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I thought Shawn Van Briesen's art (Batman & Robin and Batgirl & Supergirl) was fantastic! Keep him around!
Benjamin Grose

I just wanted to write and tell you I enjoyed your article on Adventures In The DCU where you came-up with ideas for which characters could appear on Batman and Superman. I especially like the appearence by The Spectre in Batman, it would be cool to see him on that show because afterall Dr. Fate appeared on Superman so I think it would be nice to see his old pal The Spectre on Batman. I also cannot wait to read the rest of the article next month, I'm looking forward to see who else you'd want to see on both shows.
Mike Rehor

I stumbled upon this ezine and was looking through your letters page and a number of them pertaining to the JSA. Is this because in some months past you had a JSA special of some sort? If so, is it possible to access those articles? Thanks.
A loyal JSA fan,

The last two issues of Fanzing will be added to our Archives shortly.

It's odd how many people e-mail me asking where they can read old articles. Don't you guys read the whole magazine cover-to-cover? The Archives are always at the back of Fanzing, and you can get to them from our main page as well.

Ms/Mrs. Davis,
"Not My Kid" was great! I loved how you had such a firm grasp of DC History. Obviously this had to take place Pre-Crisis, what with the JLA and young teen titans being together, but this was great! I loved the characterization, especially Diana's! And I liked how you tossed in the "oracle" clues and Booster Gold. At times it felt like Wally was acting quite a bit like Impulse too. I loved how you got everyone down and the plot was fantastic, tainting the vials beforehand.

My only beef with it: You never really explain (or I missed it) what the women have against the Titans. I mean, the only conclusion I could reach was that they were doing it for publicity, but honestly, that's a really "shallow" reason (from the villains' standpoint.

I honestly couldn't stop reading, though. I thought "Not My Kid" (at original thought, probably something goofy) was incredible.

It'd make a great Elseworlds or "Untold Pre-Crisis Story" if published today. Great job!
-Josh Marquart

Louise writes: "Actually, it's 'Dr.'…

I'm glad you enjoyed it. They're pretty shallow villains. Publicity and discrediting the heroes were the primary motivations. I was inspired by some of today's headlines, where public figures can be so easily smeared by unsubstantiated or poorly supported reports, and the motives of "whistleblowers" are sometimes not the noblest.

Thank you for your kind words. I wish I thought there was a chance DC would ever agree with you!"

I just wanted to say this was an excellent story. About the best Titan's story I've ever read. Please keep this person writing, and tell DC to hire her.
Mike Zinkowsky

Goodness, but Fanzing seems to have jumped up on the literary scale. We now have stories written by doctors and readers who attend Harvard!

Yes, I am a contributor to FANZING. But I just wanted to send a note to say that Louise Freeman Davis' stories ("Not My Kid" and "A Friend In Need") have been exceptional reads the past two months. The length of the tales may turn off some readers but I relished it. The characterization seemed like a Teen Titans story from the 70's. Ms. Davis has significantly lit up the FANZING newsletter with her creative mind and strong sense of pacing.

My only critique is that Roy Harper seems somewhat irrelevant to the story other than being a prop for the rest of the characters to interact and discuss. We don't really get to know him or really care for or about him compared to the others. There is a simple charm to the stories. The gritty 90's Titans and JLA is wholly absent here. It is a glimpse at a pre-Crisis Titans from my perspective. But this comment isn't intended to take away from the two gems that Ms. Davis has given FANZING readers the past months. I hope to see more of her work as her schedule allows!
Bruce Bachand

I'm not exactly sure if this is appropriate or not; to ask a question in a letter, but…I have been looking forever for a place where I can get a poster of Superman's funeral. The one with all the heroes watching heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, and others walk with S's casket. Any suggestions? Or places with the images on the net? Please write back if you have the opportunity. Thanks for your time.
Mark Spiecher.

Looking for (20) 3" static (cheap) action figures - Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. Please reply ASAP! URGENT!
Allison Garcia

I don't want to turn this site into a comics trading post, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you all that I've gotten some incredible comic book finds from E-Bay.

