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Issue 23 December, 1999
This Issue:

Fanzing Secret Files:
Primal Force
by David R. Black
Plot synopses and background info on the short-lived but intriguing supergroup.

Fanzing Secret Files:
The Force of July

by David R. Black
Heroes or Villains? You be the judge!

Fanzing Secret Files:
The Freedom Fighters

by David R. Black
Timeline and Bios for more Quality Comics characters than you knew existed!

Interview: Devin Grayson
by Michael Hutchisn
The writer of DC's second-generation superteam talks Titans, Catwoman, and the new Batman family book, Gotham Knights!

"Doom Patrol" by Bill Wiist; Logo by Bruce Bachand
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Impulse: "I'm confused."
Riddler: "Why?"
Impulse: "It's just…I thought you were a hero. A kind of hero, anyway. Always seeking the truth…"
Riddler: "What?"
Impulse: "Isn't that your trademark? But I thought you didn't have a face…"
Riddler: "I am not THE QUESTION!"

Riddler: "I've planted a bomb just like this one under the porch of one house in this fair burg! In two minutes it'll go off! I've brilliantly condensed the clues to where it is into six rhymed couplets and you need only to solve them to find the bomb. So riddle me this -- What is both red and green, black and white, walks by day and runs by night, never drinks but always drunk -- HEY! "
Impulse: (Appears holding the bomb.) "I just looked under every porch in town until I found it."
Impulse #48
Art & Fiction:

Brainstorm's Corner
by Erik Burnham
JLE: the Justice League…of Erik!
Fiction: I Am Grodd
by Joel Rea
Joel's proposed "Flash" TV show episode continues with Act I.
Fiction: Batman: DNA
by Jon Karl Haynes
Part two. A senator has Batman's secret identity. Now…what to do with it?
Fiction: Visions of Sugarplums
by Barbara Lien and Park Cooper
A Christmas story with the Golden Age Sandman
Fiction: Men of War, Wheel of Peace
by Michael Hutchison
art by Kurt Belcher, Bill Wiist & Scott McCullar

On Christmas of 1944, Sgt Rock and Easy Company must team up with special agent Gravedigger to stop an all-new War Wheel that could change the outcome of World War II!
Sector 2814 Art Gallery
Featured this month:
Body Doubles
A "Roll Call" mural that has to be seen to be believed!


Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
by Ye Olde Editor
by Joey Fuentes


DCU Digest
by Chaim Mattis Keller
HEADLINE: Old vs. Young Justice
Superman 101
by Benjamin Grose
The Byrne era relaunch of the Superman books
The Hall of Justice - Character Profiles
by Alan Kistler
History of the Doom Patrol
JLA Casebook
by Alan Kistler
Special item: The JLA files on Superman and Batman!
Senseless Stats
by Joey Fuentes
Requirements for Super Teams
Site of the Month
…and a sneak peak of next month's issue!

Next Month:
DC's Future History

From 2001-3001, the next millenium of DC's adventures

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