanity is inadvertently restored by the Jest-Master and the madman is brought to justice (Justice League of America # 80-81).

COMMENT: In the Earth-One version of this story, the Hawks' destination -- and the setting for JLA # 81 -- was Thanagar, also the homeworld of Norch Lor.

While on an expedition in the South Seas, Shiera is rendered unconscious by a tablet from the ancient continent of Mu -- a precursor to the renewed threat of that race. Although the Justice League is mobilized, three ordinary people are ultimately responsible for saving the planet (Justice League of America # 88).

In the wake of a war between the undersea nations of Atlantis and Sareme, Hawkman admonishes the latter for persisting in worshipping gods of some sort rather than displaying self-reliance (Justice League of America # 90).


Amidst the dark shadows of the gothic Bleakhill Manor, Hawkman apprehends a thief (Detective Comics # 428).

Sandor Peale uses sleight of hand to steal objects in plain sight throughout Midway City until Hawkman exposes him. Meanwhile, newly-installed Deputy Police Commissioner Charles McVey grumbles about "rely[ing] so much on that winged detective" (Detective Comics # 434).

Hawkman and the Justice League defeat Eclipso (Justice League of America # 109, reaffirmed in Superman: The Man of Steel Annual # 1).

COMMENT: In the original account of this story, Hawkman reluctantly left the Justice League when he and Hawkgirl were summoned back to Thanagar. In current continuity, Carter and Shiera's membership continued uninterrupted.

The Shadow-Thief joins the Injustice Gang only to be betrayed by its leader, Libra, and left unconscious for the authorities (Justice League of America # 111). As the League deals with the repercussions of the case (# 112), Poison Ivy escapes to reform the Injustice Gang, using Libra's back-up team, Captain Boomerang, I.Q., the Ocean Master, the Plant Master and the Shark (JLA 80-Page Giant # 2).

Despite Green Arrow and Hawkman's ongoing feud, the "left-wing liberal" and so-called "alien cop" are paired up to capture I.Q. and Captain Boomerang in the Sahara Desert (JLA 80-Page Giant # 2).

While dreaming of a plan to defeat Hawkman, the Matter Master unconsciously commands his Mentachem Rod to transform Midway City teenager Charley Parker into a "pseudo- Hawkman." Unaware of the origin of his wings, Parker takes the alter-ego of Golden Eagle. After running afoul of the Matter Master and being rescued by the Justice League, Charley finally meets his idol, Hawkman (Justice League of America # 116). Parker subsequently leaves Midway to launch a less-than- stellar career as a hero-for-hire in Northern California (Secret Origins Annual # 3).

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are among those in attendance at Adam Strange and Alanna's wedding (Justice League of America # 121).

A thief stashes his loot in Carter Hall's car trunk and inadvertently activates the Nth Metal belt (Detective Comics # 446).

Hawkman thwarts Konrad Kaslak's renewed attempt at stealing artifacts (Detective Comics # 452) but the would-be sorcerer claims to have been under the influence of a magical relic.

A 47th Century man mentally inhabits his 20th Century ancestor, a petty thief named Chester McCann who runs afoul of the Hawks. Despite the thief's use of futuristic technology, Hawkman and Hawkgirl ultimately capture him and learn his origin. McCann, who is unaware of what happened to him, "stud[ies] science in prison [and] becomes a "brilliant" lab technician after being paroled (Detective Comics # 454-455).

Nekron immobilizes most of the Justice League with a ray that overwhelms them with insecurities and fear. When Midway City is threatened with annihilation and Hawkman refuses to help, the Martian Manhunter overrides Nekron's control and forces the Winged Wonder to help Hawkgirl evacuate the city. Ultimately, Midway is saved when the Red Tornado (impersonating Hawkman) stops the descending solar flare and sacrifices his artificial life in the process (Justice League of America # 128-129).

COMMENT: In the Earth-One version of this story, it was Wonder Woman and her magic lasso that compelled Hawkman to intervene, not the Martian Manhunter.

Carter discovers an amber-encased Lemurian man on his latest archaeological dig and arranges for it to be shipped back to Midway City (All-Star Comics # 61).

Following Kanjar Ro's capture by Adam Strange (Justice League of America # 139), he ends up, through unknown circumstances, on Thanagar (as seen in Hawkworld [2] # 1).

Hawkman battles the Calculator in the skies above Midway City (Detective Comics # 467) on the eve of the Justice League's clash with the computer crook (# 468).

A vengeful Carl Sands reverts to his shadow form on a full-time basis in the hope of triggering an ice age that will destroy the Earth. After the Justice League pursues a team of cold-based villains, Hawkman deduces that the Shadow-Thief is the true culprit. Thanks to the Phantom Stranger, Sands is permanently stripped of his Dimensiometer Belt (Justice League of America # 139).

With the Justice League occupied by the threats of the Manhunters and the Construct (Justice League of America # 140-142), Hawkman and the Justice Society defend Earth against the combined menace of Brain Wave and Degaton (All-Star Comics # 58-59, reaffirmed in Infinity, Inc. Annual # 2).

After clashing with the Gentleman Ghost in London (1977 Super DC Calendar), the Hawks encounter the Tattooed Man in Midway City and join the JLA in overcoming the Injustice Gang (Justice League of America # 143).

Carter Hall and Oliver Queen "bury the hatchet" after an evening on the town. During the conversation, Shiera approaches Dinah Lance about the possibility of joining the Justice League, despite the by-laws' provision against duplicated powers. The mood soon darkens when the Phantom Stranger alerts them to the apparent death of Superman and brings the Justice League into conflict with Count Crystal (Justice League of America # 145).

As the League prepares to go into battle against the Construct, Hawkman proposes Hawkgirl for membership, emphasizing that "the JLA can have both of us -- or neither!" After the revived Red Tornado, with support from Hawkgirl, defeats the artificial intelligence, both Reddy and Hawkgirl are admitted to the League's ranks (Justice League of America # 146).

Zanadu, the Lemurian "corpse" at the Midway Museum, comes to life and takes Shiera as a captive "through whose emotions Zanadu's power could grow." Thanks to the intervention of Doctor Fate, the Chaos Lord is imprisoned in his amber cage once more (All-Star Comics # 62-63).

Stripped of his wings and trapped on a futuristic world by Vandal Savage, Hawkman fights to win his freedom (All-Star Comics # 65). Upon his return to the present, the Winged Wonder joins the JSA in an uninterrupted string of battles with the Injustice Society (# 66), the Underlord (# 67) and the Psycho-Pirate (# 68).

The Golden Eagle joins the short-lived Teen Titans West (Teen Titans [1] # 50-52, reaffirmed in Secret Origins Annual # 3).

As the Justice League attempts to defuse the threats of Grax, the Hawks meet Owlwoman in Oklahoma (Super Friends # 7).

Hawkman and Green Lantern rush to the aid of the Atom when Jean Loring is teleported into the midst of an interplanetary war (Super-Team Family # 12).

