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Issue 35     June, 2001

This Issue:
The Legion of Super Heroes!

by John L. Censullo

Read all about the geography of the future!

by Brad Parnell

An appreciation of Dave Cockrum's art

by Bonita Del Rio

A subjective and untrained analysis of the Legion artists from the past four decades

by Michael J. Condon

Can you solve it before the 30th Century?

by Brad Parnell

Against the Reboot Legion

by Nicolas Juzda

For the Reboot Legion

by Todd Schoonover

A political primer on the worlds of the 30th century!

by Rick Bennett

A review of the epic storyline!

by Matthew E. Childers

Why being a Legion trainee isn't such a good idea

The White Witch!
"The White Witch" by Tiril

by John L. Censullo

Can't figure out who's who pre-Crisis, post-Crisis and after the reboot? This'll help!

by Chris Companik

So is he, or isn't he?

by Chris Galdieri

Can't wait for DC Direct? Here's a peek at Chris's custom made figures!

by John L Censullo

A cohesive chronology of that missing period in the Legion's history.

by David J. LoTempio

One of the most diverse casts ever still has its social problems.

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Chief Zendak : "Superman asks you to hold a prisoner, you put him in a fish tank, are surprised when he breaks loose....and now you say you have the situation taken care of! Tell me another! "
Porcupine Pete : "I promise we'll get him, Chief. Remember, the Substitute Heroes are supposed to go into action while the real Legion's away! We're going all-out -- We even called in our new auxilary! "
Superman : "A-Auxilary...?"
Porcupine Pete : "Yeah! They're great!"
Infectious Lass : "Er - They're heroes who weren't quite ready for membership in the Substitute Heroes yet!"
Chief Zendak : "Not...ready...for ...the...Substitute...Heroes. Lord give me strength! "

DC Comics Presents #59


New Challenge: DC TV
Combine DC heroes and your favorite TV show!

by Nicolas Juzda
with art by D.J. LoTempio

The astounding conclusion to the acclaimed Adam Strange epic!

story and art by David R. Black

Count Vertigo and Blythe Bonner head to Metropolis to deal with the fallout from Scarlet Speedtrap and Prometheus Justified!

by D.J. LoTempio

Metropolis Ablaze! The White House Destroyed! Luthor vs Batman! And the only man whom can save us is Commissioner Gordon!

by Martin Kelly

With the help of Young Justice,
Robin plots to destroy Batman

by Matt Morrison

To stop a viral infected Bat-Family, Scarecrow must send a special team into Gotham. With Harley Quinn, The Trickster and most of Batman's Rogues Gallery!

by Dannell Lites

A pre-Legion tale of Cosmic Boy Rokk Krin!

by C.W. Blaine

A knock down, drag out Western starring Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, and Wally West as sheriff's deputies

by Dark Mark

J'onn J'onzz returns to his former home of Middletown

by Michael Hutchison and Phil Meadows

A custom designed Windows Desktop Theme using original fan-made art!


Fanzing's 4th Annual Swimsuit Challenge!

Artwork by Tiril, Christian, and Laurie Gerholz!

Artwork by Bill Wiist, Craig Shapley, Brad Parnell, Jerry Loomis, and Nikoru-chan!

Artwork by Dixey, Yusuf Madhiya, and Glock Gal!


by Ye Olde Editor

by Ye Olde Editor

A final "Thoughts at 3:00 A.M." everyone must read!

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by John L. Censullo

Read the charter that governs the Legion!

by Kris "G'leep" Burger

Legion Lost Reviewed

by Matt Morrison

What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Matt discusses Superman and Action Comics #775

by Chaim Mattis Keller

Legion Found!

by Todd Schoonover

A Whole Bunch of Top Ten lists! Everything from the best battles to the most overused plot lines!

by Todd Schoonover

How does the characterization in the new Legion compare to the old?

art by Bill Wiist

A sneak peek at next issue....

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Next Month:

All-Out War!
With the "Our Worlds at War" crossover approaching, we devote an issue to war comics !
Featuring Enemy Ace, Sgt. Rock, Balloon Buster, and many more!

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