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    The Independent Online DC Comics Fanzine

    Issue 27 July, 2000

    This Issue:
    Canceled Comics Cavalcade!!

    by David R. Black

    An overview of DC's problematic 1970s publishing schedule.
    Includes a timeline!

    by Chaim Mattis Keller

    A canceled favorite!

    by Michael Hutchison

    Also answers the questions "Why doesn't Wonder Woman have a man?" and "Just how stupid are these Amazons anyway?"

    by Michael Hutchison

    Since you asked…

    by Decaf

    Batman's whereabouts during the major DC events.

    by Bill Kte'pi

    Do fans actually hinder the making of superhero movies?

    by Bruce Bachand

    Just what the title indicates!

    "Canceled Heroes" by Mervson!

    by Decaf

    Batman as a sales force

    by Michael Hutchison

    Is he a Golden Ager or not?

    Comic Book Quote of the Month:
    Batman: "In fact, the only absolute fact I was able to glean from this thing…is that you're Clark Kent."
    Superman: (Thought) "Blast! That's the one thing I didn't expect him to be able to deduce from that mystery book. Maybe I should have enlisted the help of the world's second greatest detective!"
    Adventures of Superman #440

    Arkham Asylum's Vacation

    by Nicolas Juzda

    Maxie Zeus encounters ????

    by Scott Rogers

    Blue Beetle encounters Charaxis

    by David R. Black

    Legion Subs vs. A Quartet of Misfit Villains

    by Michael Condon

    The Mad Hatter vs. er…A New Hat

    by Michael Rees

    Poison Ivy vs. Titans

    by Dannell Lites

    Angel and the Ape vs. Clayface

    by Michael Condon

    The Idiot Returns

    By D. J. LoTempio

    Maxie Zeus vs. Wonder Girl and Troia

    by Chaim Mattis Keller

    Green Arrow vs. Maxie Zeus

    by Michael Hutchison

    Who will win the Fanzing t-shirt for best fiction entry?

    Art & Fiction:

    Our Third Annual Swimsuit Summer Spectacular!
    The entries in the Desktop Themes Competition
    Arkham Asylum's Vacation was just part one!
    by David R. Black
    The Dark Continent Defender, B'wana Beast!
    by Marilee Stephens
    Chapter 15
    by "Dark Mark"
    Superman and Christopher Reeve spend a day trapped in each other's bodies.
    by Ali
    Detailing the adventures of the Batman of 2150.
    by Michael Rees
    Chronos is trapped in a temporal loop forcing him to view the final moments of various DC superheroes.
    Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!


    by Ye Olde Editor


    by Chaim Mattis Keller
    HEADLINE: Mageddon averted; Cerdia annexed
    by Alan Kistler
    From Chase, it's the Justice Experience!
    by David R. Black
    Dynamic Classics Reviewed
    by Matt Morrison
    Anarky - Better Dead Than Read!
    art by Bill Wiist
    …and a sneak peak of next month's issue!
    Still need something to read? We recommend…

    Next Month:

    Starman Month!

    It's a race between our erratic publishing schedule and "Grand Guignol":
    Who Will Finish First?

    Plus: Elongated Man vs. The Riddler in a
    no brains barred competition!

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