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Issue 30     Holiday, 2000

This Issue:
Dick Grayson Month!

by John Wells

The Nightwing Timeline

by Rupert Griffin

A danged foreigner weighs in on how the New Teen Titans were portrayed in the Reagan era.

by Duane Thomas

Let's talk about our relationship..

by Rupert Griffin

Dick Grayson and Masculinity.
If you thought Rupert's take on 1980s Americans raised some eyebrows…hoo boy!

by Matt "Stars" Morrison

Oh, dear.

by Michael Hutchison

Let's get on the same page about Adam Strange, OK?
"Dick!" photomanipulation by Bill Wiist
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Slag: "Look! It's a kid in red and green tights! Let's surrender! "
Young Justice #27

Art & Fiction:

Action Challenge

by Michael Rees

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle hatch a plan for rounding up the escapees.

by Marilee Stephens

Chapter 17: On The Trail

by Dannell Lites

A Nightwing story narrated by Nightwing.

by Syl Francis

Dick asks Barbara to give something to Bruce in case anything ever happens to him.

by Syl Francis

While on a mission in an eastern European country, Black Canary is taken prisoner. Batman and Nightwing immediately launch a rescue mission.

Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
This Month:
Animated Nightwing


by Ye Olde Editor

How I screwed us out of a Green Arrow interview.

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Chaim Mattis Keller

HEADLINE: Opal's brightest star snuffed out.

by Jack Marman

"Who Is Donna Troy?" reviewed.

by John Wells

The Flying Graysons and other relatives.

by Rupert Brown

"Supergirl" Special Edition DVD Reviewed.

by Matt Morrison

Matt goes on and on and on about the books he's read over the last few months.

art by Bill Wiist

…and a sneak peak of next month's issue!

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Next Month:

Birds of Prey!

We aren't done with the Dixonverse yet
Plus: New writing challenge entries

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