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Issue 40     November, 2001

This Issue:

by Lee Spriggs

How can the comics industry attract new, younger readers? Why not listen to what the next generation has to say!

by Michael J. Condon

Solve it before Robotman rusts!

by Nicolas Juzda

Nicolas reviews the JLA: American Dreams paperback.

by Michael Hutchison

How can the Metal Men robots really be human beings?

by Andrew Pellerito

Does Cyborg of the New Teen Titans really work anymore?

by Michael Hutchison

Smallville, The Tick, Enterprise... and Justice League!


Robot Thanksgiving!
"Robot Thanksgiving" by Matthew Minnich

by Chaim Mattis Keller

Robots and the Legion mythos.

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Beth: " Well, go on, Torcher. say something!"
Torcher: " Now?"
Snapper Carr: " Now. "
Torcher: " Mortal, you will satisfy my craving for stimulants or I will extract your kidneys from your corpulent mass with my razor-sharp..."
Snapper: " No, no, no! Like this. Watch!"
Snapper: " He wants a double espresso"
Riker: " Well, he's getting decaf"
Hourman #10


Can you write an Elseworlds

And the winner is....

by Michael Rees

In this Doom Patrol tale set in the Morrison era, Robotman must contend with a villain who steals memories!

Elsewhere on

by Phil Meadows

The GLC flies into action


Special items for the holidays - ornaments, stockings, teddy bears, drinking steins and gift baskets:

New catalogue pages:

Revised, expanded catalogue pages:


Famous comic book cover parodies.

The entries are in! (And they're good, too!)

Artwork by Yusuf Madhiya and D.J. LoTempio!


Ye Olde Ed sells his comic book collection.
Can you guess why?

by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Matt "Stars" Morrison

The Lost Archer Column

art by Bill Wiist

Times Past

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