Hawkman and Hawkgirl join the Justice League in battles with Doctor Light (Justice League of America # 149), the Key, the Privateer (# 150), Amos Fortune (# 151) and Major Macabre (# 152).

Carter and Shiera take a break from their costumed activities to go on "a dig in the Nile Valley" (All-Star Comics # 71). During the break, Shiera designs a metallic beaked helmet for her husband (# 72).

A reconstructed Robotman helps revive the Doom Patrol in Midway City (Showcase # 94-96, reaffirmed in Secret Origins Annual # 1).

Frustrated by the fact that he rarely sees his parents anymore, Hector Hall decides to attend college on the West Coast at UCLA, where he eventually throws himself into scientific research (Infinity, Inc. # 1).

The Master Summoner, an otherworldly being with a kinship to ancient Egypt, warns Hawkman and Doctor Fate of an imminent crisis point in Earth's existence. After the JSA's intervention seems to make matters worse, Fate taps into Hawkman's ancestral memory as Prince Khufu and learns that the Master Summoner is, in fact, the cause of the problem. Alerted to the fact that the being is feeding off super-human activity, the JSA and the remainder of Earth's metahuman community sit passively until the crisis passes (All-Star Comics # 74). Meanwhile, the Justice League resolves the threat of the Siren in similar fashion, using a kind of passive resistance. Carter break away from the JSA just in time to join Shiera at Ray (Atom) Palmer's wedding to Jean Loring (Justice League of America # 157).

During Carter and Shiera's absence from Midway City, a man named Anton Lamont arrives at the museum claiming to be their replacement. Upon their return, the Hawks expose him as the Fadeaway Man, a thief of supernatural artifacts who uses the Cloak of Cagliostro as a teleportation device (Detective Comics # 479).

Hawkman's wings are detached during a sonic assault by the Pied Piper (Detective Comics # 480).

I.Q.'s attempt at enslaving Chemo backfires when he draws the attention of the Metal Men and Superman and is turned to stone by the artificial being (DC Comics Presents # 4). The villain's transformation soon wears off (The Brave and The Bold # 192).

Hector Hall celebrates his nineteenth birthday on November 14.

Batman and the Gentleman Ghost have an indecisive battle in Gotham City (Batman # 310).

While on monitor duty, the Hawks defend the JLA Satellite against an attack by Fal Tal and the Kalvars (World's Finest Comics # 256).


Using holographic technology of unknown origin, Malachi Mills embarks on a series of robberies of area museums until the Hawks stop him (World's Finest # 257).

Hawkman resolves Green Arrow's conflict with an alien enforcer and fugitive (World's Finest # 259).

In the midst of a JLA-JSA meeting, Hawkman and others discover that Mr. Terrific has been murdered by the Spirit King (Justice League of America # 171-172). Through the intervention of the Spectre and Mr. Terrific's ghost, the villain is finally brought to justice (The Spectre [3] # 54).

Batman and the Gentleman Ghost once again fight to a draw (Batman # 319).

A pair of alien spirits seek out a suitable host to carry them back to their home dimension and are drawn to Shiera Hall, whose legacy of reincarnation makes her unusually receptive. With Shiera's energy drained from attempting to contain both beings in her body, Hawkman and Batman offer to each channel one of the spirits and successfully help them return home (The Brave & The Bold # 164).

COMMENT: In the Earth-One version of this story, it was Katar and Shayera Hol's frequent exposure to the Absorbascon that made them receptive hosts.

Hawkgirl is on hand when a frustrating case involving the Star-Tsar (Justice League of America # 181, pp. 2-17) leads Green Arrow to make a fiery declaration that the JLA "isn't doing enough" (JLA: Incarnations # 3, pp. 15-17, panel 2).

Shortly after the Hawks help a disembodied Adam Strange (World's Finest # 262), Shiera is injured in a car accident (# 264).

On edge because of his wife's injuries, Hawkman demands that the Justice League censure Green Arrow for his recent televised comments. GA responds by announcing that he's quitting the team, a position he maintains after sustaining injuries in a battle with Kobra (JLA: Incarnations # 3, pp. 17-38).

Upon Green Arrow's recovery, he composes a formal statement about his resignation (Justice League of America # 181, pp. 1-2, 17) and Hawkman and the League make another futile attempt to convince the Emerald Archer to return to the group (# 182).

Carter and the recuperating Shiera join Ralph and Sue Dibny on a vacation cruise (Justice League of America # 182).

Sargon the Sorcerer prevents the Matter Master from stealing the Ruby of Life (DC Comics Presents # 26).

During his sophomore year at UCLA, Hector Hall is reunited with Lyta Trevor and their common bond as "JSA brats" grows into love (Infinity, Inc. # 1).

The long-absent Monocle returns to capture Hawkman as part of the Secret Society of Super-Villains' series of attacks on individual members of the JSA and JLA (Justice League of America # 195-197).

Hector Hall celebrates his twentieth birthday.

Hawkman defeats the Matter Master (World's Finest Comics # 274-275) and the Weather Wizard (# 276).

COMMENT: In the original account of this story, Hawkwoman had left her husband to help the rebels on Thanagar.

Hawkman and the Teen Titans join forces after Doctor Light accidentally unleashes aspects of Vishnu (The New Teen Titans [1] # 19).

Hawkman and the Justice League encounter an extraterrestrial medical spacecraft (Justice League of America # 202).

Hawkman trades on the more fearsome aspects of his appearance when he's mistaken for a Hawk-God during his and Batman's search for the stolen Sarcophagus of Horus and their battle with the Fadeaway Man (The Brave & The Bold # 186).


Hawkman leads the Justice League into the microcosmos in search of the Atom (Justice League of America # 213-216).

In Midway City, Hawkman and Red Tornado are defeated by an evil elemental called Air (Justice League of America # 217).

On a dig in Egypt, Carter Hall assumes his Hawkman identity when the Ani-Men strike only to be poisoned. Hawkgirl and the League defeat the villains and administer an anti-toxin to Hawkman (Justice League of America # 221-223).

The Hawks are among the Justice Leaguers who oppose the Fiatlux Cult (Justice League of America # 225-227).

Convinced that the Justice League isn't fully committed to its cause, Aquaman dissolves the team and reconstructs it with members willing to serve on a full-time basis (JLA: Incarnations # 4). Already affiliated with the JSA, the Hawks choose not to participate in the new League.

George Emmett retires as Police Commissioner, replaced by Charles McVey (first seen in Detective # 434). Stewart Frazier is installed as the new Deputy Police Commissioner. Coupled with the shake-up of the Justice League, Carter and Shiera decide the time is right to scale back their costumed activities. Weary of the bureaucracy of running the museum, the Halls close up shop and Midway and retire to Hall Mansion in New York.

COMMENT: The preceding is largely bridging material of my own creation. George Emmett's retirement and Stewart Frazier's installation as Deputy Police Commissioner actually took place just prior to The Shadow War of Hawkman # 1, though, part of a series of stories that Hawkworld rendered non-canonical.

