Blue and Gold:
The Other Dynamic Duo

By Clark Kent with Ed Dillon
Photo by Bill Wiist

It seems to this reporter that in today's world our super-heroes seem more serious, more determined, and more right down to the point. A few years ago it seemed that heroes took more joy in their jobs, often joking their way through sticky situations. I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with two of our more comical heroes and ask them about their history with the Justice League of America.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Kent: Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, it is a pleasure to have the chance to sit down and talk with two of our more well known heroes.

Beetle: No problem, but please call me Beetle.

Booster: And you can call me Booster.

Kent: Alright, Booster, Beetle, how did you get your start as super-heroes?

Beetle: Well I had to stop my uncle from taking over the world; what I didn't expect was to become a super-hero because of it. I discovered my old archaeology professor, Dan Garrett, was the original Blue Beetle, he was fatally wounded during the battle, Garrett asked me to carry on as the Blue Beetle, and I have done just that - albeit in my own unique, and often humorous, style.

Booster: I don't mean to boast but I was once a brilliant college football quarterback with a promising career, but I was forced to traveled from my home in the 24th century to start a new future. I'll admit I was first dedicated to commercial pursuits rather than noble causes, over time I eventually became a hero in both name and deed.

Beetle: Can you say…"EGO!"?

Booster: Sure…"EGO!" Anyway, when I joined Justice League America, that's where Ted and I became friends.

Kent: What would you say are the best memories of your time with the JLA?

Beetle: My best memory was when our team was flying into Russia to track down the Justifiers. Although the team was new at this point, I had yet to see Batman laugh, much less, even smile.

Booster: Hey, to this day I've never seen Batman smile. I'm not sure he ever has.

Beetle: Well you missed this one, as usual I was trying to lighten every one's mood, so I called Bats "Mr. Spock"…you know because of the pointy ears.

Kent: I don't think he was too pleased.

Beetle: No he wasn't, he didn't laugh, didn't smile, but what he did say a little while later was "Ahead Warp Factor Seven, Mr. Sulu!" I couldn't believe that Bats had actually made a joke, I can't remember laughing that hard since then, well maybe there have been a few times…

Kent: What about you, Booster?

Booster: I think my fondest memories of our days in the JLI was when Beetle and I borrowed some money from the JLI account and invested in a beautiful resort casino/hotel on a private island, KooeyKooeyKooey. Together we built Club JLI. It was great.

Beetle: It was great while it lasted.

Kent: Why, what happened?

Booster: Unknown to us at the time, some bad guys were there and won all of the casino's money through cheating.

Beetle: Ya, cheating.

Booster: They broke the bank, and bankrupted the casino. We lost the hotel, we lost the island, we lost everything. I don't think Aquaman was too happy with us either.

Kent: What did Maxwell Lord have to say about that?

Beetle: Let's just say that our hands had wrinkle marks for a long time with all the dishes we had to wash.

Booster: Don't forget about the other chores we had to do.

Kent: What about your teammates? Who were your favorite and least favorite? Beetle?

Beetle: My favorite teammate (not counting Booster) was Guy Gardner?

Booster & Kent: Guy Gardner?

Beetle: Ya, Guy Gardner. He may have been rude, stupid, and a jerk, but boy he made me laugh. Remember the time, he and Ice went out on their first date, they went to the Ice Capades, and we were able to get the giant-sized Guy Gardner down on the ice?

Booster: Ha, ha, ha, ha. I remember! That was classic, although Guy wasn't too happy.

Beetle: No he wasn't, he almost killed us, but it was worth it for the laughs. Seriously though, I enjoyed all my teammates during my time with the League.

Booster: Me too, although I just wish I had the chance to get to know Fire and Wonder Woman a little better, if you know what I mean. Ever meet Wonder Woman, Clark?

Kent: I've met her a few times.

Booster: I can just imagine what it would be like to kiss her. Hmmm…..

Kent (under his breath): You have no idea….

Kent: So I've heard about all the good times, but life wasn't always perfect, what about the bad times?

Blue: You're right, life in the JLA wasn't always glorious. I think that our lowest points where when me lost teammates in the line of duty, we lost Superman and we lost Ice. Although Superman came back, if this electric guy is Superman, but I miss Ice, and sometimes I find myself thinking about her.

Booster: Well I've met the new Superman, and he seems like the real deal, although know there are 2 of them, I don't know what's going on with that. Anyway, my lowest point would be around the same time that we lost Ice. You see, coming from the future I'd thought I knew what the future held for me. I always assumed that I would die an old man, but what I didn't know was that the future is not always what I thought it would be.

Kent: What do you mean, what exactly happened?

Booster: Well I thought that I was a goner, except my good buddy here, was able to save my life, and I thank him for that. But I did lose an arm, and was clinically dead for a while. If not for the suit Beetle had designed for me, I wouldn't have made it at all.

Beetle: Aw shucks, thanks Booster.

Booster: After a lot of pain and a lot of whining, I finally got a new body courtesy of Monarch, who used the opportunity to turn me into a monster and Beetle built me ANOTHER containment suit to contain THAT! Ya just can't win, sometimes! But I eventually got this new suit that's a lot like my old one. Finally! Oh, and I caught up with my old manager who'd embezzled all of my money and I claimed all of his assets, including Lightspeed Entertainment. Now Beetle and I are co-chairs of that software company.

Kent: It looks like you have both had interesting lives as super-heroes, but now that you are no longer part of the Justice League, what are you up to these days?

Booster: Well, lots actually.

Beetle: Together we are Blue & Gold and we can handle any problem that you may have. Haven't you seen our late night Infomercial?

Kent: Uh, I am usually busy and don't watch a lot of late night tv.

Beetle: You don't watch late night tv? There goes our demographics!

Booster: Clark's a newlywed, Beetle. He has better things to do than watch tv, right Clark?

Kent: Isn't this interview about you guys?

Booster: Say Clark, had anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Superman?

Kent: Ummm, well thanks for your time, guys. It has been a real pleasure talking to you but I gotta run, I ah, just remembered a library book that I have to return before it's overdue.

Beetle: Does he always run off like that? I wonder what his wife thinks?

Booster: I have no idea Beetle, let's go get us some Big Belly Buster Burgers.

Beetle: Sounds good to me!

Big Belly Buster Burgers can be found at a location near you. "Big Belly Buster Burgers are belly belly good!" This was a promotional announcement paid to Lightspeed Entertainment in exchange for this space.