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Issue 36     July, 2001

This Issue:
Our Worlds At War!

by David R. Black

All about Steve Savage (Balloon Buster) and his real-life counterpart Frank Luke

by John Wells

Bios on tons of war heroes, from the Revolutionary War to the present!

by David R. Black

A look back at the 2001 futures proposed for DC characters in 1991

by John Wells

The Life and Times of Sgt. Rock


"Superboy in battle" by David Ellis

by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before the enemy does?

by Michael J. Condon

An affectionate if persnickety look at the Levitz era Legionnaires

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Hans von Hammer : What is it that we do, exactly? Every day, the Americans and ourselves, we climb as high and as far as our machines will take us.
"To the very limits of human achievement. To the gates of heaven itself.
"And we try to kill each another.
"We stain the sky. We fight a war in heaven."
Enemy Ace: War in Heaven #2


DC TV continues!

Fanzing needs your help to determine the winner!

by Michael Hutchison

Will Superman use the JLA alpha files to stop the infected heroes? Plus: Will G'nort go bad?

by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison

The conclusion to the Vile Vial saga!

by Nicolas Juzda

Read all about the missing gaps between stories!

by Black, Juzda, LoTempio, and Morrison

Go behind the scenes and into the minds of the creators behind the conclusion!

by Dannell Lites

In our first DC TV submission, Azrael meets the "Touched By An Angel" cast!

by C.W. Blaine

Why is Robin trailing a couple out for a night on the town?


Fanzing's 4th Annual Swimsuit Challenge!

Artwork by Yusuf Madhiya and David R. Black


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Chaim Mattis Keller

HEADLINE: Bloody Kansas

by David R. Black

"Losers Special" Reviewed

by Matt Morrison

The Mount's one year anniversary! Featuring the rebirth of the "Comic Shop from Hell" and a review of Neil Gaiman's book American Gods!

art by Tony Smith

...and a sneak peak of next month's issue!

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Next Month:

Wonder Woman's 60th Birthday!
An entire issue devoted to the Amazing Amazon!
Plus: DC's other fabulous females!

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