Hector Hall shows Lyta the culmination of his scientific research, a "Silver Scarab" costume using Nth Metal "combined with [his] own solar-power improvements." The couple decides to ask the Justice Society to sponsor them for membership, with Lyta, in reference to her fiery temper, calling herself Fury ["you know, like in mythology"] (Infinity, Inc. # 1).

In Feithera, Norda Cantrell attends his Coming-of-Age-Ceremony, receiving a Life-Scroll that charts his future role in society and being paired with a Life-Mate named Isos. Stunned when his grandfather Worla names him as his "chosen successor as High Priest and leader of Feithera," Norda rejects his heritage and, with his parents' blessing, chooses to seek [his] destiny amongst humankind instead." Attempting to dissuade Norda from his path, Worla shows his grandson the text of his Life-Scroll only to have the young bird-man tear the paper to shreds and fly towards America and the Hall Mansion in New York (Infinity, Inc. # 37, 1).

During a holiday break, Silver Scarab and Fury find themselves joined by Albert (Nuklon) Rothstein and, to Hector's chagrin, Norda (Northwind) Cantrell, in their bid to join the JSA. The quartet and others are rejected but the Star-Spangled Kid proposes that they form a group of their own -- Infinity, Inc. One of the group's first major conflicts proves to be with their mentors, several of whom (including Hawkman) are temporarily turned evil through exposure to the waters of Koehaha (Infinity, Inc. # 1-11).

COMMENT: Originally, the holiday mentioned above was Christmas.

Information provided by the Ultra-Humanite results in the Silver Scarab's true identity being revealed at Infinity, Inc.'s live, televised press conference, effectively exposing the true identities of Hawkgirl and Hawkman. Now unmasked, Hector announces his engagement to Lyta Trevor (Infinity, Inc. # 12, reaffirmed in Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. # 0).

Following Hector and Lyta's engagement party, Fury is abducted by Mister Bones (Infinity, Inc. # 16), who also destroys the Silver Scarab's costume. Hector hastily puts together a new version of his outfit and recruits Infinity, Inc. to help him rescue his fiancée from Bones and Helix (# 17-18).

A universe-spanning crisis results in most of Earth's heroes being summoned to the satellite of the Monitor. There, Silver Scarab and Hawkgirl have a heated exchange with Mister Bones over Fury's recent kidnapping (Infinity, Inc. # 22). Elsewhere, Feithera is destroyed by a shifting glacier but, thanks to Northwind and Brainwave, Jr., its people survive and relocate (Infinity, Inc. # 23). The calamity still fresh in his mind, Northwind returns to the United States only to witness Hawkman being critically burned by Doctor Phosphorus (Crisis On Infinite Earths # 9). Norda rushes his godfather to the Feitheran refuge for emergency treatment. Afterwards, the JSA offers to admit the entire roster of Infinity, Inc. into its ranks but the younger team declines (Infinity, Inc. # 25).

Failing to recognize the significance of the name, Hector opens a package from Professor James M. Rock containing a crystal dagger that triggers the beginning of a dark transformation in his mind (Infinity, Inc. # 26).

Largely recovered from his burns, Hawkman joins Hawkgirl in a visit to Midway City. There, they join Zatanna in promoting the city's Festival of Flight and preventing the Kite-Man from stealing a treasure called the Golden Eagle (Hawkman [2] # 4).

An attack on the Spectre by Kobra and the Spear of Destiny (The Spectre [3] # 21) leads to Hawkman, Hawkgirl and most of the other Justice Society members being trapped in an other-dimensional limbo, endlessly fighting the battle of Ragnarok (Last Days of the Justice Society Special # 1).


Lyta is troubled by Hector's lack of emotion in the wake of his parent's "deaths," unaware of his subsequent phone call from "Professor Rock" that heightened his corruption by the crystal dagger (Infinity, Inc. # 30). As their arguments escalate, Hector leaves Lyta to attend to "personal business" (# 31) and she is alone when she discovers that she's pregnant (# 32). Fearing the worst, Northwind rushes to the Hall Mansion only to find it in ruins and Hector in bed with an Egyptian woman who had used the alias of "James Rock" but is actually the latest incarnation of Hastor (# 34). Now aware that his grandfather's prophecy of the previous year was accurate, Northwind rushes to New Feithera and works with Worla to prepare for the coming crisis (#37).

Thanagar offers to end the planet Rann's famine in exchange for information on the Zeta-Beam. When Rann opts to accept the Swamp Thing's aid instead, the Thanagarian representatives attempt to destroy the plant-man only to be killed themselves. "Thanagar severs diplomatic links with Rann" (Swamp Thing # 57-58) and a brief war is kindled between the planets (mentioned in Starman [2] # 52).

A cloaked Hector Hall breaks off his relationship with Lyta Trevor, effectively cutting all ties with his human life and completing his evolution into the hollow metal being known as the Silver Scarab (Infinity, Inc. # 38). Determined to learn the truth behind Hector's change, Lyta travels to the Hall Mansion, finding it transformed within "to look like the interior of an Egyptian tomb." There, she finds Hector's corpse, the crystal dagger still in his chest. As her fiancé's flesh crumbles, Lyta is confronted by Hastor and the Silver Scarab, who take her captive (# 42).

While Hastor, posing as "Doctor Helen Rock," manipulates half of Infinity, Inc. into excavating the ancient weapon known as the Eye of Ra, Northwind mobilizes the rest of the team to rescue Lyta from the Silver Scarab. In a last stand at the Hall estate, the Scarab finds himself unable to fully control the weapon, his humanity not entirely eradicated as long as his child lives within Lyta's womb. Using a spell taught to him by Worla, Northwind shuts down the Eye. Elsewhere, Nuklon finds the Nth Armor remains of the Scarab (Infinity, Inc. # 43-44).

Following Hector's funeral, Lyta decides to move to her parents' home in Virginia. Norda returns to Feithera, announcing that he "will mate ... and assume Worla's place as spiritual leader of my hidden people." Later, at Hector's grave, an unidentified caucasian woman tosses a handful of ashes on the ground, watches them change into a small silver scarab and leaves with the article in her possession (Infinity, Inc. # 44).

The Gentleman Ghost and I.Q., along with the Silver Fog, coincidentally make attempts on a diamond-studded chalice only to be thwarted by the Teen Titans (The New Teen Titans [2] # 40).

The Martian Manhunter investigates reports of a new Hawkman and Hawkwoman in Midway City and meets a man who introduces himself as Carter Hall, Jr. (Hawkworld # 23). The stranger explains that he'd "been sent to Thanagar as a child to study and benefit from their advanced civilization" (# 24). Hall and his wife, Sharon, largely avoid the metahuman community but do agree to join the strikeforce to oppose the Manhunters (Millennium # 1, 5-8 and Justice League International # 10).

In Virginia, Lyta finds herself visited by a nocturnal visitor called the Sandman whom she unmasks as Hector Hall (Infinity, Inc. # 49). Hector explains that his human essence had been sent to a kind of "dreamworld" upon his body's recent destruction and he was coached by beings known as Brute and Glob into becoming the Sandman. Though unable to leave the "Dream Stream" for more than one hour at a time, Hector invites Lyta to join him there as his bride and she happily agrees (# 50-51).

