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Issue 28 August-September, 2000

This Issue:
Starman Month

by David J. LoTempio

Starman may be one of the most family-oriented comics today.

by David R. Black

The readers' first introduction to David Knight in "Starman"

by Michael Hutchison

Chicago Wizard World 2000


by Jas Ingram

Rotating QuickTime VR movies!

"The Golden Age Starman" by Anthony Cranfield-Rose
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Doctor Jackson : "Professor Haddock, these -- these notes of yours! Do you know exactly what it is you've done?"
Prof. Haddock: "Created a revolutionary new technology, of course."
Doctor Jackson : "Yes, but how, professor? What's all this Latin text printed on ancient parchment? And this diagram marked 'Para-Geometrical Layout Of The Nine Levels Of Everlasting Damnation'? And what about this. 'I pledge my eternal soul to the many-angled ones in return for the bounty of knowledge that they grant me.' With your signature after it?"
Hitman #51

"Villainy On Vacation"
Writing Challenge Entries:

by Michael Rees

Hourman vs. Mr. Mxyzptlk

by Ed Buckler

Plastic Man vs. Killer Croc

by Don Ricciardi

Blue Beetle vs. Lex Luthor

by David R. Black

The Outsiders vs. Mirror Master

by Dannell Lites

Lana Lang vs. Poison Ivy

by Michael Hutchison

Elongated Man vs. The Riddler
It's geek vs. geek!

Art & Fiction:

Swimsuit Contest

Desktop Themes

Villainy on Vacation - with a text interlude

by David R. Black

Not Close Enough - Featuring Guy Gardner

by Marilee Stephens

Chapter 16: Hitting the Streets

by Syl Francis

Nightwing gives Batman a unique Father's Day gift.

by Adrian Tullberg

Batman teams with the JLA

by Syl Francis

A living nightmare plagues Dick Grayson.

by Matt Morrison

Part 2: Light Lunch -- Jack Knight and Green Lantern team up to defeat…the dreaded Red Light

by Adrian Tullberg

A parody of Batman's impeachment by the JLA

This month…The O'Dares! Will Payton! Ted Knight! And a Green Lantern Movie Poster


by Ye Olde Editor

by Chaim Mattis Keller


by Chaim Mattis Keller

HEADLINE: Star Earns Her Stripes

by Michael Hutchison

HEADLINE: Lex Luthor Runs For President; Endorsed by Richard Rich and Scrooge McDuck

by Alan Kistler

Hawk and Dove and Dove!

by David R. Black

Sgt. Rock's Prize Battle Tales Reviewed

by Matt Morrison

Starman: "Sins of the Father"

by Matt Morrison

Gotham Knights, Green Arrow and more

art by Bill Wiist

…and a sneak peak of next month's issue!

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Next Month:

JLA's 40th Anniversary!

Plus: Swimsuit and "Villainy On Vacation" results

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