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Issue 42     March, 2002

This Issue:
Reboot and Relaunch!

  Fanzing Man gives Superman the (re)boot!
"Fanzing Man gives Superman the (re)boot!" by Yusuf Madhiya


by Simon Brown

Part 3 of the series documenting Hal Jordan's Action Comics appearances!

by Brian MacDonald

"Batman: Year One" reviewed!

by Michael Hutchison

A Fanzing Classic - The revamp that destroyed the Metal Men

by Michael Condon

conducted by D.J. LoTempio

The writer of The Power Company discusses his 1980's DC work - including Red Tornado and Justice League of America



Last chance for Elseworlds!

by Andrew Pellerito
art by Phil Meadows and Shannon Smith

Firestorm: The Revamp

by Ron Schablotski

Elseworlds: Barry Slade, the fastest gun in the West, must save showgirl Black Canary!

by Nikoru-chan

Elseworlds: A mysterious doctor is out to capture an urban legend...Robin the Boy Wonder!

by Dannell Lites

Elseworlds: A sequel to the Cromwellian-era Batman Elseworlds of the same name!

by Bob Meadows

Elseworlds: You'd be mad too if they were writing you out of character!

by Adrain Tullberg

Elseworlds: What could cause Batman to reveal his deepest secret?

by Allen Neuner

Elseworlds: The JSA refuses to be disbanded by the Un-American Activities Committee


by Chaim Mattis Keller

Elseworlds: Can the Legion solve the mystery behind Doctor Universo's Miracle Tonic?

by Syl Francis

The return of Twitchy and Jack, the two inept crooks introduced in The Kidnapping of Superman, Jr.!

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Wonder Woman : " J'onn, I was a member of the Justice League back then and I don't remember anything like that story happening! "
J'onn J'onzz : " It does not matter. It was an amusing story and it had a point to make. A good tale is its own justification - true or not. "
Martian Manhunter #24


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller

From the Archives:



Cover Parodies! Last chance to participate!

The new art gallery debuts!
Art by Phil Meadows, Larry O'Keefe and Chris Franklin

This month: A desktop wallpaper of the Central Power Battery by Phil Meadows.


by David R. Black

A new column featuring random acts of comics!

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

The Shadow of Greatness: The Sandman mythos after Gaiman

by John Wells

Oracle's gaze falls upon....Cat-Man!

by Nicolas Juzda

A review of the Sins of Youth TPB

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Next Month:

April Fools Part Deux!
Bwahahahaha! It's our second annual silly issue!
Featuring the Heckler, Ambush, Bug, Vext, and...
the Fanzing Fuzzball in a pink tutu?

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