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Fanzing Presents:

Job Wanted #1

Now available for purchase online!

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The writers and artists of are proud to present our first comic book: "Job Wanted!"

This 80 Page Giant (for only $5.95) debuts December 3rd. Make sure that your comic store is carrying Job Wanted, as many will only order books that are requested by their patrons. Job Wanted #1 is being released by Shooting Star Comics (as their first imprint line, Fuzzball) and is listed in the October issue of Previews Magazine on page 344.

Previews of each story in this compilation are available via the links below or in the nav bar.

Job Wanted #1 is dedicated to the one subject that immediately came to the minds of a team of struggling comic book creators. Namely, employment. The unifying theme of unique, interesting and bizarre jobs runs through 8 cross-genre stories by 16 of Fanzing's top creative talents.

Writer Michael Hutchison and artist Erik Burnham kick off the book with a tale of our very own Fuzzball as he pursues his own job in the comic book industry, "Behind The Fuzz."

Writer/artist Kurt Belcher takes you on a unique bus tour through one of the weirder parts of town in "Night Route."

A slob gets a job working on a disgusting blob in one of the oddest stories: "The Slime" by writer Michael Rees, artist Chris Franklin and inker Ethan Colchamiro.

Co-writers J. Morgan Neal and Gregg Noon and artist Philipp Neundorf bring to life the tale of "Rogue" as a ranch hand chases down a wild horse in their tale of old Texas. This story features their Gone To Texas character Ezra Cody.

Writer D.J. LoTempio and artist Christian Moore explore modern-day exorcism when a young priest must free a child from the video game system that has possessed him in "Devil in the Playbox."

Writing/art team The Brothers Grinn take you on a voyage of discovery through the underworld of supervillain supplies with "Evil Inc."

Scott McCullar tells an origin story for his character Yellow Jacket (seen recently in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1) as the ex-millionaire wanders the Depression-era countryside looking for work "Beekeeper."

Finally, writer Michael Hutchison and artist Phil Meadows delve deep into the worst job in all of science fiction: deep space junk collection. In "Enigma in Outer Space," a struggling spacer cleaning up after a wreck in an asteroid field gets a shock when he finds the most unlikely discovery in the void of space: a life form reading.

In addition to these 8 stories, each story will feature a pseudo-cover pin-up. Many of them are by our book's cover artist, Rosaline Terrill.


From 1997-2003, Fanzing published an online comic book fan magazine, acquiring its own domain in 1998. Founded by Marc Campbell (who left to become the web master for DC Comics from 1997-1999), it was taken over by Michael Hutchison who served as editor and webmaster for the site. In the past five years, the magazine has grown to three times the size it once was, and the site has expanded to also feature fan-made desktop wallpapers, themes, screensavers and greeting cards, as well as one of the web's largest directories of links to comic book trades and novels.

Fanzing's editorial staff decided to bring the monthly magazine to a close in order to pursue other goals, which led to the creation of "Job Wanted." The last issue of Fanzing Magazine issue #52 was published in February 2003.

In April of 2003, the editors launced Monitor Duty at (which shares the web space with the Fanzing Archives). Monitor Duty is a group effort by Fanzing's contributors to link to the hottest comic news of the day as well as sites of interest to the comic and sci-fi fan.

About the Contributors

Fanzing FuzzballOver the years, Fanzing has showcased the work of well over a hundred writers and artists, including both up-and-coming comic professionals and talented fans with no desire to work in comics. Some of Fanzing's contributors have continued on to independent publishing and are pursuing professional comic book careers. The talent for "Job Wanted" were selected for their talent and creativity combined with their dedication to truly breaking into the comic book field.


To Get A Copy

The Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted 80 Page Giant is scheduled to hit the stands on December 3rd, 2003. Job Wanted is released by Fuzzball Comics, an imprint of Shooting Star Comics.

Be sure to ask your comic shop to carry Job Wanted. Your vendor can find the book listed in Previews Magazine's October issue on page 344. Job Wanted is released by Shooting Star Comics.

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