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Re: the Dan Jurgens-inspired Art Contest
Of course, I don't charge a fee for looking at portfolios. Joke away as long as you make the truth clear.

Dan Jurgens

Okay people, I'm gonna say this loud and clear: "Dan Jurgens doesn't charge to look at portfolios!"

Re: Humor article
Thank you very much for the notice about the article, which I found to be good reading. Perhaps you were unaware that I was one of the people involved in the 80's revival of Plastic Man, along with Hilary Barta & Doug Rice. I did indeed use 'Calvin & Hobbes' to sell Stanley & His Monster. I would have loved to do an Inferior 5 series, I had it all written and everything (sigh). Perhaps I'll see you at San Diego?

Phil Foglio
StudioFoglio and/or XXXenophilia

Okay people, I'm gonna say this loud and clear: "Go buy every Phil Foglio comic you can find!"

Hang onto that script, Phil. As I pointed out in my article, times do change. You never know what will be popular tomorrow. Maybe the market will change and we'll get away from the expensive-glossy-paper and back to affordable newsprint comics again! Anything's possible. I wish I could see you at San Diego, Phil, but I'm rather limited to cons in the Minneapolis area right now.

I'm reading your humor issue right now, and I can't believe that your main feature doesn't mention MAJOR BUMMER, or YOUNG HEROES IN LOVE, and what about GROSS POINTE? Shame, shame.

Jeremy B

Major Bummer was definitely an oversight, although I've yet to read an issue myself and didn't know for sure that it was a humor title. Young Heroes In Love seems to be a pretty serious title, art aside. And Grosse Pointe…I guess I thought it was a kid's comic.

Probably nobody knows this, but Ambush Bug does appear in one more issue. He appears in the Crisis on Infinite Earths mini-series. It's one of the earlier issues, and that's all the hints I'm giving you guys.

gary ancheta "who loves to make post-crisis junkies heads explode"

Well, I don't really care about cameos myself, as they aren't exactly funny and don't make it worth buying a book. If I was going for a totally comprehensive listing, I'd also have to list Invasion and Kingdom Come.

Re: "Batman In A Dress"
I've just read your "Batman In A Dress" article in this month's Fanzing,and want to congratulate you on one of the best critiques of the Batman movie franchise I've ever read. Your observations are spot on. Like you, the first movie excited me the most, and is still the one I watch over and over again - despite it's plot holes and its limitations it is still the closest thing to a "good" live action Batman movie.
I've found that Batman Returns improves with watching, I hadn't bothered with it for a couple of years, but after I picked up a new copy a few months ago decided to watch it and it wasn't as bad as I remebered it. Partly I think because I "tuned out" the Penquin plot line and concentrated on the Batman / Catwoman dynamic.
I found your comments on Batman Forever interesting, especially in relation to Two-Face. I was lucky enought to meet and chat with Tommy Lee Jones last year and he told me that he had done tons of research into Harvey Dent and had loads of ideas on how to play this tragic character, but his ideas were either overruled or that most of the character bits he injected ended up on the cutting room floor.
As for Batman & Robin - enough said.
Just one fact that you may not be aware of concerning your favorite character! Gossip Gerty has been in all four films but only got a speaking part in the last two. She is played by Elizabeth Sanders who just happens to be Mrs. Bob Kane!

All the best, Alan J. Porter

Mafia connections, sexual favors…nepotism was the one form of special treatment I'd ignored.
I thought Tommy Lee Jones was above the performance we actually saw, and I'm glad to hear that he thought he was, too! I fear he was a victim of Carrey-mania.

I enjoyed reading your article about the Batman movies. I agree with you on almost all of your ideas about a new Batman movie. They need to show Batman as more of a detective and martial artist. They should get rid of the rubber suits and use something more flexible. Batman is not supposed to be bulletproof(not all the time, anyway)! And yes, they should get rid of the current Robin. Bring in a younger Robin (Skip Jason Todd, go straight to Tim Drake!). I think the solution is to have the comic writers write the movie. They are experienced at writing these characters! Well, those are just my thoughts. Thanks for listening!

