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Issue 26 April/May, 2000
This Issue:
80 Web Page

by Matt Morrison
Major Announcement #1
by editor Michael Hutchison
A month off.
Major Announcement #2
by editor Michael Hutchison
How To Write The JLA
Like Grant Morrison

by Michael Hutchison
A bit of advice for JLA's new writer, Mark Waid. Includes Fanzing's Ultra-Cool Grant Morrison Gibberish Generator©!
Fanzing's 80 Web Page Giant
"80 Web Page Giant" by The Brothers Grinn

The Problem With
Batman's Crotch

by Michael Hutchison
A lecture on one of modern man's most pressing issues of the day.
A Treatise Upon Kyle Rayner's Ring
by Matt Morrison

Stand By Your Guy
by Erik J. Boklund
with art by Melissa Wilson

In defense of Guy Gardner
Homeowner's Guide To Babs Repair
by Michael Hutchison
Can Oracle ever walk again?
Where, Oh Where Has My Green Arrow Gone?
by Matt Morrison
A brief history of a long wait.

Line-Up Discussion

by Michael Hutchison
The latest (but hardly the last) entry in the "Most Over-Discussed Online Discussion EVER"…namely, Who Should Be In The JLA?
Why Characterization Counts
by Charles Glasgow
ChuckG lets fly with a rant!
(No! Gasp! Not ChuckG?!)

Save Superman The Animated Series
by Benjamin Grose
Makin' Movies
This link has been removed.
What Does Fanzig Mean?
by Erik Burnham

Dr. Ennis
or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Hitman

by Michael Hutchison
A recent convert to Hitman explains just what makes this violent book about a bunch of lowlifes so good.
Reflections On Superman
by J. Morton
The Main Event
by MIchael Hutchison
Plastic Man vs. Elongated Man vs. Mr. Fantastic in a 3-way bout!
The Fanzing Challenge
by David R. Black
50 DC Comics trivia questions
Comic Return Policies
and the Retailers' Bad Rap

by Blake Ragsdale
A little enlightenment about how the distributions system works.
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Cahill: (sings)"Oh, I've never been further east than the Bronx, but Ireland's where me heart is…"
Nat the Hat: "Sean digs this?"

Tommy Monaghan: "An' he knows I hate it."
Cahill: "Thank you very much! What a crowd. By God! Ah-One, Two, Three, Four -- Oh, they came in our village at break of dawn and stole away our potatoes -- Oh…Those British Soldiers with horses and guns, they stole away our potatoes -- Oh!"
Tommy: "I can't believe this. I can't believe everyone buys into this fake shamrock crap…"

Nat the Hat: "You be surprised."

Cahill: "Join in if you know the chorus!
(Sings) Ah-diddeley-diddeley-diddeley-diddeley-

Baytor: "I am O'Baytor"
Hitman #28
Art & Fiction:

Art Challenge
Desktop Themes and Wallpapers
New end date! -- New prize offered!

Writing Challenge
Arkham Asylum's Vacation - Read the Intro!
New prize offered!

Arkham Entry: Prepare for Trouble!
by Seth Gottlieb
Part 2 of Joker Vs. the Marvel Family, as Mary Marvel is kidnapped by the Joker!
Arkham Entry: A Fear Of Me
by Michael Rees
The Scarecrow causes Leesburg to fear Supergirl
Arkham Entry: Small Potatoes
by David R. Black
Agent Cameron Chase is finally given D.E.O. duty again…but if it's chasing the Signalman, is it worth it?
Brainstorm's Corner
by Grant Giandonato
Hawkman, The Return
Brainstorm's Corner
by Kurt Belcher
Batman V - A movie proposal!
Fiction: A Day Of Infamy
by Syl Francis
On a train trip to the nation's capital, German enemy agents kidnap Dick Grayson. Will Batman rescue him before Bruce Wayne is forced to turn over Top Secret information in exchange for his ward's life?
Fiction: The Dark Continent Defender
by David R. Black
The adventures of Africa's leading superhero.
Fiction: I Am Grodd, Act IV
by Joel Ellis Rea
In the conclusion to this proposed "Flash" TV show episode, Grodd's true intentions are revealed.
Fiction: The Other Batman
by Bill Kte'pi
A disturbing look at a different direction for Batman.
Fiction: Justice League -- Armageddon
by Matt Fusari
An Elseworlds take on the Giffen-era Justice League with an all-new Green Lantern.
Fiction: Friend or Foe
by Rachel Ehrlich
Nightwing encounters a wildebeest in Blüdhaven

