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DCU DigestWhen a raging fight between Ultra Boy and the Persuader knocks down the United Planets building…. when Saturn Girl's brought up on child endangerment charges…when Kinetix misplaces her flight ring at a jewelry show…when Mordru shows up on Earth and does anything…you read about it in the "DCU DIGEST"!

50 centi-credits          January, 3000
All the news that's fit to print and then pulp a mere 24 hours later.

Galaxy Free of Blight
Metropolis, Earth -   For the first time in one month, this newspaper is being published, thanks to the efforts of the Legion of Super-Heroes in ridding Earth and the entire United Planets of the unworldly menace known only as the Blight.

This newspaper was forced to shut down operations when the Blight swept in through several stargates in the U. P. and set up their headquarters, which they called "the Stem", on Earth. The Blight instituted a system of martial law on all planets they conquered, taking many citizens captive, enslaving many and leeching life-energies from all.

Offering resistance to the Blight was U. P. President R. J. Brande, who organized the Legion of Super-Heroes. While a number of Legionnaires were captured in the initial onslaught, they and other super-hero groups, including Leland McCauley's Workforce and the Xanthusian Amazers did their best to help keep people safe from the Blight-creatures and help sustain the general populace, whose food and water supply had now been infected by the energy-draining Blight.

According to Saturn Girl, the Blight is an ancient, super-scientific race of beings who grew bored with their accomplishments and decided to try and make themselves immortal. Their chief scientist, a being named Atrophos, apparently found a being who would bestow immortality on them, however, this being was an entropic force and turned them into a race of perpetually decaying creatures who were forced to spread this decay…the "Blight"…to other worlds. The Blight engulfed all other worlds in their immediate vicinity and spread themselves wider and wider, slowed by the pace of non-stargate space travel.

Eventually the Blight found and enslaved a benign race of plants called the Doda, which have the unusual ability to teleport themselves for the sake of flowering in new places. With the Doda enslaved, the Blight's reach was again increased, until they arrived on the edge of United Planets space, in the Lycidas system. They Blighted a moon in that system, which robbed it of almost all potential energy: very little combustible organic material of any kind remained on it, very few of its inhabitants survived at all, and those that did existed in a state of constant fright and panic. The Blight's transport, upon departing that moon, accidentally brushed a Legion ship, marooning almost a dozen Legionnaires who barely escaped with their lived before the moon itself disintegrated.

It was through this contact with the Legion ship that the Blight found the Stargate network, and Earth. Atrophos managed to connect the Doda energy stream to the stargate network, instantly spreading the Blight to eight United Planets worlds and rendering all stargates useless. The Blight set up its headquarters on Earth, presumably sensing the abundant energy in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Indeed, according to Saturn Girl's report, it seems that M'Onel himself was their main target, as the supremely powerful Legionnaire had enough energy to act as a trigger to draw all life energy in the universe through the Doda network, returning the Blight-creatures to their normal forms ans existences, at the cost of all other life. It's uncertain if this was the Blight's aim all along, or if this possibility only arose after they discovered M'Onel.

In any case, the Blight's weapons managed to quickly subdue some of the most powerful Legionnaires, turning such powerful defenders of humanity, such as Ultra Boy, Star Boy, Spark and Thunder into puppets of the Blight. Once this was discovered, U. P. President R. J. Brande devoted his resources to arranging networks of secret weapons and hiding places so the remaining heroes could organize against the Blight. Under the leadership of Live Wire and Chameleon, the heroes managed to save many lives, but after approximately a month, the remaining heroes were hunted down and enslaved or imprisoned. Only Chameleon remained free when some remaining Legionnaires, who had been off-planet when the stargates went down, arrived on Earth.

This group, which included Brainiac 5.1 and former Legion leader Cosmic Boy, managed, with the help of Chameleon and XS and Saturn Girl, who had escaped from imprisonment in the Stem, to infiltrate the Blight's operations and reach M'Onel and Atrophos. Saturn Girl was able to set Atrophos's plan on its ear, using M'Onel's energy to instead break the link between the Blight and the Doda. The Doda, free of the Blight, spread out all over the galaxy, wherever the Blight had been, with flowering energy, revitalizing the life-forces of planets that had been drained of it by the Blight. The Blight themselves were destroyed, as they had become extremely dependent on the Doda.

President Brande has promised to devote his full efforts toward rehabilitating the devastated planets. However, the destruction of the stargate network raises important questions about the safety and stability of stargates and thereby the United Planets' structure.

Xanthu Still Recovering from Darkness

Xan City, Xanthu -   Xanthu, which was not stricken by the Blight as much other United Planets worlds, is a planet coping with different problems, as it has yet to fully recover from problems caused by a dark mass earlier this year.

The world, which exists on the fringes of U. P. space, had not yet received the necessary relief in the form of food to replace crops destroyed by the darkness, energy crystals to replace those drained to combat the darkness and drugs and medical personnel to help treat those stricked with darkness-anxiety. Thus, the cutoff of transport caused by the Blight has hit Xanthu worse than most other worlds.

In addition, Xanthu's Amazers have yet to return from Earth, where they were dispatched to fight the Blight.

Fortunately, Xanthu has one great asset in combatting these problems. Ironically, that happens to be the one who caused the darkness to begin with.

The Shade, an immortal supernatural being who was apparently born in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century and who acted as a super-villain throughout most of the twentieth, has spent much time trying to repair the damage caused by his darkness cloud and by the Blight. The darkness cloud was, he said, the result of an infection planted in his body by an enemy of his. In the twenty-first century, the malignant growth of darkness was detected, at which time, the Starman of that era had him exile himself to outer space until he could control it well enough to bring those who could help him.

Those turned out to be two of his twentieth-century friends, Jack Knight and Mikaal Tomas, who both operated under the name Starman in their times. The Shade says that he has mastered the use of his darkness for time travel, and he snatched the two of them from in the middle of a quest in space to help him in the thirtieth century. The two Starmen, along with the Xanthusian Legionnaire Star Boy and the darkness-controlling Legionnaire Umbra cured the Shade and returned Xanthu to normalcy.

Since that incident, the Starmen have returned to their home era, and the Shade, while he has expressed an interest in traveling, has remained on Xanthu to make amends. While he was unable to combat the Blight directly, he has been instrumental in maintaining morale on Xanthu during that bleak period and in restoring services in its aftermath.  

Takron-Galtos Spared Blight

Takron-Galtos -   The Takron-Galtos warden's office has confirmed that operations of the prison world were not affected by the Blight epidemic.

The reason for this is still unclear, since Takron-Galtos is linked to the stargate network and lies on the usual stargate path to Earth. It is possible that being an artificial world, the Blight was unable to detect any reasonable amounts of energy on the planet. Another possible reason pertains to the presence of high-energy creatures, such as Validus and its new member, the Emerald Eye, infusing the world with so much life-energy that it could not be drained.  


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