Benjamin Grose

You are so right about comic book writers needing more involvement in the movies. Why ignore people like Denny O'Neil who have decades of experience and awards for their story-telling abilities? It would make sense, even if it's only to rough draft the plot before a screenwriter puts his specific skills to work on it. I daresay the last two Bat-tastrophes could have been avoided this way. And I've always felt that Denny's original Ra's Al Ghul stories, with only slight modifications, could form a wonderful movie.

I read your piece about the Batmovies in Fanzing and would almost agree with you, word for well chosen word. I have always thought Bob Hoskins would have made a great Penguin. The character would be a perfect part for him, especially if portrayed as a mob-style leader, ala Grissom in the first film.
As for Gossip Gertie. You might want to sit down for this one. The actress is in fact well connected and got the part solely because of who she is -- Bob Kane's WIFE! Can you believe it? Both the character and the actress did not bother me. What did bother me was something you mentioned frequently. Love interests. It is my understanding that they are in each movie to quell any whispers about Batman being gay. Add Robin to the mix and the chics become twice as important. I could live with out them with the exception of some smoldering tension between Bat and Cat.
Good news may be on the horizon at long last. It is reported this week that Paul Dini, the fellow in charge of everything on the Animated Series, has thrown his hat into the ring with a 50 page plot proposal. Basically, his idea involves a new start to the franchise, with the Joker and Harley as villians and Batman wrestling with his vow of never killing. Robin is a 12 year old Tim Drake and Batgirl does not exist! It sounds like a wonderful idea, but we all know what happens to wonderful ideas in Hollywood …
It was a pleasure reading your article.
Best regards,

Jim Apitz

That "gay" charge has been around since at least the 60s, when the boys suddenly had a long-lost aunt added to the household. Frankly, I've never understood the concern. Batman clearly likes women, and it only takes one serious love interest in one story to prove that. He just doesn't have the time for dating or the desire to create a potential kidnap victim poster child a la Sue Dibny. Why is this so hard for people to grasp? And if he "bags" Vicki Vale in the first movie, why would this suspicion need constant disproving?

Re: Jas Ingram's Captain Carrot cover
Bwahahahahahaaa !!! Ohh, that's just beautiful, Michael ! :-) Very nice work indeed ! :)

Bala Menon

It's still one of the best pieces of art I've seen in a long time…and I get a chuckle every time I see it. Indeed, Jas did a fantastic job.

Everyone's a wise guy

I gave the new ish a quick look, read the humor article. The Legion Subs (first introduced in Superboy #201) also appeared in issue #81 of DC Comics Presents. Way too late. Try Adventure 306! I like the Subs. Night Lass was definitely the most voluptuous character of the Adventure era. With an owl on her chest no less. Wonder if Hooters has to pay royalties? Jack Selegue

Sorry, Jack, I wasn't trying to list every appearance of theirs…just the ones I knew. Oh, and I'll ask my local Hooters about that royalty thing next time I'm at Mall of America. (There's an idea for our art contest: Night Lass waitressing at Hooters!)

And now, a word from Fanzing's founder…

Just thumbed through the latest issue of Fanzing. Looking good! I like what you're doing with tables and bgcolor and hope you aren't up till the wee hours making sure everything lines up just so.
The content was compelling, first-rate stuff (as if I was expecting otherwise). Let me add a couple cents here to your review of the comedy comics: JERRY LEWIS was indeed continually published, although it probably wasn't strictly bimonthly but something like seven or eight times a year. I'm sure somebody out there in Fanzing Land has access to an old JERRY LEWIS comic. If so, a casual glance at the legal type at the bottom of the first page will clear up this question right quick.
I was stunned and shocked to hear that Chet Baker is now permanently out of commission. As you know, I worked closely with Chet in the early days, and he mentioned something to me once or twice about an estranged brother, but I sensed that he didn't want to talk about it, so I dropped the subject. As it turns out, Chet and I had drifted apart since Fanzing changed hands. He became obsessive. Edgy. His sugar binges became more pronounced. And now -- this.
Rest easy, Chet Baker. May you never be retconned! Marc Campbell

Well, I am up to the wee hours, which suits me just fine.
Kevin Baker will be joining us from time to time in his brother's stead, I'm happy to say.

