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The Fanzing Challenge:

by Micheal J. Condon

Wonder Woman Trivia Quiz!

Can you solve it before we do?
1. What was one of Sheldon Mayer's headaches when editing Dr. William Marston Moulton's scripts?

A. The overabundance of bondage scenes.
B. Huge blocks of untranslated Ancient Greek dialog.
C. Explicit lesbianism.
D. His extremely poor spelling and grammar.

2. What did the Golden Age Wonder Woman use to heal serious injuries?

A. The caduceus of Apollo.
B. The sacred fire of Hestia.
C. Hurtloam.
D. The Purple Ray.

3. Why wasn't the Kingdom Come era Wonder Woman a princess?

A. As Queen Hippolyta had died, she was now the queen of Themyscira.
B. Themyscira had ascended to Olympus, so Wonder Woman let her princesshood drop as there was no one to be princess of.
C. She was stripped of her rank because she married Superman.
D. She was stripped of her rank because she had failed to bring peace to man's world.

4. What would have happened if the Bronze Age Batman had decided to drop in on Wonder Woman at Paradise Island?

A. He would have died immediately due to enchantments placed on the island by Aphrodite.
B. All of the Amazons would have lost their powers and immortality.
C. He would have changed gender.
D. Nothing out of the ordinary would have happened.

5. What would have happened if the Bronze Age Batman managed to bind Wonder Woman's bracelets together?

A. She would have turned back into clay.
B. She would have temporarily lost her super powers.
C. He would have been knocked out by a lightning bolt coming from the bracelets.
D. She probably would have broken his arm with a flick of her wrist.

6. Which superheroine has not been retconned into taking Wonder Woman's place during the Golden Age?

A. Hippolyta.
B. Fury from the Young All Stars.
C. Miss America.
D. Bullet Girl.

7. Who has the ability to revoke Wonder Girl's powers?

A. Wonder Woman.
B. Helena Sandsmark.
C. Julia Kapatellis.
D. Troia.

8. What was Wonder Woman's magic lasso made from?

A. It's the Thread of Truth from the Three Fates' tapestry .
B. Gold. It's special powers come from Wonder woman herself.
C. The Girdle of Gaea.
D. The skin from one of the snakes that guard the Garden of the Hesperides.

9. Who was Wonder Woman in a previous life?

A. The Wonder Woman of Earth 1. When that Wonder Woman was killed during Crisis her spirit lived on and traveled back in time to Hippolyta's creating of the clay Wonder Baby on the current DC earth.
B. Ysolde, a former handmaiden to Morgana Le Fay and lover of Iason Blood. Iason later changed his first name to Jason and became the human host to Kirby's yellow rhyming demon.
C. The still-born daughter of the first woman killed by domestic violence.
D. Helen of Troy.

10. Who was the Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman's sidekick?

A. Etta Candy.
B. Woozy Winks.
C. Lori Lemaris.
D. Peachy Pet.

11. Who is Donna Troy?

A. A mortal orphan who was adopted by the Titans, a race of godlike beings who are the forebears of the gods of ancient Greece. They granted her and other children powers in order to use them as pawns in an attempt to regain their pre-eminence. Donna was later brought back to earth with false memories.
B. The infant daughter of a single mother with a terminal illness who arranged for her to be adopted. The father of her adoptive family died two years later, and the leader of a child selling ring convinced her adoptive mother to put her up for adoption. The building where the child seller was keeping Donna caught fire and the toddler was rescued by Wonder Woman. As no one could find any of the girl's relatives, Wonder Woman was named the guardian and she was sent to Paradise Island to be raised. She gained her powers by special training on Paradise Island. All women have the potential to have her power.
C. A magically created doppelganger of Princess Diana of Themyscira who was created to give the only girl on an island of ancient immortal women a playmate.
D. She's the child of an Oan and a Zamoran. Her mother went into hiding when she discovered that she was pregnant, as her race had foresworn all contact with males. Since she couldn't explain a baby's presence to her fellow Zamorans, she arranged for the Amazons to take care of Donna.

12. Why did Hippolyta arrange for Artemis to defeat Diana and take her place as Wonder Woman?

A. There was a prophecy that Wonder Woman would die. Hippolyta wanted to ensure that Diana wasn't Wonder Woman when it happened.
B. Artemis was presenting a serious challenge to Hippolyta's queenship. By making her Wonder Woman, Hippolyta hoped to distract her from Paradise Island politics and also have Diana by her side to help her deal with Artemis's supporters.
C. Hippolyta had fallen under the control of Ares who hoped that the more warlike Artemis would discredit Wonder Woman's peace keeping mission.
D. Hippolyta feared that man's world was corrupting Diana. She felt that that the three thousand year old Artemis would be better able to resist the temptations of man's world. She was very surprised to see how wrong she was.

13. What is the origin of the current Cheetah?

A. She's a member of an extremist ecological group who was brainwashed by Kobra through electric shocks and images of ecological damage into becoming a killing machine.
B. She's an unscrupulous archeologist who acquired the powers of the Uzkargan cat goddess after drinking a potion.
C. She's a wealthy society girl who suffered from multiple personality disorder.
D. She was a cheetah who was converted to a super-powered humanoid form and intelligence by the Ultra-Humanite.

