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    Where Was He When…?

    A brief look at Batman's (lack of) involvement in recent major events in DC history.

    by Decaf

    Where was he when Superman died?

    Batman was, simply, in Gotham at the time. The fight was documented, in the Superman books, to have lasted about six hours before both Superman and Doomsday finally fell. Additionally, it began in Ohio and ended in Metropolis, much of the journey taking place in the air, between "rounds," as it were. It's safe to assume that, even in the event that Batman knew what was going on, even he may not have been able to make it in time. And I don't think that, after all those week-long wars in the streets with Brainiac, anyone could have anticipated the Man of Steel's sudden death at the hands of a previously unknown assailant.

    Where was he when Coast City was destroyed?

    To the best of my knowledge, Bruce Wayne was in a wheelchair at the time, fairly incapacitated in the wake of his battle with Bane, and looking for Shondra Kinsolving all over the globe during the "Knightquest: The Search" story arc. Additionally, the Cyborg Superman took the entire world by surprise when he revealed his true identity and intentions; I'm not certain that, from miles away and never meeting Henshaw face to face, even Batman could have foreseen what would befall Coast City.

    Where was he during Zero Hour?

    Shortly after taking up the Mantle of the Bat again, Bruce Wayne found himself out of the action of yet another major battle, when a fissure opened up in time and swallowed Batman into entropy before the villain behind it all was even revealed. Batman was "killed" and remained out of time throughout the Zero Hour crisis, restored to normal when Parallax was defeated and the timestream restored.

    Where was he during the Final Night?

    Batman's involvement with this relatively down-to-earth crossover was unfortunately limited. Despite his intelligence, Batman was forced to coordinate worldwide peacekeeping efforts, largely thanks to Superman's inability to function properly without the yellow sun to feed his powers.

    The Dark Knight detective played a major role toward the end of the story, when his voice alone was raised in dissent against the heroes' plan to defeat the Sun-Eater.

    After a missed battle with Parallax during the aforementioned Zero Hour crisis, Batman felt that Hal Jordan was not to be trusted, and identified himself as a late-inning antagonist as he tried to prevent the former Green Lantern from reigniting the sun and changing the environment of earth to suit what had happened.

    Where was he when Gotham was going to hell just before No Man's Land?

    That's the kind of question I'm sure even Batman falls asleep asking himself.

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