General comments
Sure, you try to be nice and you get ribbed for it. :) Okay, I'll try to be a bit more constructive this time. I note in your "humor in DC comics" article that you end by saying that DC's only humor titles are currently WB licensees. Not exactly true. There are humor blends, just as there are romance blends, action blends, an espionage blend…it's just that everything seems mixed up with superheroes. Hitman is without a doubt a humor book mixed with action with a touch of superhero in it. Major Bummer is also a humor title in the same vein as the Inferior Five or Heckler, although admittedly not as funny. Sure, the pickings are slim, but there are some other humor titles out there.
The Captain Carrot artwork in this issue was outstanding. I particularly enjoyed the Kingdom Come send-up and the "new Crew" pics by the Grinn Brothers. Perhaps not classic, but to my eye, the exact kind of thing that would go over well with kids these days. If more kids were reading comics…but that's a rant for another day.
On "Reconvention," not a bad workaround for the Flash #134 gaffe, although the blame for that falls squarely on Paul Kupperberg, editor of the Flash. He wrote the Doom Patrol/Suicide Squad wherein the Thinker met his fate! It's been suggested on Usenet that he just didn't care about the continuity because it was a good story. I'd find this attitude awfully careless and irresponsible, so I hope this is not the case, despite the fact that Flash #134 wasa very good story.
On your reviews…I was considerably more lukewarm towards JLA #16, which did not in any way live up to the hype, and I've been very disappointed in the direction Legends of the DCU taken. However, that's tangential. Both of your reviews were fairly positive. It might be interesting to review one book you really liked and one you really didn't.
So that's my take on Fanzing #3. Once again, I have to say it was nice work all around, and even the stuff I skimmed (I just have to be in the right mood to read comics scripts) looked pretty solid.

I never made the Kupperberg connection. That is extra strange!

"But if it was Cliff, how did he have his Thinking Cap if that was in the possession of Johnny Thunder since the 1940s?"
THE FUNNY THING ABOUT THIS IS THAT MORRISON WROTE THAT STORY ABOUT THE TWO FLASHES… gary ancheta "who just can't get away from your webpage…."

So, basically, we've got two guys who managed to contradict their own stories! Bizarro!

My eyes hurt after all that. This is without a doubt the best issue yet. Your overview of the Batman movies was dead-on, as well as your suggestions for Batman 5. LOVE your idea for the art contest, very unique. My imagination is going in overdrive. Can't say enough good things about Js Ingrams' Captain Carrot on the cover.
Liked other stuff too, but my mind is going fuzzy and my wife just asked me "still on, huh?" Not a good thing, believe me.

Bill Wiist

I'd love to be married, but every now and then I'm reminded that having a wife would probably put an end to the long hours I put in on Fanzing instead of spending it in bed.

I just read the latest Fanzine, and I have just one comment. Would it be possible to place a small version of the Back-Home-Write Us-Forward-bar on the top of the pages as well? Just for easier manuvering?
Really liked your "Brainstorm's Corner" segment. This'll be great when it comes up and running.
I'd also like to take the opportunety to thank those who have written me on the DC Timeline-page. As soon as I figure out how to HTML-write it, I'll arrange a poll, as to whether or not to use fixed dates.

That's a great suggestion about the navigation buttons! Indeed, as these articles continue to get longer, it would be handier…but are you saying you aren't going to read these to the bottom? :-(
Anyway, I'll try to add them for issue #5.

You have a really nice newsletter going here and I enjoy all the articles that you have here. I especially enjoyed your article on the Batman movies and how they could be better and I agree about the ideas. Anyways.. I really enjoy it and keep up the good work and good luck on everything. Mike Rehor

I'm getting a lot of positive comments about my Batman movie ideas. Hmmm…maybe I ought to draft an actual script.

It's the first time to visit your fanzine and I found it very interesting and well made. Wonderful work. Joan

Dost mine letter-reading eyes deceive me? Do we really have a female reader? Nuts, now we have to stop walking around with our pants off.

And now, somebody off-topic:

Can anyone help our CAPS LOCK-impaired friend? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?