14. Which villain appeared in the first episode of the Wonder Woman TV show?

A. Cheetah. She appeared as a cat burglar.
B. Paula Von Gunther. The show was set during World War II and she was the head of a Nazi spy ring.
C. Dr. Psycho. This version didn't have super powers. Instead he was a dwarf with an uncanny hypnotic ability.
D. Ares. He appeared as General Martin Ares. He commandeered a nuclear missile base in an attempt to start World War Three. He fought Wonder Woman, whose secret identity, Diana Prince was stationed at the base, with super-strength and telekinesis.

15. Why did the Dark Angel erase Donna Troy from existence?

A. She mistook her for Wonder Woman and wanted to punish Hippolyta for defeating her during World War II by erasing her existence and having Hippolyta be the only one who ever remembered her.
B. She had heard a prophecy that Donna Troy would destroy her, so she decided to launch a preemptive strike.
C. Donna Troy was one of seven women who were possible recipients of great power from the source. Dark Angel was another. Dark Angel decided to ensure that she would receive the power by erasing all of her rivals from existence. She managed to erase four, but the fifth, a woman known only as Dawn received the power before she could be erased, brought back the others and then left this plane of existence.
D. Vandal Savage, smarting over his defeat at the hands of the Titans, summoned the Dark Angel through mystic means. He demanded that she destroy the Titans. She replied that the terms of her summoning required her to only obliterate one being. Vandal Savage chose Donna because he felt that she was the most dangerous member of the Titans.

16. Where was the Bronze Age Paradise Island located?

A. The Bermuda Triangle.
B. The Mediterranean Sea.
C. Twenty miles west of Atlantis, wherever that is.
D. It floated on the ocean currents so it could appear in all oceans and seas.


1. A. Sheldon Mayer got rid of a lot of them, but, from what I hear, there was still a disturbing overabundance of bondage scenes in the Golden Age issues. Source: Pg. 98. The Classic Era of American Comics by Nicky Wright. Prion Books Limited, London. 2000.

2. D. The Caduceus is Hermes wand. It consists of a winged rod encircled by two serpents. It is a symbol of the medical profession. Hestia was the Greek goddess of the hearth and home. In Rome she was known as Vesta and her priestesses, the Vestal Virgins, tended the Sacred Fires of Rome. Hurtloam was a mystic healing clay from Stephen R. Donaldson's fantasy books involving Thomas Covenant. It could heal stab wounds, cure leprosy and even allowed a man born without eyes to see.

3. D. Now that's just harsh.

4. B. That's pretty harsh too. Aphrodite was serious about the no men on Paradise Island rule.

5. B. This was another excuse for bondage scenes. Wertham was right! Burn your comic books! Wertham was riiiight!

6. D. I think that Bullet Girl took the place of Mary Marvel in the Golden Age.

7. B. Zeus was plagued by ungrateful children, so he gave Wonder Girl's mother the ability to negate her powers with a touch.

8. C. The Fates were three old women who determined the fate of every human being. They were Clotho (the spinner) who spun out the thread of life, Lachesis, (drawing of lots) who measured the thread, and Atropos (inevitable) who cut the threads. The fates were presented in Sandman as looking like the three witches who hosted Unexpected, a DC horror comic, in the 80's. The Fates were confused with the Furies, or Kindly Ones, the avengers of unnatural crimes, in Sandman, but the two were distinct in Greek mythology. Gaea is the Greek earth goddess. The Garden of the Hesperides was guarded by a hundred headed snake. Some legends claim the Heracles killed the snake.

9. C. All of the Amazons were killed by domestic violence in a previous lifetime, and Hippolyta was the first. Because she was pregnant when she was killed she alone had the desire to have a child.

10. A. She was a little butterball in her early appearances. She would complain after indulging in exercise that she had to eat a lot of candy to retain her figure. She was a normally proportioned woman in the one 1980's era appearance of her that I have, which, when you come to think of it, makes her freakish by comic book standards. You call those breasts, they're smaller than her head! Redraw that you! While Etta's trademark was the exclamation Woo! Woo!, Woozy Winks is Plastic Man's sidekick. Lori Lemaris was Superman's telepathic mermaid ex-girlfriend. Things were strange in the Silver Age. Peachy Pet was Johnny Thunder's adopted daughter and ice cream tycoon.

11. C. A. was the previous explanation. B. was the explanation given in the pre-crisis New teen Titans. D. is my own invention.

12. A.

13. B. A is the origin of the Bronze Age Cheetah. C. is the origin of the Golden Age Cheetah. In her first appearance she said the word Argh a lot. D describes how the Marvel entity the High Evolutionary creates his humanoid servants. Pre-Crisis the Cheetah was presented as Wonder Woman's archfoe. This seemed to be one of the biggest mismatches of the DC Universe. The pre-Crisis Cheetahs both seemed better candidates for Batman's rogues galleries than Wonder Woman's. To be fair, Golden Age stories normally showed super heroes battling villains who were much weaker than themselves. I've never seen the current Cheetah in action, but the stats for her in the DC role-playing game seem more appropriate for a member of Spiderman's rather than Wonder Woman's rogues gallery.

14. B.

15. A.

16. A.

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