The Doom Patrol moves its base from Midway City to Kansas City (Doom Patrol [2] # 4).

The new Hawkman and Hawkwoman join Justice League International (JLI # 19-22).

At a gathering of the Flash's Rogues Gallery, the Gentleman Ghost boasts of his alleged "epic clashes" with Barry Allen (Flash [2] # 19).

With the Thanagarians in the grip of madness induced by an aspect of Anti-Life, Superman and Orion strive to prevent a doomsday weapon from destroying the planet (Cosmic Odyssey # 2-3).

Thanagar joins the Alien Alliance for an invasion of Earth (Invasion! # 1-2). In the course of the war, the new Hawkman reveals himself to be a Thanagarian double agent named Fel Andar who'd been charged with undermining Earth's defenses. Mortally wounded by her husband, Hawkwoman dies in the Martian Manhunter's arms as she reveals the truth about Carter Hall, Jr. At the suggestion of Maxwell Lord, the scandal is covered up, the heroes are publicly said to have retired (Hawkworld # 23) and actors are hired for Hawkman and Hawkwoman's final public appearances (Captain Atom # 24; JLI # 24). Fel Andar is never apprehended.

Professing to have "been sold a bill of goods by (the) Psions," Thanagar establishes diplomatic relations with Earth and sets up an embassy in Chicago (Hawkworld Annual # 1). Wingman Commander Byth uses his influence to install Darl Klus, the brother of his friend Jarl, as the Thanagarian ambassador on Earth (Hawkworld [second series] # 2).


In the Dreaming, Hector is confronted Morpheus, the true lord of that realm. Declaring him a ghost, the Dream King sends the soulless Hector "to the place appointed for you." Still pregnant after months in the Dreaming, Lyta is returned to Earth by Morpheus. As he leaves, the Sandman tells her that, because of her baby's long gestation in his realm, he will one day claim the child as his own (The Sandman # 12). On Earth, Morpheus visits the newborn boy, whom, he informs Lyta, is named Daniel (# 22).

Katar Hol returns from his decade-long prison to a life in exile on the Downside. Along with Thal Porvis' adopted daughter Shayera, now a Wingman, Katar proves that Byth was responsible for his father's death and a far-reaching crime ring. Now a shape-changer thanks to the drug Krotan, Byth escapes from the planet. Meanwhile, Katar Hol is reinstated as a Wingman and celebrated as Thanagar's greatest hero (Hawkworld [1] # 3).

Katar hires a native of Dhor named Kanjar Ro to find ways of helping the Downsiders, unaware of the alien's past history as a would-be world conqueror (Hawkworld [2] # 1).

Using the cover story that they're on a good will tour on behalf of the Thanagarian Embassy, Katar Hol and Shayera Thal head to Earth in search of Byth. Unknown to Katar, Andar Pul privately asks Shayera to spy on her partner (Hawkworld [2] # 1).

On Earth, Katar and Shayera meet Darl Klus and public relations man Joe Tracy suggests billing them as Hawkman and Hawkwoman in the press. The couple goes on a promotional tour, with Shayera assigned to the Chicago Police Department under Superintendent George Emmett (no relation to the Midway City Police Commissioner) and officers Verzell "Jonesy" Jones and Andrea Lencioni. Meanwhile, Katar attends a society ball and meets Mavis Trent, exhibit coordinator of Chicago's Edwards Natural History Museum and the force behind its Thanagarian exhibit. Elsewhere, Darl Klus is blackmailed by Byth into revealing Katar's whereabouts. After using Krotan to transform four thugs into the winged Furies, Byth leads an assault on the party and abducts Mavis (Hawkworld [2] # 2).

As Hawkman, Katar rescues Mavis and kills the Furies only to unleash a media firestorm over his violation of the kidnappers' civil rights. Provided with copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, Katar has an epiphany: "I begin to see what Thanagar could be. I see something other than a Hawkworld" (Hawkworld [2] # 3).

U.S. surveillance technology detects Katar and Shayera's mothership in orbit above the Earth. Mavis introduces Katar to the Museum's research curator Konrad Kaslak, formerly of Midway City. Elsewhere, Shayera becomes romantically involved with Jonesy and, as Hawkwoman, becomes a heroine thanks to her rescue of two children from a burning building (Hawkworld # 4).

Carl Sands, now a notorious "industrial ninja spy and assassin," is hired by Byth to steal Katar and Shayera's spacecraft. As part of the deal, Byth supplies Sands with the means to become the Shadow-Thief once more, providing him with a "shadow field generator" based on Thar Dan's original Dimensiometer. Alerted that someone is aboard the mothership, Katar and Shayera use Darl Klus' shuttle to intercept it, tumbling onto the fact that the theft is a diversion from Jarl's attempt to smuggle supplies to Byth via another spacecraft. While Shayera tackles the smugglers, Katar clashes with the Shadow-Thief, using the shadow field generator to become a wraith himself (Hawkworld # 5-6).

Based on reports from Shayera, Andar Pul and Thal Porvis grapple to find a politically expedient means of dealing with Katar's "treasonous" thoughts regarding human rights while the duplicitous Kanjar Ro proposes that "Hawkman" be a ceremonial title that can be passed on to new wingmen "if an individual falters." In return for the idea, he suggests that he be made "administrator" of "a group of minor planets by the rim of our empire" (Hawkworld # 6). The end result is the Hawkman Corps, "the elite squadron of Thanagar's army." For his part, Kanjar Ro receives the post of "Earth Affairs Adjutant" (# 10).

Shortly after defeating the metahuman Janus at Louisiana's Belle Reve Prison, Katar and Shayera meet Wally West, the latest incarnation of the Flash, and learn of the existence of an earlier Hawkman and Hawkgirl. As they speak to Jay Garrick's wife, Joan, about the Winged Wonders, the Fiddler kidnaps her and travels to 1948, intent on murdering the Flash in his prime. Katar and Shayera leap through the temporal rift behind them, encountering a young Paran Katar and impersonating that era's Hawkman and Hawkgirl before they defeat the villain (Hawkworld Annual # 1).

Despite the intervention of the Hawks, Byth successfully frees Jarl from captivity at Belle Reve. Already in a turmoil over Katar's discovery that she was spying on him, Shayera is emotionally shattered when Jonesy is murdered by Byth (Hawkworld #7). After stalking and apparently killing the shapeshifter, Hawkwoman is subdued by Hawkman and placed in police custody (# 8). Katar determines that Byth faked his death and, with Andrea Lencioni at his side, captures both Byth and Jarl. Given the complexity of the situation, the charges against Shayera are dropped (# 9).

A Thanagarian outpost is threatened by Yuga Khan (New Gods [3] # 18).

Shayera is assigned to accompany a world trade delegation to Thanagar and to supervise the concurrent transportation of Byth to his homeworld. In light of the public approval Hawkman has garnered on Earth, Katar remains behind to continue shoring up relations with Thanagar (Hawkworld # 10).

