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End of Summer

Vile Vial Results

After a month of voting, all the ballots are in and have been counted! The race was a close one, and we have a clear winner.

We did a recount anyway, just to make absolutely sure that no ballot was overlooked or miscounted. We appreciate everyone who took the time to vote, and although the "vote for the winner" idea wasn't received with as much enthusiasm as we thought it would be, the response was still pretty good.

And now, on with the results:

Our second runner up, receiving six voting points, was Prometheus Justified by D.J. LoTempio!

Our first runner up, receiving nine points, was Opposite Perceptions by David R. Black.

And the winner of the Vile Vial writing challenge is…..

Well, we don't have one.

Actually, we have two, because it was a tie!

Receiving ten points were Invasions from Other Planets by Nicolas Juzda and Eve of Destruction by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison. Congratulations to our winners!

And now, for those statisticians in our audience, here's the entire listing of stories and their placement. (I've removed the total number of points from this table so there aren't any hard feelings).

1) (tie) Invasions From Other Planets by Nicolas Juzda and Eve of Destruction by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison.

2) Opposite Perceptions by David R. Black

3) Prometheus Justified by D.J. LoTempio!

4) (tie) Feast of Fools by Matt Morrison and We Now Take You Live by Nicolas Juzda.

5) Traduce by D.J. LoTempio

6) Scarlet Speedtrap by David R. Black

7) The Young and the Evil by Martin Kelly

8) (tie) That Was Then by Ed Buckler and Are You Interested in the Watchtower? by Michael Hutchison

9) (tie) Legacy by Michael Rees and Winds of Change by Mark Anderson

Once again, Fanzing would like to thank all the voters and authors for participating in the challenge. If you liked the voting concept and would like to see it continue, e-mail us and let us know! And e-mail us if you didn't like it, too!

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