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Issue 43     April, 2002

This Issue:
Total Silliness!

  Bush's Buggy Writer!
"Ambush Bug" by Phil Meadows


by Frank Esposito

The Artists and Writers of World's Finest, 1982-1985

by Juan Martin Ponce

His power levels have changed dramatically over the years!

by Michael Condon and David R. Black

Can you solve it before you fall over laughing?

conducted by David R. Black

Roy G. Bivolo discusses his colorful comics career!



And the winner is....

by "Blinky the Tree Frog"

Elseworlds: With Batman dead and Azrael in prison, Nightwing must contain a full scale breakout at Arkham!

by Mathew D. Rhys

Elseworlds: Can Joe Potato prevent Anarky from bombing an oil refinery?

by Seth Gottlieb

Elseworlds: Whom will the Power of Shazam be bequeathed to?

by Carl J. Gonzales

Elseworlds: The Earth 2 Dick Grayson escapes from Arkham!

by Chris T. Klien

Elseworlds: A story within the continuity of the Superman movies

story and art by Cyndi Smith

Elseworlds: Answering the doorbell changes Dick Grayson's life...forever!

by Syl Francis

Our favorite two ex-cons learn the meaning of Christmas

by Syl Francis

Have you heard the old joke about the Texas A & M Aggie who buys boxers? This Titans silly-fic is based on that!



The 5th annual swimsuit challenge and the feeb-off begin here!

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Colleen : " Did they really take you down to pediatrics?"
Vext : " They, uhh.. I was today's safety 'no-no'"
Collen : " 'No-no?'"
Vext : " The..the bad example. They, umm.. A puppet berated me for --
Colleen : " A puppet. "
Vext : " Mr. Careful. I was Mr. Careless. When the... When Mr. Careful was done, they all... They sang a song about how... How careless I was. Then they, umm.. They took me in for... to have it removed."
Vext #3, regarding Vext accidentally screwing a U-bolt to his forehead


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller

From the Archives:



The judges have made their decision!

Art featuring Ambush Bug and Superman


by David R. Black

From Promethea to Wild Dog to Wonder Woman!

by Dennis Miller

Matt steps aside and lets Dennis Miller ascend the Mount!

by John Wells

The villainous Cadre - in all their incarnations!

by Nicolas Juzda

Is Batman: Year Two worth reading?
Read the review of Batman: Year One

by Brian MacDonald

Kingdom Come: The trade and the paperback!

art by Phil Meadows

A sneak preview of our next issue

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Hawk Month!
The Winged Wonders swoop their way into Fanzing!
Featuring John Wells' extensive Hawkman timeline
and much, much more!

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