On Thanagar, Shayera is confronted by Hyanthis, her maternal grandmother, who reveals that the young woman was the product of an affair between Andar Pul and the thirteen-year-old Shayera Thal I. As she processes that revelation, Hawkwoman also investigates the murder of would-be High Priestess Ardeena Staa and learns of a revolution of the Downsiders, among them Princess Treska of Aza, the Lizardkons and Falthis Farr of the Man-Hawks. The group is led by the Raven (Tros Samoth), an assassin of one of the High Priests with divided loyalties. Ultimately, the Raven sides with the Downsiders and Shayera concludes (but can't prove) that Hyanthis was responsible for Ardeena Staa's death in the hope of inflaming the various factions on Thanagar. Using her newfound knowledge of Andar Pul's relationship to her as a bargaining chip, Shayera successfully wins reassignment to Earth (Hawkworld # 10-12, 14).

On Earth, Katar declines a romantic advance from Mavis, his thoughts clearly occupied with Shayera. Soon after, he meets Blackhawk Express CEO Weng Chan and, as Hawkman, helps him remove a bomb from a plane in flight (Hawkworld # 11-12).

Near Titans Tower in New York, the Golden Eagle is murdered by the Wildebeest Society (The New Titans # 72).

In New York City, Hawkman meets Firehawk as they battle the Marauder, a human-occupied war machine prototype designed by the Sunderland Corporation. Convinced that the Thanagarian's Nth Metal would be crucial to their plans, Sunderland makes its acquisition "a very high priority" (Hawkworld # 13).

Back in Chicago, two guards at the Edwards Museum are murdered in the course of the theft of some Thanagarian religious artifacts (Wonder Woman [2] # 53; Hawkworld # 14). Hawkman and the returning Hawkwoman soon find themselves in the midst of the sorceress Circe's "war of the gods" that includes their own world's ancient deities, the Celae (Hawkworld # 15) and brings them into contact with Wonder Woman (# 16) and many of the Earth's other metahumans (War of the Gods # 2-4). Meanwhile, Konrad Kaslak, one of Circe's central aides in the museum thefts (Wonder Woman [2] # 61; War of the Gods # 1), steals one of the Thanagarian relics, invokes the name of the Celae and vanishes in a burst of light (Wonder Woman [2] # 59; War of the Gods # 3),

Newly equipped with jet-packs designed by Sunderland and financed by Weng Chan, the Hawks capture Ricochet, himself a metagenetically- enhanced creation of Sunderland (Hawkworld Annual # 2).


A spiritual-metallic Voyager unit from Princess Treska's world of Aza is discovered on Earth by a man named George Crystal. Crystal agrees to allow his own spirit to inhabit the humanoid construct and, calling himself Attila, he vows to avenge the decimation of the alien race by the Thanagarians (Hawkworld # 17). The deeply religious Crystal soon finds himself at odds with the Voyager's directive to kill Thanagarians and, confronted by the Hawks over the death he caused in Chicago, a devastated Crystal expels his spirit from Attila, leaving it behind for the authorities (# 18-19).

With Katar gravely injured following the conflict with Attila, Shayera returns him to Thanagar for treatment. While there, she finds herself in an unlikely alliance with unhinged bounty hunter Smif'beau Smiff as they pursue a fugitive (Hawkworld # 20).

As the revolution between the ruling class and the Downsiders escalates on Thanagar, Shayera is sent back to Earth with Fel Andar to retrieve the Attila unit, unaware that her partner has also been instructed by his uncle, Andar Pul, to kill her. Joining forces with the Raven, Hawkman escapes from Thanagar aboard the sentient ship Sirius with hundreds of Downsiders, including Fal Tal of the She-Hawks, Treska and Falthis Farr. Hawkman arrives on Earth just in time to save Shayera's life and a battered Fel Andar is returned to his homeworld. Abandoning their Thanagarian uniforms, Katar and Shayera adopt new red and gold costumes and "formally request political asylum" for themselves and the Downsiders (Hawkworld # 21-25).

The Downsiders are denied asylum on Earth and decide to return to space aboard the Sirius under the Raven's protection. Fearing that the Attila unit is too dangerous for either Earth or Thanagar to possess, Hawkman decides to steal it, unaware that Darl Klus had recruited the Shadow-Thief to do the same on Thanagar's behalf. Katar successfully thwarts the villain and hides and dismantles Attila in the Ozarks, a fact known only to Shayera and Weng Chan (Hawkworld # 26).

Two years after their exile, the Justice Society returns to Earth (Armageddon: Inferno # 3-4). Thanks to an infusion of "the mystic energy of limbo," the elder Hawkman and Hawkgirl find themselves more vital and youthful than they've been in years. The couple briefly speak with Katar and Shayera, learning of Perry Carter's death at Katar's hands before the younger heroes are whisked away by Waverider (Hawkworld # 28).

Carter and Shiera discover Hall Mansion in ruins (as seen Infinity, Inc. # 42-44) and move to Chicago (mentioned in Darkstars # 6), where they buy the Aerie Complex (Hawkman [3] # 14).

The news of the death of Hector Hall (Infinity, Inc. # 44/ Sandman [2] # 12) and the recent murders of Michael and Trina Saunders, Shiera's second-cousin and wife (JSA # 21) leaves Hawkgirl and Hawkman shaken. After appearing at a public reception for the Justice Society (Justice Society of America [2] # 1), Carter and Shiera throw themselves into their work on a dig in Egypt (# 2). By chance, they unearth Kulak's tomb and are bewitched into becoming his servants (# 9).

Using a cover story to explain his absence, Kaslak resumes his position at the Edwards Museum and continues to investigate the Thanagarian relic he stole from Circe. Infuriated by Hawkwoman's continued insinuations about his innocence, Kaslak arranges for the Shadow-Thief to steal a cursed black diamond and anonymously presents it to Shayera, who is soon possessed by the spirit of Eclipso. A second encounter with a black diamond causes Hawkman to disgorge an evil opposite number of his own. Though Katar eventually defeats him, Shayera escapes (Hawkworld Annual # 3) and Hawkman joins with many of Earth's other heroes to break the spell (Eclipso: The Darkness Within # 2).

Now serving as "Edmund Kulak's" front man in an infomercial, Carter Hall is freed from the villain's control by the JSA (Justice Society of America (2) # 8-10).

Katar confesses to his partner, "I love you, Shayera. You're my whole life." Shayera responds with a passionate, heartfelt kiss (Hawkworld # 28).

Hawkwoman's clash with the White Dragon on the basis of his racist beliefs backfires (Hawkworld # 27) and she and Katar are denied asylum by the United States -- the result of Darl Klus' covert offer to present the government with the Nth Metal (# 28). Now fugitives, the couple finds themselves in conflict with the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl. After Carter and Shiera learn the truth about Katar's "murder" of his father and the circumstances between the White Dragon affair, the elder Hawks agree to help defeat the villain and use their influence to clear their namesakes. As Katar and Shayera head for sanctuary in Chicago's metahuman Netherworld, Carter tells Paran Katar's son, "I think your dad would've been very proud of you today. I am." To Shiera, Carter admits that "he's worthy" of the Hawkman name (# 29).