Fiction: Being Jon Peters
by Matt Morrison
Blue Beetle & Booster Gold find a doorway that lets them be Batman movie producer Jon Peters.
Fiction: Midnight Mail Madness
by David R. Black
Can a Golden Age mystery man defeat the bad guys & get his taxes off to the other bad guys by midnight?
Fiction: When You're Older
by Joshua Elder
Superman faces a situation even he can't solve when he is asked to help a dying girl.
Fiction: The Family Business
by David Schock
The teenage daughter of supervillains decides to enter the family business.
Fiction: And the Wisdom to
Know the Difference

by Barb Lien and Park Cooper
Baron Winters entertains some special guests.
Fiction: Nightwing -- Tomorrow Night
by Marc Araujo
Nightwing joins the JLA after Batman's death.
Fiction: The Letter
by David Schock
A Kingdom Come Elseworlds tale.
Fiction: The Narc
by Syl Francis
A new student with a record of disciplinary problems reports to Blüdhaven's notorious Arlington Heights High School, a school overrun with gangs, guns and drugs. But the real danger has yet to show its face.
Part Two

Fiction: Sixteen Candles
by Dannell Lites
So Superboy is ALWAYS going to be sixteen, eh?
Fiction: Solace
by Kerithwyn Jade
A Pre-Reboot Legion Story
Sector 2814 Art Gallery
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
THIS MONTH: A SMORGASBORD of fan art that's been waiting to be displayed!


Choices, Chapter 13
by Marilee Stephens
YES, The Choices Saga lives! Read "Confrontations"

Choices, Chapter 14
by Marilee Stephens
Nightwing's adventures continue with "Flying"

Fiction: Kidnapped!
by Syl Francis
Martha Wayne & her baby are kidnapped. Dr. Thomas Wayne and Johnny Grayson to the rescue. Or should we say, Dr. Mid-Nite and Kid Acrobat?
Part Two

Fiction: Arena -- Chapters 1 - 4
by Linda Thackeray
The sequel "The Crusaders", a team consisting of many members of the Justice League International.
Chapter 5 - 7
Chapter 8 - 11
Chapter 11 - 14
Chapter 15 - 18

Chapter 19 - 21
Chapters 22 - 24
Chapters 25 - Epilogue

Fiction: JLA/Titans -- INVASION!
Intro, Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2

by Syl Francis
Syl gets epic! The Teen Titans meet the JLA members for the first time. Meanwhile, an unknown menace has been spotted entering the galaxy on a direct line towards Earth!
Chapters 3 - 5
Chapters 6 - 8
Chapters 9 - 10
Chapters 11 - 13
Chapters 14 - 15
Chapters 16 - 18
Chapters 19 - 20
Chapters 21 - 23
Chapter 24

Chapter 25


Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
by Ye Olde Editor


DCU Digest
by Chaim Mattis Keller
HEADLINE: Darkness in Milwaukee
Superman 101
by Benjamin Grose
Adv. of Superman #425 & Action Comics #585
The Hall of Justice - Character Profiles
by Alan Kistler
Aztek, the guy with the weird gold helmet!
JLA Casebook
by Mark Gillins
JLA: Created Equal Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Bruce Bachand
JSA: Liberty Files Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by David R. Black
Flashpoint Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Ian Tavener
Titans #14 Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Richard Croxton
Jimmy Olsen #83 (Jimmy's Robot Double!) Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Matt Morrison
Catwoman #80 Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by David R. Black
Stars & STRIPE #9 Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Matt Morrison
Green Lantern #121-124 Reviewed
The Mount
by Matt Morrison
An all-new monthly rant column.
This month: Bad comic shops!

Back Cover
art by Bill Wiist

A sneak peak at the next issue!

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