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Issue 21 October, 1999
This Issue:
…And Loving It!

The Death of Superman:
A Writer's Escape

by Mark Gillins
Mark takes you back to the Mother of all Superman events!
Death and the High Cost of Comics
by Michael Hutchison
Why are characters killed off?
Dueling Crisises, Part One:
Crisis On The
Infinite Worlds #s 1-3

by Gary Ancheta

Dueling Crisises, Part Two:
The Post-Crisis Crisis
by Alan Kistler

Interview: Ty Templeton
by Michael Hutchison
Ty the Guy talks Batman!
Getting To Know Mark Gillins
by Michael Hutchison
Meet one of our youngest contributors and find out why he picks the heroes he does!
"Parallax" by Kevin A. Voith
Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Captain Atom : "I've got to get in there!"
Catherine Cobert : "Wait! We don't want to panic the children."
Captain Atom : "Don't worry -- I know just what to tell them."
Catherine Cobert : "In FRENCH?"
Captain Atom : "Don't worry -- I can handle it!"
Captain Atom (in French) : "Boys and girls -- Six dwarves are eating my aunt's toenails!"
French Children : "Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
Justice League Europe #13
Art & Fiction:

Art Challenge
NEW CHALLENGE: Re-design a character's costume!
Previous Challenge Results
The DC Advertising Campaign Competition is over, and the results are astounding!
Writing Challenge
Team-Ups and Crossovers!
Brainstorm's Corner
by Kurt Belcher
Guy Gardner Reborn…AGAIN!
Fiction: Choices
by Marilee Stephens
Chapter 12: Shattered
Fiction: Go, Johnny, Go Go
by David R. Black
A wartime tale of Johnny Quick!
Fiction: The Hammer of Hell
by Dannell Lites
Our first Enemy Ace story, and it's a doozy. Baron Hans Von Hammer meets some characters who aren't exactly WWI era!
Sector 2814 Art Gallery
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
This month:
Heaven's full of dead Titans
Donal of Gemworld
Plus, Kurt's Starman-GL art for last month's story!

Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
by Ye Olde Editor
by Louise Freeman Davis


DCU Digest
by Chaim Mattis Keller
HEADLINE: Hell On Earth Averted
Superman 101 - New Feature!
by Benjamin Grose
The Man Of Steel is retold
The Hall of Justice - Character Profiles
by Alan Kistler
The Original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett
JLA Casebook
by Mark Gillins
JLA 37 Reviewed
Comics Cabana
by Michael Hutchison
Batman-Toyman & Day of Judgment Reviewed
Gillin' With The Homeboys
by Mark Gillin
The Top 12 Reasons To Keep Dead Heroes Dead!
Senseless Stats
by Joey Fuentes
Why the afterlife in the DCU isn't so bad
Site of the Month
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