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Issue 38     September, 2001

This Issue:
They Came From Outer Space!

by Rupert Griffin

Notes on Comics and Comic Trends in the Nineties

by Michael Condon

Can you solve it before the Rannians do?

by Nicolas Juzda

Nicolas reviews a whole slew of summertime movies!

by Bruce Bachand

A Waid-ian Retrospective: Issues #55-#56 reviewed

Adam Strange!
"Adam Strange" by Brad Parnell
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Ultra the Multi-Alien : I've somehow become an alien too -- four of them! And...and I'm using each one's fantastic powers to beat them off--
"I....I don't know what you characters did to me, but it's the last time you'll try it on anyone!
"I'm going to play a little game of Earth bowling with the pack of you!
"Strike! That'll take care of you fugitives from a nightmare!"
Mystery In Space #103


DC TV - Deadline Extended!

by Hazel

Confused by the current continuity's contradictions regarding Superman's origin? Well, here is the real truth of the matter!

by Michael Rees

What's wrong with Krypto? Can a young Clark (Superboy) Kent save him before it's too late?

by Adrian Tullberg

Duck and cover as Adrian parodies Our Worlds At War!

by John Westcott

A Nightwing mega-epic begins here!

Chapters 3 & 4
Chapters 5 & 6
Chapters 7 & 8


Painting Parodies!

Aliens everywhere!


by Ye Olde Editor



by Matt "Stars" Morrison

"New Writer, Old Path" - Matt reviews Judd Winnick's Green Lantern

art by Jerry Roscoe Elseworlds Superman/Green Lantern pic!

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