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    Desktop Theme


    Our last contest asked artists to create Desktop Themes or Wallpapers that could be used in Desktop Themes.

    I'm sorry to say that the turn-out was a little low on this one. I must admit to being a bit surprised by that, as wallpapers are pretty fun and we have some stupendous artists usually contributing to Fanzing. I guess it just didn't tickle the fancy of many. I suspect that more people will be interested once somebody else goes first!

    On top of the low number of submissions, we have four very good submissions that had to be rejected because they used another Fanzing artist's work without permission (ALWAYS a good idea to get permission before using a fan artist's materials)…and several good wallpapers that were submitted well past the contest's due date.

    Here are the results:

    Type: wallpaper
    Name: JSA Animated (building)
    Author: John DeBarbieri
    Status: Eligible

    Result: This was submitted last year as one of our earliest wallpaper submissions, and it was held for the competition. The image quality is a bit blocky when it's full size, but the overall style is quite nice.
    Type: wallpaper & icons
    Name: JSA Animated (group shot)
    Author: Aaron J. Sams
    Status: Eligible

    Result: Aaron is a very talented person, and his icons are great…but his "animated-style" art needed some development before tackling this one. The art looks fine…with the exception of the HUGE EYES! It's "Night of the Living Justice Society!" It's too bad that that one element hurts what is otherwise a great group shot of the JSA.This one was submitted as a partial theme, but it needs development. I plan to use the icons, add some cursors, and package ALL JSA wallpapers together as interchangeable JSA themes.
    Type: Wallpaper
    Name: Plastic Man IS your Wallpaper!
    Author: Brothers Grinn
    Status: Eligible

    Result: Simple, effective and funny. I would have preferred some smashed goggle-eyes at the top, but that's just me. I plan to use this as part of a general Fanzing desktop theme.
    Type: Desktop Theme
    Name: Vibe's JLA
    Author: Aaron J. Sams
    Status: Eligible

    Result: CUTE! As someone who doesn't regard the Detroit JLA with total revulsion, I like it…but I suspect Aaron's tongue is planted firmly in his cheek with this one. The artwork, eschewing the "animated" look, is much better than the JSA wallpaper above. The icons are good. Steel's look changes between his two costumes, depending on whether the recycle bin is empty or full. AND there's an ANIMATED Elongated Man cursor when busy! (Sucking up to the judge or what?)
    Type: Wallpaper
    Name: Darkseid
    Author: Bill Wiist
    Status: INELIGIBLE - past due date

    Result: Bill worked this up in response to a posting inquiring as to whether there were any existing Darkseid wallpapers. Good job, Bill! I may create a theme for this later.
    Type: Wallpaper
    Name: Batman Statue
    Author: Joey Fuentes
    Status: INELIGIBLE - past due date

    Result: One of two works submitted by Joey as this issue went online, this one uses a statue made by DC.
    Type: Wallpaper
    Name: Batman/Superman
    Author: Joey Fuentes
    Status: INELIGIBLE - past due date

    Result: This wallpaper, sorry to say, is ineligible…but Joey did a great job of modifying it from some existing artwork he had handy.

    And the winner of the Fanzing T-Shirt is:

    Aaron J. Sams for "Vibe's JLA"! It outshone the three other eligible entries in terms of art quality and time invested. Good show! Aaron will receive his choice of a Fanzing Mousepad, T-shirt, coffee mug or oversized mug from our selection of merchandise at

    All you Detroit JLA haters can just remember to enter the competition next time! I tease, of course…it actually is a very nice theme. Hopefully you'll all check it out when I put it on the server.

    Aaron will be receiving an e-mail shortly. Thanks to all who sent materials in, both for the competition and past the due date. All materials will be available for downloading in our new Download section shortly!

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