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Issue 33     April, 2001


by Nicolas Juzda

Nicolas tells all about his rejected Fanzing stories

Michael Hutchison

Superman and Mr. Mxyzptlk head to the Supreme Court!

by Rupert Griffin
art by Matthew Minnich

Read all about TinTin's teamup with Batman!

by Michael J. Condon

Can you remember the more absurd events of the DC Universe?

by David R. Black

The writer of A Date With Debbi tells all!

"Superboy: Falling Rock" by Yusuf Madhiya (after P. Pelletier)
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Jack Ryder : "If we as a society sanction the arrest of an automobile, aren't we inviting the eventual incarceration of our toasters, our waterbeds, even our adjustable showerheads with the magic massage setting?"
--- commenting on Ambush Bug's arrest of a Buick
Action Comics #565

Art & Fiction:

Villain Profiles - Last chance to participate!

The Vile Vial continues!

by Dark Mark

Just what the title says!

by Michael Condon

Montana Maxwell Lord creates a superteam in this 'Tiny Toons' spoof on the JLI

by Dannell Lites

Krypto sponsors Ace the Bathound for membership in the Space Canine Patrol Agency


by Dennis Leary, Guest Columnist

by David R. Black


by David R. Black

HEADLINE: No coups in Markovia! Rocket Reds redesigned!

by Benjamin Grose

Three Superman related reviews!

by Matt Morrison

Matt tells all about a cache of "lost comics"!

art by Yusuf Madhiya

One character who used to be funny.....

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Next Month:

Ultra the Multi-Alien Month!
Because nobody demaded it!
What? Super-Month? Is that what's really next?

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