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Issue 25 February-March, 2000
This Issue:

Flash: What Doesn't Work
by Michael Hutchison
How can you fight Flash, really?
Super Speed: Not As Easy As It Looks
by Mark Gillins
Being part of the Speed Force doesn't fix everything!
Chain Lightning and the
Dark Flash Made Simple

by Matt Morrison
Didja get lost somewhere in the last year and a half of Flash comics? Matt helps you make sense of it all!
A Fanzing Tribute to
Charles Schulz

by the Staff of Fanzing
Okay, so it's not DCU-related.
But we can fix that!

Gil Kane Remembered
by Kent "Cheeks" Orlando
Kent, that wise old, old, old wizard of Silver Age knowledge, tells us exactly what made Gil Kane one of comicdom's greatest artists!.
"Jay Garrick" by Joe Singleton
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Batman: "You say Deever eliminates competition for Roland Desmond."
Nightwing: "And it's no coincidence that 'Lunchmeat' [Deever] is into lunchmeat. Unless you like cufflinks in your liverwurst."
Batman: "I think I'll reconsider vegetarianism."
Nightwing #13
Art & Fiction:

Art Challenge
Get your artwork noticed by hundreds of computer users -- create a wallpaper or desktop theme!
Writing Challenge
Arkham Asylum's Vacation!
There's still time to participate!

Arkham Asylum's Vacation: The Tally
by Michael Rees
Mr. Zsasz may lose count of his scars when he tries to eliminate Resurrection Man! Oops!
Arkham Asylum's Vacation:
The Joker's Whiz-Bang!

by Seth Gottlieb
The Joker heads for good ol' Fawcett City.
Arkham Asylum's Vacation:
Scarface's Vegas Vacation

by Robert Flynn
Vegas is always overrun by showmen…but never moreso than when Blue Beetle and Booster Gold tackle the Ventriloquist!
Fiction: Batman "DNA"
by Jon Karl Haynes
Conclusion: The Senator who knows Batman's ID runs afoul of The Joker.
Fiction: I Am Grodd
by Joel Ellis Rea
ACT III: What is the astounding secret shared by both Gorilla Grodd and Barry Allen?
Fiction: Young Heroines In Love
by Barb Lien and Park Cooper
A very short, very funny comic book script by Barb and Park reveals what happens when Oracle gets ticked off at the Huntress for stealing Nightwing!
Sector 2814 Art Gallery
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!

Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
by Ye Olde Editor


DCU Digest
by Chaim Mattis Keller
HEADLINE: City of Tomorrow
Superman 101
by Benjamin Grose
Superman #2 review, plus discussions
The Hall of Justice - Character Profiles
by Alan Kistler
The Origins of Johnny Quick and Max Mercury
JLA Casebook
by Mark Gillins
"JLA: Earth II" Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Michael Hutchison
SPECIAL EDITION! DC Comics sent us a packet of previews, including "Creature Commandoes 1-3," "Batboy and Robin #1" and "Impulse #60"
Gillin' With The Homeboys
by Mark Gillins
The top twelve reasons to be a speedster!
Back Cover by Bill Wiist
Best of Fandom Award

Next Month:

Fanzing's 80 Web Page Giant!

They said it couldn't be done!

Who knows, maybe it can't.
We haven't written it yet!

Including: More "Arkham Asylum's Vacation"
and a special tribute to Gil Kane

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