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Issue 41     December, 2001


This Issue:
Times Past

by Brian MacDonald

A well balanced look at the pros and cons of TPBs!

by John Wells

A definitive and exhaustive look at the world's first superteam!

by Andrew Pellerito

The second generation super team has been in a rut recently...

by Michael Condon

Can you solve it before we do?

by David J. LoTempio

The writer/artist of titles including Swamp Thing, Maximortal, and Greyshirt discusses his career, his thoughts on the comics medium, and much, much more!

Golden Age vs. Modern Age!
"Golden Age & Modern Age Wonder Women, Cheetahs, & Drs. Psycho" by Kevenn T. Smith
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Vandal Savage: "You have no idea whom you're up against, do you old man? I was using a sword a thousand years before you were born!"
Vandal Savage: "Give up and I might let you live!"
Bat Lash: "Savage, you're dumber than veal if you think I believe that! Still, Lord knows you make a right fair dance partner!"
Bat Lash: "Like Momma Lash always said: Pick 'em homely and stupid and keep 'em waltzin' close!"
Bat Lash: "Reckon you fit the bill on all accounts!"
Guns of the Dragon #4



by Syl Francis

Elseworlds: Gotham City's defender, Catwoman, must stop the new threat to her city, a mysterious thief known only as the Batman!

by Sandra Miller

Elseworlds: As the heroes of Earth battle Ch'ton invaders, Dick Grayson wonders if being a costumed crimefighter is the best way to help his world!

by Rachel Ehrlich

Elseworlds: The Titans go medieval

by Syl Francis

It's Christmas Eve and all through Gotham a lonely Bat stirs!

by Michael Lane

Mr. Freeze is back...and he'll do anything to reunite with his wife!


Cover Parodies!


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Matt "Stars" Morrison

It's TV Time!

art by Bill Wiist

Crisis on Earth-Fanzing!

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Limbo Rocks!
The old Fanzing is gone, and the new has yet to arrive! So where does that leave us?
In Limbo!

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