Hi, I'm 14 years old. I'm asking if you have any info on Superman? #1: Is Superman getting his old powers back? #2 can you give me the E-mail address of dc comics (for Superman) and their street address. Please write me back. Thank you.
"Nathan Mosher"

Good ol' Red-Yellow-and-Blue Superman is already back (at least, for those of us getting our comics in the United States). As for DC Comics' addresses, they are:
DC Comics
1700 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

This is in response to your answer to the letter from an upset Kyle fan about your "trail of Green Lantern" fanfic.

You really missed the point of his letter, I think. You say you did it to vent your anger at Kyle fans who told you to "get over it". Well, what exactly does that say about YOU as a person. That is incredibly petty. I read your fanfic as well. I thought the Kyle part was not needed either. It would have taken nothing for the rest of the story. Your "manipulation" of Kyle fans is very crass, and disrespectful. I find nothing wrong that you don't like what happened to Hal. I find no fault if you don't like Kyle. What I do take issue with is that you would use the feelings of fans in such manner as you obviously intended to do. You say that DC disrespected Hal fans, by doing what they did in ET. But guess what, DC was personally out to get you. You then do the same thing to Kyle fans in your fanfic, which makes you no better then DC…in fact, it makes you worse. Because you:
A) Should have known better since you knew what it felt like.
B) And you did your little "shot" on purpose. You made it a personal thing.

In any kind of jounalism, you aren't suppose to take stuff personally. If some Kyle fans have given you a hard time. Take it up with THOSE fans, not all of them. And if you are so personally involved in the controversy, you had no bussiness writing such a fanfic. You were wrong to use the emotions of fans as your personal toy, to satisfy your personal grudge.

The thing I find most disturbing, is that you are suppose to be a fan yourself. And yet, you purposely when out of your way to hurt other fans. DC is a business, and sometimes a business choice will sound good, but the after-effects won't be so good. What happened to Hal wasn't personal. It was a business choice. What YOU did to Kyle fans WAS personal. And that makes all the difference!
James Meeley

Hi, I was just reading your web page and I just thought I'd tell you how cool it is and how much I enjoy it (it's even better then DC HQ and that's saying a lot). I also wanted to say I think that all the crap you got in your letters page is totally unfair. I read your Hal story and thought it was great. I loved seeing Guy in it and the Harvey Dent appearence was a nice touch.

I loved the ending with Kyle. I'm not saying that because I'm a Hal fan (actually I've never liked him, he's every bit as boring as Barry (Flash) Allen and Superman). I liked it because it was funny and well written.

As for the Green Arrow comments I agree, you put some sound ideas that I never thought of. I'm not too sure about what you said about continuity though. I've never really cared too much about it.

But you do have a point about caring what happens to a character. I almost canceled my JLA order when Dan Jurgans got his hands on it.

Make of my comments what you will. I'm not going to write back with immature verbal abuse if you disagree with me and please, keep up the good work.
Martin Kelly

I would first like to start off by saying that I enjoy your "magazine," a great deal. Although I do not agree with everything in it, it is still a very nicely done "fanzine."

Even though I like Kyle better than Hal, I see "your side." You grew up with Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, and he, to you, is the only Green Lantern (disregarding the corps that is). If a creator even thought of replacing Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne everybody in the known world would write with complaints. Heck, I would probably be the first! But You should worry about other, more important, stuff first; like the the garbage DC has been putting lately. Both the writing and artwork seem to be going downhill. The artists in DC's comics seem to change as often as El-Nino—affected weather. Even when artists do not change books their art progressively gets worse. For example: "Batman," artwork by Jones was never that great. It looked like Kelley just poured black ink and smeared it around. It managed to get worse later on. "Detective Comics," has always been the best Batman book. But this week, both Nightwing and Batman acted way, WAY out of character. And the art was nowhere near as good as it usually is. This is going on in a lot of DC books; Green Lantern with the departure of Banks, Morrison has not had a story as great as the Hyperclan one, and Califore and David are leaving Aquaman (I have already seen preliminary sketches of Larsen's Aquaman. At the risk of sounding like you Hal fans; I like him just the way he is). Even the Superman books have gone downhill. I love the DCU, but this is enough to make even a die-hard fan of Superman and Batman read more X-men (ugh). Not to say I do not like Marvel, I like quite a few of their books, I just like DC more. And besides, Spidey and most other Heroes-Return books are on an up-swing (with the exception of the Avengers).

So see, there are more important things right now than Hal; namely every last one of his comrades!