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Art Challenge Results!

This, Fanzing's second art challenge, was based on the concept of conveying the interesting facets of a character in only one piece of artwork. This was a simple but fun idea, and it seemed to spark a good deal of interest. The number (and variety) of entries was fun to sort through, and picking a winner was difficult this time.

Rick Blackwell takes Artemis back to the jungle.

The Zoo Crew
The Bros. Grinn come through with a Zoo Crew pic…and ignore the fact that it's "funny animals", this is exactly what we're looking for! You've got all seven re-designed members of the team in action against a villain (in this case, the Bunny From Beyond). Very stylish, very well done. High marks and definitely "a contendah"!

Booster Gold, Version 1
While we're into re-designs, the imaginative Giampiero Genovese came up with a wild new design for Booster Gold. It's a bit bizarre, but it makes me wonder what the story is behind the change. Extra marks for the subtle details.

Booster Gold, Version 2
Here's the second of Giampiero Genovese's Booster Gold re-designs.

Black Orchid
Bill Wiist gives us a very nuanced look at DC's female master of disguise, the Black Orchid.

Crimson Avenger
DC's very first mystery man, the Crimson Avenger, is given new life in this sample comic book page from Rick Blackwell. The noir-ish feel of this art is perfect for CA's old cloaked look. I'd always seen Rick as more of a cover artist, but the lower panels convince me that he may handle sequential art just as well!

Sergeant Rock
Wow. Brilliantly atmospheric, Jon Karl Franklin Haynes' interpretation of DC's ultimate fighting man is shown here in some of the best art since Kubert himself. If I ever do my World War II-period mini-series for DC, I know who I'm calling!

"Helloooooooo, nurse!" Rick Blackwell described this penciling of Zatanna as "a bit cheesecake," but I think it's better than most of the costumes she's worn. Besides, though the "tux with fishnet stockings" look may be a bit sexist, it's always been Zatanna's best look because it's reminiscent of her father's costume.

Dr. Fate
"Helloooooooo, late entry!" Jon Karl Franklin Haynes offers this pic of Dr. Fate. Wait, what is he doing? Is he naked under that cape? Hey! OFFICER?! OFF-I-CERRR! Arrest that man!

And da winnah is…
The Brothers Grinn!!!
For their action-packed, enjoyable Zoo Crew pic! Congratulations! You've won a grab bag of comics as well as an original artwork by Giampiero Genovese.

The running was very close. Out of five judges, only two agreed on the same picture! I think this speaks well of the high quality of all of the entries, and I want to thank everyone who entered.

Hopefully, you'll all be as eager to contribute to our next contest:

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