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I'm afraid that this column is not going to be the cheery piece I set down to write. You see, with my fondness for DC's Starman and my appreciation of the new Chronos, I'd developed a fond appreciation for the editorial abilities of Archie Goodwin and planned to talk about him this month. Archie was obviously an editor who highly prized characterization over mindless violence. When sending submissions to DC, it's important to select editors of a similar mindset, and it was my intention to send this month's springboard to Mr. Goodwin at the end of March.

Thus, I was extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Archie Goodwin on March 1st at the age of 60, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Archie had spent half of his life working as a writer, an artist and an editor. Many people remember his work with Walt Simonson on Manhunter in the 70s. Currently, he was a Group Editor at DC Comics and edited Starman, Chronos, Legends of the Dark Knight and several others. As one of Archie's many, many fans, I am sorry to see him go.

From our "It Doesn't Take A Whiz" Department:
Did anyone catch the joke in JLA #16 where Prometheus/Retro asks, "Does the moon have a bathroom?"…and the very next panel has a huge microphone in the foreground with the label WHIZ? Cute.

Why does Batman keep saying "HH" in the JLA? What does that mean? Is he saying, "huh," like he's just breathing out? Or does it represent something, such as "Happy Hunting" or "Hungry Hippoes"?

BABY! Congratulations go out to Fanzing contributors John Karl Franklin Haynes and Mary Haynes on the birth of their son George Anthony Peter Michael Anakin Fyodor Herbert Walker Haynes. No, just kidding, his name's Steven Wayne Franklin Haynes and he was their Valentine's Day gift this last February 14th. Look at the little guy. I think his mom watched "Rumble In The Bronx" one too many times because it appears he's already practicing his Jackie Chan moves!

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