A centuries-old psionic called Count Viper, capable of transferring his life-force from body to body, attempts to turn the Netherworld into his army only to be opposed by the Hawks. In a final conflict, Shayera is seemingly killed by one of Viper's mental assaults and Katar is presumed dead in a catastrophic explosion (Hawkworld # 30-32).

The closed-door deal to deny Katar and Shayera asylum in exchange for the Nth Metal comes to light and the United States considers severing relations with Thanagar while accepting the heroic alien couple. In response, Darl Klus requests political asylum for himself (Hawkworld # 31). Arriving in Chicago to tell the couple that they are no longer outlaws, the elder Hawkman discovers Katar's unconscious body floating towards outer space and brings him to his mother, Faraway Woman a.ka. Naomi Carter, to recover and learn of his heritage as a Native American (Hawkman [3] # 5-6).

The Justice League finds themselves quarantined with I.Q. when the villain accidentally exposes them to an insanity virus (Justice League International Quarterly # 9).


A mysterious new Hawkman, predominantly clad in black, appears in Chicago and clashes with Deadline (Hawkman [3] # 1) and a new Marauder. He admits to Green Lantern that he is, in fact, Katar Hol. Before escaping, the new Marauder is unmasked as Shayera and Green Lantern detects traces of Nth Metal in her armor. Sunderland (now known as Meta/Tech) has finally achieved its goal of acquiring the anti-gravity metal (# 2).

Hawkman meets Andrea Lencioni once more and encounters an embittered metahuman called Mongrel (Hawkman Annual # 1).

Count Viper, his mind now inhabiting Shayera's body, arranges for Hawkman to be lured into a trap by Airstryke, a human/pterodactyl hybrid created by Meta/Tech. Viper then switches bodies again, placing his mind in Katar's body and Katar's in Shayera's (Hawkman [3] # 3). After a lengthy battle that draws the Justice League and the Eradicator into the fray, Faraway Woman performs a ritual that allows the primal spirits of Katar, Shayera and Viper -- represented by a hawk, a wolf and a serpent -- to battle on the psychic plane and regain control of their original bodies (# 4-6).

In the midst of his battle with Bizarro, Superman lands in Midway City, where he meets George Emmett's son, Tony, a lieutenant on the police force (Action Comics # 697).

Despite Hawkman's efforts, Mongrel unintentionally unleashes a plague that nearly wipes out Chicago's Netherworld community (Hawkman [3] # 7-8).

Elsewhere in Chicago, Carter and Shiera Hall stumble onto a slave ring run by the extraterrestrial Immanites and pursue them to their Texas base. There, they join forces with the Darkstars to defeat the slavers (Darkstars # 5-7).

Daniel Hall is abducted and killed by Loki and Puck, a tragedy that drives Lyta mad and leads her into an alliance with the Furies to kill Morpheus, whom she wrongly holds responsible. Upon the Sandman's death, Daniel's spirit is transformed into the new personification of Dream (The Sandman # 57-61, 63-67, 69). In the Dreaming, Lyta is called before Daniel, who tells her, "You have my mark on you, Lyta Hall. No one shall harm you. Put your life together once again. Go in peace" (# 72).

The effects of the looming "Zero Hour" incident are felt as alternate worlds and time periods shift in and out of sync with Earth's own reality and Faraway Woman and Thal Porvis (transported to Earth) both claim to have seen visions of Thanagar's destruction by a black hawk-god (Hawkman [3] # 9-10). Channeling its power through the Nth Metal, the hawk-god virtually consumes Hawkwoman's wings and Carter Hall, Katar Hol, a Netherworlder named Lefty and a Native American science advocate named Dennis Baintan join the struggle (# 11). Eventually, the group learns of Paran Katar's belief that he created the Nth Metal by imprisoning a hawk-god and harnessing its power but, before they can act of the information, the elder Hawkman and Hawkgirl are called away to deal with the latest threat of Vandal Savage (# 12). As Katar enters the spirit plane for a final confrontation with the entity, Carter and Shiera are transported to his side by Waverider. Augmented by the power of Mongrel, the trio collectively serves as a portal that finally allows the hawk-god to escape its prison and return to paradise (# 13). Hawkman mistakenly believes that "all the Nth Metal (is) gone" (# 22).

Katar Hol is profoundly changed by the experience, however, and finds that Carter and Shiera Hall have merged with him along with the spirits of all past and future hawk champions. The new Hawkman's body is now equipped with natural wings suffused with Nth Metal, wings that he can retract at will. Katar's newly hawk-like eyes are capable of discerning the inherent qualities of a given person's spirit. The experience has also left Hawkman with fewer inhibitions, as demonstrated by his murder of the metahuman Badblood (Hawkman # 0).

Feeling "the need of a community," Hawkman joins Justice League America (Justice League America # 0).

With Carter, Shiera and Hector Hall declared legally dead and Lyta Hall missing, Katar Hol inherits their Chicago property, the Aerie Complex (Hawkman [3] # 14).

Hawkman has clashes with a series of villains representing avatars of the bear (Hawkman [3] # 14), the barracuda (# 15) and the bull (# 16) as a prelude to his battle with the serpent avatar, Count Viper, now capable of assuming a snake-form. Viper escapes, leaving Shayera embarrassed at having functioned as little more than a hostage. With her wings destroyed by the hawk-god and Katar's love for her wiped away in his new form, Shayera decides to leave Chicago (# 17).

The Chicago police reluctantly ask Hawkman to apprehend the fugitive Deathstroke, who impales himself on Katar's blade in the ensuing battle (Deathstroke, the Hunted # 43).

A bird-creature called the Strix is cleared of murder charges by Hawkman (Hawkman [3] # 18).

Shayera relocates to Detroit, where she comes between the new Vigilante and a group of arsonists. Even without her wings, Shayera is convinced by a policewoman friend named Purlie that she's still Hawkwoman (Hawkman [3] # 19).

The new Black Condor seeks out Hawkman in the hope of gaining insight into the role of a super-hero. Both heroes are on hand when the Mithras Meteor transforms scientist Karen Ramis into an avatar called Lionmane. Hawkman convinces Ramis to expel the avatar, which next chooses -- and rejects -- archaeologist Ed Dawson (Hawkman [3] # 20).

At a charity ball hosted by the Hyksos Institute, Hawkman clashes with a new Gentleman Ghost named James Craddock (a jewel thief and possible descendant of Carter and Shiera Hall's old foe) and the Shadow-Thief. Hawkman fails to recognize Hyksos founder Helene Astar, though, and doesn't realize that she is the latest incarnation of Hath-Set (Hawkman [3] # 21).

Hawkman is part of a metahuman strikeforce organized to deal with the threats of the Crimelord (Deathstroke # 49-50).

