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Issue 39     October, 2001

This Issue:

by Matt Morrison

An amazing overview of all modern age Green Arrow issues and annuals!

by John Wells

An in-depth history and commentary on Green Arrow, complete with a checklist of appearances!

by Michael J. Condon

Will your answers hit the mark?

by Andrew Pellerito

Hmmm, here's an interesting theory...

by John Wells

Recapping GA's golden age adventures, gadgets, and gizmos!

by Michael Hutchison

The scribe of Green Lantern, JLA, JLI & JLE, (and much more) speaks about his DC days in the early and mid 90's.

Speedy and Robin
"DC Archers" by Kevin A. Voith

by Nicolas Juzda

We do know he's a bloody good shot!

by Rupert Griffin

Rethinking the Sixties: O'Neil and Adam's classic Green Lantern and Green Arrow team up, thirty years later

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Robin : " Don't you go high-hat on me, Speedy! Why Green Arrow's nothing but Batman with a bow and arrow!."
All-Star Squadron #31


DC TV - Last chance to participate

by Cliff Roberts

Watch out Martha Stewart, here comes Poison Ivy!

by David and Katie Schock

A Project A-ko/Superman/Wonder Woman crossover

by Arlene Pon

A reporter for the Daily Squealer tries to discover Batman's secret ID, and nets interesting results!

by Dark Mark

What good is having a Superman in a world where horror like the Trade Center disaster occur? This touching piece philosophizes on Superman's role in our culture.

by John Westcott

The Nightwing mega-epic concludes!



by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by John Wells

From the files of Green Arrow: Profiles on GA villains!

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

I still believe in heroes

art by Bill Wiist

Robots, Man!

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