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Issue 37     August, 2001

This Issue:
Wonder Women!

by John Wells

You would think a character named Miss America would get some respect!

by Carol Strickland

It's Impossible! But some of those impossible tales really happened!

by D.J. LoTempio

All about swordswoman Jinal Ne' Comarr!

by John Wells

The scoop on Wonder Woman's golden age foe!

by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before the Amazons do?

by Carol Strickland

Truly, Modly, Deeply: Wonder Woman issues #179-204

by Edward Buckler

It's Plastic Man's 60th birthday, too!

Wonder Woman!
"Wonder Woman Watercolor" by Carol Strickland

by David R. Black

Think OWAW was bad? Here's the lowdown on the worst (and best) deaths in the JLA!

by John Wells

From sidekick to sidetracked, the tale of Etta Candy.

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Dr. William Marston Moulton (Wonder Woman's creator) : "Give young boys an alluring woman stronger than themselves to submit to and they'll be proud to become her willing slaves."
Page 98 of The Classic Era of American Comics by Nicky Wright. Prion Books Limited, London. 2000


DC TV is just the cure for summer re-run blues!

Finally! The winner of the Vile Vial Challenge!

by Michael Rees

Seinfeld and the gang cope with superpowers!

by Hazel

The Birds of Prey discuss an addiction with no cure!

by Dark Mark

Platinum writes a letter to Wonder Woman, telling her about the Metal Men's adventures

by David & Kati Schock

A far out elseworld tale staring the daughter of Wonder Woman and Superman. Based on the animated movie series Project A-ko!

by David Schock

A Kingdom Come story in which Wonder Woman confronts Superman.


Painting Parodies

Results of our annual Swimsuit Competition!

Artwork by Fred Sadek, Bill Wiist, Marla F. Fair and Phil Meadows


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Chaim Mattis Keller

HEADLINE: Back from the dead!

by John Wells

A Black Canary Timeline!

by Matt Morrison

The best superhero movies you haven't seen and the worst ones you have!

art by Phil Meadows

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Next Month:

They Came From
Outer Space!

An entire issue devoted to the aliens of the DCU!
Featuring J'Onn J'Onzz, the Omega Men, the Green Lantern Corps,
and many more!

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