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Vol. II Issue 5

"Look! Up In The Sky!"
What's it like to live
in a world where poeple can fly?

Nicolas Cage
Is this the face of Superman?

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Elongated Man:
"Buddy boy, you've got a lot to learn about this business! Most super-heroes never reveal their names!"

"We all have people we care about -- and our enemies could strike at us through them! Even with all my power, I couldn't prevent that if my identity were known!"

Blue Devil:
"Sounds kinda paranoid to me!"

Blue Devil #4

Look! Up In The Sky!
The History of Flight in the DCU
-- by Michael Hutchison

The Hall of Justice
The origin of Sir Justin, the Shining Knight
-- by Michael Hutchison

A Night At The Met With
Dan Curtis Johnson

The writer of Chase talks about his hot new series.
-- by Michael Hutchison

Brainstorm's Corner
Mystery In Space: An Adam Strange Graphic Novel
-- by Todd Frye

DCU 101
Hawkman's adventures in World's Finest
-- by Simon Brown

Superman Lives? Maybe Not!
The Superman Film Franchise Gets Off To A Lacklustre Start; We Cast OUR Superman Movie
-- by Michael Hutchison

Fanzing Art Contest
We pick a winner
and announce our new challenge !

Batman DCF: "Heritage"
A tale of Batman…100 years from now!
-- by Erik Burnham

Review: The DCF Stories
-- by Bruce Bachand

Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.

DCU Digest
-- by Ed Dillon

Comics Cabana
Adventures In The DCU and Major Bummer
-- by Michael Hutchison

Classics Revisited
Despero Attacks the JLA
-- by Bruce Bachand

Vanishing Point
Reconciling the contradictions of the DCU.
-- by Mario Di Giacomo

Sector 2814
Where the fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
Next Month:
Hal must account for his actions or be wiped from history.
Plus: We cast a Green Lantern movie.
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