End of Summer
Sector 2814

Happy 1998 everyone! It's hard to believe that it's been five years since I went wacko and murdered a bunch of my closest friends because I was upset that millions of strangers died. I don't know what I was thinking. What was that storyline called again? "Marz Attacks" or something like that?

arisia "There she isssss…Miss Arisiaaaa." The best jailbait I ever dated, Arisia of Graxos, as drawn by Melissa Wilson. I know, she doesn't look 13. She commanded her ring to make her older… kinda like that Tom Hanks movie!

Ladies of the JLA Melissa was also kind enough to contribute this montage of JLA's quartet of fantastic females.
Fire, Ice, Wonder Woman and Maxima.

Hard to believe this guy ever used to run around with bare legs. That's Nightwing by Mark S. Dail, watching over the nasty city of Blüdhaven.

I wonder if people think Nightwing's just an urban legend, too?

Green Lantern
Jas Ingram created this fantastic artwork of my replacement Green Lantern creating a large object with his power ring. I've got just one thing to say about it…

…that's the weirdest-looking boxing glove I've ever seen.

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!
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