After the Justice League satellite is attacked by a Kraggz of the Tormock death squad, Hawkman realizes that Earth is in imminent danger of destruction and leads the League into space to "take the war to them" (Guy Gardner: Warrior # 32). When the team's spacecraft is crippled in an attack, Hawkman seeks out the closest planet -- Thanagar (Justice League America # 101). The League prevents the planet from being colonized by the Leechun and the remaining men and women on the world vow to "found a new Thanagar -- one based on equality and peace." Hawkman declines to lead them and privately admits that "there is nothing on Thanagar for me now" (Hawkman [3] # 22).

After Warrior is abducted by the Tormocks (Guy Gardner: Warrior # 33), Hawkman, Diana and the Bad One rescue him from the planet Vuldar (Hawkman [3] # 23) and deal a crushing defeat to the marauders (GG: W # 34).

In Milwaukee, Hawkman and Deathstroke face a madman named Ebrax, who'd been cursed with eternal life by one of Prince Khufu's wizards. Apprised that Ebrax can only be killed by a fellow immortal, Deathstroke slays the villain (Deathstroke # 52).

Obsessed with power, Ed Dawson steals the Mithras Meteor, becomes Lionmane and, answering a primeval call, he attacks Hawkman at the Aerie Complex (Hawkman [3] # 24). As they battle, Katar has a vision of a battle between the hawk and lion avatars in one of his past lives. With Lionmane momentarily beaten, Karen Ramis steps forward to draw the power of the meteor into herself, becoming a lion-beast whom Hawkman views as "a possible ally or a hopeful salvation" (# 25).

A scientist in the service of Helene Astar manipulates Hawkman into believing that Andrea Lencioni is the host of an evil avatar while using a brain implant to prod Lencioni into fighting Katar. Hawkman cuts the device from the base of her skull moments before it explodes (Hawkman Annual # 2).

Seeking more power, the Shadow-Thief accepts Neron's offer of a new shadow suit that enables him to transform other people and objects into black wraiths. As he attempts to avenge himself on Simon Bennett, the Thief is outwitted by Captain Marvel and the Flash and involuntarily shrinks into a puff of smoke (The Flash [3] # 107). Sands is subsequently captured and incarcerated in the Slab (DCU Holiday Bash III) and Belle Reve (JLA # 34).

The Scarecrow convinces Hawkman that all of his reincarnated souls -- Prince Khufu, Gabriel, the Silent Knight, Nighthawk, Carter and Shiera -- have come to life and attacked him (Hawkman [3] # 26). Before he can recover, Neron fans the flames further and leaves an illusion of an ongoing war between the souls within Katar's mind. Meanwhile, Shayera and Purlie travel to Chicago to help Katar (# 27).

Hawkman prevents Doctor Polaris from killing the First Lady aboard Air Force One (Hawkman [3] # 28).

Hoping to ease Katar's problems, Lefty gives him drugged tea and brings him to a metahuman named Mother Mary who can enter the mind and may be able to expel the avatar souls. Still under the influence of the drug, Hawkman and, by extension, Mary see a series of visions that suggest that Vandal Savage is their eternal enemy and imagine an encounter between them. Mary convinces Katar not to "kill" the fantasy incarnation of Savage and Hawkman tells her that she succeeded in banish the spirits from his mind. In fact, the voices in his head are as dominant as ever (Hawkman [3] # 29-30).

COMMENT: Hawkman # 29-30's claim that Vandar Adg and the Hawk Avatar were brothers and eternal enemies contradicts the accepted story that it was actually Vandar Adg and Immortal Man who were destined to fight over generations (reaffirmed as recently as Resurrection Man # 25-27). In light of the facts that Hawkman was under the influence of drugs in this story and that there were no witnesses to his fight with Vandal Savage, it seems reasonable to conclude that the entire affair was a hallucination.

Hawkman seeks out the winged man known as the Shrike, convinced that the creature is another avatar. Sensing no evil in the being's aura, Katar joins with Anima to help the Shrike -- her father -- regain his humanity (Anima # 12-13).

With several members of the Justice League lost in space, Hawkman is among the members on Earth who reassure the public (Justice League America # 112-113).

The Martian Manhunter's investigation of a serial killer leads him to conclude that the murderer is Thanagarian and probably Katar Hol (Hawkman [3] # 31). The Manhunter's telepathic scan in Katar's mind leaves him overwhelmed by the avatar souls, who secretly transfer to the Martian's mind (# 32). While Katar fights the Manhunter, Shayera deduces that the serial killings had been perpetrated by Mother Mary under the influence of still more avatar souls (# 33).

The Atlantean mage Arion steps forward to banish the avatar souls, along with Katar, "to the Hawk God's realm." Now in his right mind for the first time since the Zero Hour incident, Katar tells Shayera that he has always loved her and implores her to remember him before vanishing in a burst of light (Hawkman [3] # 33). Within the other dimension, the avatars -- including Carter Hall -- are separated. Carter survives but "some of (Katar's) memories float in (his) head" (JSA # 25).

In Texas, Kendra Saunders commits suicide, following a much earlier attempt at slashing her wrists. She overdoses on pills but, ten minutes after being pronounced dead, she begins breathing again. To her grand-uncle's astonishment, her green eyes have turned brown. Privately, "Speed" Saunders realizes that Shiera Hall's soul has been reincarnated in the young woman's body but, because of the shock, still regards herself as Kendra (JSA # 22). Soon after, "Speed" begins training Kendra to become the new Hawkgirl (mentioned in JSA Secret Files # 1).

Representatives of Thanagar and dozens of other planets meet on Rann to sign a peace treaty (Starman [2] # 52-53).


In the wake of a warning from the Gray Man about the impending threat of the Dark Lord, "Speed" Saunders' urges his grand-niece Kendra to assume the guise of her great-aunt Shiera and become the new Hawkgirl (JSA Secret Files # 1). She races to the defense of a newborn baby (JSA # 2) who is transformed into the new Doctor Fate (# 3) and revealed as an incarnation of her cousin, Hector Hall. Both Hector and Kendra agree to join the revived Justice Society of America (# 4).

The Gentleman Ghost and other spirits and demons burst out of Hell (Impulse # 54).

Transported through time to the Egypt of Prince Khufu, Doctor Fate channels the lightning bolt of Shazam through Hawkgirl's body into the present, where it strips the marauding Black Adam of his powers (JSA # 6).

I.Q. makes a brief attempt at establishing a foothold in Gotham City's "No Man's Land" (mentioned in JLA # 32).

Kendra rebuffs Hector's efforts to talk about their legacies, snapping "I've never been one for family or fate" (JSA # 7). Soon after, both are captured by Obsidian and tormented by their darkest thoughts -- for Hector, his family's curse and for Kendra, memories of the man she killed (JSA # 8). Hawkgirl and the Star-Spangled Kid's success in freeing Hourman from Obsidian's control leads to the formation of a bond between the two young women (JSA # 9).


The Star-Spangled Kid succeeds in inflicting some pain on the Gentleman Ghost as she and Max Mercury thwart the villain's latest robbery (Impulse # 61).

