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Issue 29 October, 2000

This Issue:
J.L.A. -
40 Years and Going Strong!

by Jack Morman

The JLA/JSA crossovers

by Rupert Griffin

Comparing the modern Batman and Superman to the Silver/Bronze Ages.

by Adrian Tullberg

What ARE Batman's specific plans for dealing with the Justice Leaguers?

by Michael Hutchison

Thoughts on the end of Starman and where he'll go from there.


"Classic JLA" by Nate Melton; colors by Bill Wiist
Comic Book Quotes of the Month:
Sean (pointing to beer pitcher): "Listen, I gotta go to the men's room and fill this, okay?"
Sixpack: "An' I mean when you think about it: superness, nocturnal mammals, women, fish, green stuff, mars or fast things - wherever the trouble arises, the JLA have got it covered!"

Lobo: "No one questions th' gender o' the Main Man an' lives to tell th' tale! Whoever ya are, ya hume bastich -- consider yerself fragged!"
Lobo: "An' who the hell welded this fraggin' dog to my butt?!"
Hitman: "Go ahead. But the next time you're fightin' Superman, don't be too surprised if he's laughin' his ass off."
All taken from Hitman-Lobo: That Stupid Bastich

Art & Fiction:

The new action art challenge

Results of the Swimsuit Contest

by Michael Rees

Harley Quinn hits the road with a Joker android!

by Michael Rees

Batman must cope with a mysterious villain

by David R. Black

JLA: Lords of Time

by Jack Morman

Green Arrow, Green Lantern and the Atom deal with a crime spree by two dangerous villains.

by Syl Francis

Nightwing must track a serial murderer with the help of characters from"Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

by Chaim Mattis Keller

A Star Hawkins mystery

by Adrian Tullberg

Why IS Aquaman in the J.L.A.?

Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring
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by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Chaim Mattis Keller

HEADLINE: Blue Devil stops Ram-page

by Alan Kistler; art by Steven Conroy

Bio of the Justice League organization

by guest columnist Michael Rees

The Grant Morrison era in review

by Michael Hutchison

The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino Reviewed

by Matt Morrison

For once…a good month

by Michael Hutchison

Can you match the bumper sticker to the hero?

art by Bill Wiist

A sneak peak of next month's issue

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Next Issue:


After 60 Years and two costumed identities, Dick Grayson's still going strong.
If you keep your fingers crossed and wish really hard,
Syl Francis just MIGHT have a Nightwing story for us!

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