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Issue 22 November, 1999
This Issue:

No Man's Land: Review
by Matt Morrison
Re-capping 1999's year-long event in the Batman titles.

Batman Can Kick Everyone's Butt?
by Michael Hutchison
A Plea For Sanity

Crisis On The Infinite Worlds #s 4-6
by Gary Ancheta
Gary continues his take on the Crisis as it happened post-Crisis!

How to Save The Comic Book Industry:
An Opposing Viewpoint

by Mario Di Giacomo
Mario offers a few alternate ideas for changing the industry.

"Batman Month" by Scott McCullar
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Fire : "There's something I want to talk to you about…"
Nuklon : "Um…sure. But…Bea…before I can concentrate, there's one thing I have to ask you."

Fire : "To help you concentrate, Albert? Name it."
Nuklon : "Could you please zip up your clothes?"

Later… )
Nuklon : "Fire…Bea…I'm really…really flattered. But I'm going to marry a Jewish girl."
Fire : "Who is she?! "
Nuklon : "I haven't met her yet!"
Fire : "You--?! What is this, some kind of arranged marriage thing?"
Nuklon : "No, no, no! I mean I don't know who I'll marry yet. I just know she'll have to be Jewish. You see, it isn't just my happiness that matters. I owe something to my family…to my heritage. I'm like a link in a chain. I can't be the one to break that chain. So…I"m sorry, Bea. Unless you want to convert?!"
Fire : "No, no. I hate to think how many hail marys I'd have to say for that."
Justice League America #95
Art & Fiction:

Art Challenge
New Looks
Previous Challenge Results
Advertising Challenge
Writing Challenge
Brainstorm's Corner
by "Joekerr"
Batman 2939
Fiction: Batman -- DNA
by Jon Karl Haynes
Batman saves a Senator's life. What will it cost him?
Fiction: Letting Go
by Dannell Lites
Dick Grayson copes with Batman's death.
Fiction: A Parent's Nightmare
by Syl Francis
A terrorist group invades Gotham City Boys' Preparatory, but what are their demands? Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred are haunted by a court order threatening to destroy their "family."
Fiction: I Am Grodd
by Joel Ellis Rea
Remember the Flash TV show? Joel pens an episode introducing Gorilla Grodd!
  Sector 2814 Art Gallery
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
This month: Catwoman, Nightwing and the Bat-Signal


Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
by Ye Olde Editor
by Louise Freeman Davis


DCU Digest
by Chaim Mattis Keller
HEADLINE: No Man's Land Penetrated
Superman 101
by Benjamin Grose
Ben concludes his review of "Man of Steel"
The Hall of Justice - Character Profiles
by Alan Kistler
Alfred Pennyworth, loyal butler
JLA Casebook
by guest columnist Bruce Bachand
World War III begins!
Comics Cabana
by Matt Morrison and Michael Hutchison
Babs and Nightwing finally take that first step!
The Superman books are great once more!

Gillin' With The Homeboys
by guest columnist Bruce Bachand
The Top Twelve Cool Things About Batman
Senseless Stats
by Joey "Dork Knight" Fuentes
Rejected Bat-equipment
Site of the Month
…and a sneak peak of next month's issue!

We'd like to thank Patrick Furlong's Dark Knight Web Site
for providing some of the images used in this month's Fanzing Banner.

Next Month:

From the Birds of Prey to Young Justice,
we look at the many non-JLA and Non-Titans superteams!

Plus: A Christmas story with Sgt. Rock and Gravedigger
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