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Issue #17   May 1999
Truman's Heroes and Space Cabby
"Truman's Heroes" by Kurt Belcher, colors by Jeremy Greene

War, Western
And Sci-Fi!

History of Tamaran

Tim Truman Talks Creature Commandoes!
The Red Bee Leaps Into Action!
Poison Ivy vs. Bouncing Boy???
It's DC's New Fighting Game!
Space Cabby becomes a Space Daddy!
Charting the course of DC Future.
Rise, Fall & Rise of Adam Strange
Getting to know Fanzing's
fiction editor Louise Freeman Davis
Salvage a ruined superhero
for our new writing challenge!
Starman gets a shock! Joe Public has an okay day! And a New Villain threatens to exterminate all heroes!!
It's the pulse-pounding conclusion to
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