Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer

4th Annual

Swimsuit Contest


It's the moment you've all been waiting for! Let's bring out all THIRTEEN entrants. Don't forget to bring a towel!

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Black Canary Swimsuit "Black Canary Surfing" by Jim Coder

The first of three Black Canary pics, this one is little more than a sketch. Still, the two-tone bikini and matching board are consistent with the current design of her costume.

Black Canary Beach Blanket "Black Canary Beach Blanket" by Nikoru-chan

Dinah rests on a huge beach towel in the first of two submissions by Nikoru-chan. Our judges liked the layout of this one; it is a nice effect.

Black Canary "Black Canary" by Larry O'Keefe

Great shades of Farrah Fawcette! Black Canary relaxes in the setting sun. This one was quite popular during the voting.

Gotham Girls "Gotham Girls" by Fred Sadek

The ever-popular Gotham Girls cheese it up for the photographer! Our judges agreed that all of the costumes were appropriate to the characters. Well done!

Huntress "Huntress" by Lori Sammy (Glockgal)

The first of two Glockgal entries. Stunning in layout, design and color, this one also rated well with the judges. Unfortunately, Ye Olde Editor can't help but think that her poor tushie must be roasting on that hot spotlight!

One of the judges commented: "Yowza! Double yowza! OK, I'm drooling here.... This is definitely an excellent pic! I love the sexy look in her eyes, the hair cascading over her eyes, the swimsuit that is reminisent yet different than her costume. And the best part is she's sitting on the Bat Signal! She's definitely sending out some signals to all the men out there!"

Mighty Endowed "Mighty Endowed" by The Brothers Grinn

What else can the Brothers Grinn do to top triple-breasted Green Lanterns and such? Well, how about the once-petite Nina Dowd, who was transformed in Young Justice #1 to become Mighty Endowed? Unlike the gag in the comics, here the Brothers actually give us a glimpse of her huge...uh, tracts of land.

Nice Kirby-esque patterned bikini, guys! There's no mistaking the guys in the background, either.

Supergirl "Supergirl" by Yusuf Madhiya

Obviously an homage to Marilyn Monroe's memorable centerfold in Playboy #1, Supergirl is here seen wearing a tad more clothing!

Nightwing "Beach Blanket Titans: Nightwing" by Tony Smith

Troia "Beach Blanket Titans: Troia" by Tony Smith

Tempest "Beach Blanket Titans: Tempest" by Tony Smith

Tony turned in THREE pieces for this competition, all of them computer-generated using Poser figures. Our judges' comments were all pretty similar: the figures are a bit wooden, but the talent is still quite apparent.

Titans West "Titans West" by Nikoru-chan

Flamebird, Beast Boy and Bushido (of last year's Titans Annual) cavort in the California surf! Although the two humans are rather nondescript, there's no mistaking the green porpoise.

Wonder Woman playing Volleyball "Volleyball Anyone?" by Marvin Haycock

Marvin is a newcomer to Fanzing and hails from South Africa. Gotta say, this one is aych-oh-tee HOT! It's so scanty that one wonders whether Diana would actually WEAR such a thing in a game...but hey, she does battle in a strapless metal bustier, so maybe! It's a cool idea to use the lasso to keep it together, and the hat WORKS in place of the tiara. Nice!

One of the judges wondered what happens if a bad guy comes along and she needs to use the lass.

The only real quibble, apart from the scantiness, is proportions. Wonder Woman is an amazon from an island where they don't have to do the Ally McBeal starvation thing, so her torso strikes us as a bit too skinny. More healthy muscles, please!

Nightwing "Nightwing" by Lori Sammy (Glockgal)

OH yeah, a little sumthin' for the la-diees! As IF Richard Grayson needed anything more to draw the eyes to his, er, hiney, this costume features a reflective arrow similar to the one on his current costume. His musculature seems a bit exaggerated, even cartoonish...but that's actually consistent with the way Scott McDaniels draws him! (Oh dear...Glockgal may not live that down with some of the other Wingnuts around here.)

One judge commented: "The colors effectively capture the romance/mystique of a moonlit night on the beach."

The winner, chosen by a panel of judges, is: Glockgal! She wins unanimously for her TWO pictures which tied for first place. Glockgal wins The Mighty Fanzing Wad, which will be mailed to her shortly.

These entries were followed closely by another dead heat between the Supergirl pic, Mighty Endowed and the Black Canary by Larry O'Keefe.

Special mentions go to Larry O'Keefe and Marvin Haycock for doing so well on their first contest entries.

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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