On Thanagar, Superman and Steel locate a sleeper agent of the alien Mechanics (JLA: Heaven's Ladder # 1).

Earth hosts a delegation of several alien races, including Thanagarians, many of whom are temporarily mind-controlled by the Centurian (JLA 80-Page Giant # 3).

With the survival of the timestream at stake, the entire JSA takes on Extant (JSA # 13-15). The villain directly confronts Hawkgirl with the fact that she is reincarnated, referring to her as "my Egyptian princess" (# 13). At battle's end, Doctor Fate takes a leave of absence to locate his missing wife, Lyta (# 15).

Hawkgirl joins the JSA's other female members for a training session on Paradise Island, during which Black Canary discovers the scars on Kendra's wrists from her early suicide attempt. The heroines subsequently join Nemesis for a clash with the Council (JSA Annual # 1).

During a battle with the Tigress, Hawkgirl's memories of her past lives wash over her and a burst of energy erupts from her body to render the villainess unconscious (JSA # 17). The incident is later described as "psychic backlash. It was the Nth Metal wings, soaking up all the lifetimes you've lived. The shock of nearly dying must have unleashed all those repressed past-life memories at once" (# 25).

Doctor Fate finds a comatose Lyta in the same British Columbia hospital where he was reborn (JSA # 19).

Kendra's recollections of her past lives as Chay-Ara and Shiera unconsciously emerge in her actions during her conversation with Black Adam and the climactic encounter with Johnny Sorrow (JSA # 20).

The resolution of the Johnny Sorrow affair catapults Jay Garrick into the distant past, where he meets Prince Khufu, Nabu and Teth-Adam in Egypt. The trio explain how they came into possession of the Thanagarian spacecraft and bestow Garrick with the Claw of Horus, cryptically referring to the crucial role that it and the reincarnations of Khufu and his beloved Chay-Ara will play in the defeat of an enemy "who threatens not only the world our visitors came from, but this world as well." With the Claw in tow, the Flash returns to his own time period (JSA # 20-22).

Confronted by Sand over the scars on her wrists and the other secrets of her past, Hawkgirl takes to the skies. There, she meets the angel Zauriel, who reveals that Kendra's soul has "moved on" and that Shiera Hall's spirit now inhabits her body (JSA # 21). In denial, Hawkgirl reacts violently to the JSA's offer of support and, in the midst of her struggles, vanishes in a burst of light. She finds herself teleported to Thanagar (# 22). Doctor Fate reluctantly leaves his wife's side to bring the Justice Society to her aid (# 23).

Hawkgirl learns that Onimar Synn, allegedly one of the planet's mythical Seven Devils, conquered Thanagar during its reconstruction. In search of their hereditary champion, the Thanagarian resistance movement uses Kendra as an "emotional beacon" to pull Carter Hall back from the dimension prison where Katar Hol was transported. The original Hawkman is successfully freed from limbo, albeit with black hair rather than blonde (JSA # 23).

Although Kendra resists Carter's attempts at expressing his love for her, Hector has an emotional reunion with his father. Charging into battle, Hawkman wears the Claw of Horus, canceling out the Nth Metal worn by the Wingmen corpses in Onimar Synn's army. Using a variation on the Nth Metal's "psychic backlash," the so-called Sineater subdues the Hawks (JSA # 24) but they escape to join the JSA in defeating his underlings, Crypt and Phade. After Synn attracts all of Thanagar's Nth Metal -- including the Claw of Horus -- into a humanoid body for himself, Hawkman insists that he and Kendra use their influence over the ancient glove. Urging her to "believe in our destiny, believe in us," Hawkman kisses Hawkgirl and the Sineater's body is destroyed. While disclosing an attraction, Kendra pulls away, reiterating that she needs "time to sort things out" (JSA # 25).

As the people of the liberated Thanagar rejoice, Hawkman assures them that "I'll be back. My heart belongs to both worlds now. You can be sure of that" (JSA # 25).

Hawkman speaks to Hector about his fears that the helmet of Nabu may be overwhelming him as Doctor Fate (JSA Secret Files # 2) and insists that Sand not step down as the JSA chairman on his behalf. "There's no one I trust more to lead this team into the future -- or to teach my son how to be a hero (JSA # 26).

Doctor Fate continues to meet with failure in reviving Lyta Hall while Hawkman's efforts at courting Kendra are similarly fruitless. Frustrated by Carter's "expectations" of her, Kendra reaches out to Sand with a kiss that Hawkman witnesses (JSA # 26).

Hawkman rallies the forces of the JSA and the JSA Reserves as they prepare to embark on a mission to destroy Imperiex Prime's connection to his lethal probes (JSA: Our Worlds At War # 1).

With a captured Hawkgirl as bait, Roulette pits Hawkman against Sand in a deadly gambling arena called the House. The men defy her expectations and work together to free Shiera (JSA # 28, 30). Among the spectators at the House are the Fadeaway Man (# 28) and the Monocle (# 30).

Elsewhere, the Matter Master and the Shadow-Thief escape the Slab after being infected by Joker venom. The Shadow-Thief suffers successive defeats at the hands of Black Canary (Birds of Prey # 36) and Batgirl (Batgirl # 21) while the Air National Guard stops the Matter Master in Midway City (Joker: Last Laugh # 4).

Shiera tells Hawkman and Sand that she "kissed Sand out of frustration" and the tension between the two men evaporates (JSA # 31).

In consultation with the helm of Nabu, Hector is advised to go to Gemworld to find the secret that will revive Lyta (JSA # 32).

The recently-resurrected Green Arrow and Hawkman catch up on old times, sharing laughs (Green Arrow [current] # 12) and trading punches (# 13).

Kendra discovers evidence that suggests her parents murder was not random and heads to St. Roch, Louisiana. Alerted by Speed Saunders, Hawkman follows her and they speak with Carter's old friend Oliver Evans, curator of the Stonechat Museum. After fending off an attack by Bloque (secretly dispatched by collector Kristopher Roderic), the Hawks resolve to travel to India and question Evans' son, Danny (Hawkman [current] # 1).

In India, the Hawks defend Danny against more of Roderic's enforcers -- Copperhead, the Shadow-Thief and the Tigress -- but are unable to prevent the military forces also under his command from attacking a temple in search of the Third Eye of Shiva. The attack unexpectedly unleashes Hindu deities (Hawkman [current] # 2).

John "Mikishawm" Wells, the pride of Batavia, Iowa, is a lifelong comics fan, working his way forward from Disneys in 1969 to newspaper strips in 1973 to SHAZAM! and the rest of the DC Universe in 1974. During the 1980s, he began compiling a lists of DC character appearances, a massive database that he's tapped into when writing articles for publications such as the DC Index series, Amazing Heroes, The Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comic Effect, Comic Book Marketplace, It’s A Fanzine, The O‘Neil Observer and, of course, Fanzing. He is Kurt Busiek's unofficial reference guide, as the keen-eyed may have noticed in Power Company #2.

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