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Painting Parodies

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Painting Parodies

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Oct 30th, 2001

What is a painting parody?

Well, if the Mona Lisa is wearing a tiara and a metal eagle on her chest, that's a painting parody. If Clock King is standing in the middle of a Salvador Dali painting clutching at his hair and shouting "Oh no, I left them out in the hot sun!", that's a painting parody. I could mention a few more, but I've already given out two ideas (one of them rather good).

You get the idea. Take a classic painting, from Titian to Warhol, and do a DC Comics parody of some kind. You don't need to enroll in an art copying class; we're not critiqueing the brushwork here! So long as we can get the joke of what you're parodying, you don't need to knock yourself out here.

For this challenge, there is a necessary caveat: No photomanipulations. You can't just take "Blue Boy" and digitize a Robin costume onto him. The artwork has to be your own in order to qualify.

If the winner is within affordable mailing regions (USA, Canada), he or she will receive The Mighty Fanzing Wad. Should the winner be in another country, he or she will receive a $10 gift certificate to an online store that delivers to that region, or may decline and simply have the honor of winning.

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