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Dibny Dirt Who's Who Sheet!

Ralph William Dibny
Ralph looking…
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 178 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Age: 31
Frame: Skinny
Alter Ego: The Elongated Man
Nicknames: The Ductile Detective
The Stretchable Sleuth
Memberships: Justice League of America
Justice League Europe/International
Trivia about Ralph:
  • Fluent in French.
  • Can quote Byron and other literary works from memory.
  • Above-average hand-to-hand combat skills become incredible combat capabilities when using his stretching powers.
  • Born in Waymore, NE.
  • Lived in the Detroit area at some point before the JLA moved their HQ there…possibly during college.
  • Once saved the lives of millions, including the English Royal Family, from a nuclear missile and also met the still-alive Sherlock Holmes!
  • Lost money in a financial venture with "Rock 'em Sock 'em" Andrew Avery.
  • Admires rubber men because they prove a skinny guy can get attention!
  • Favorite color: purple!
  • Though in his early 30s, most of his closest friends are dead.
  • Became a "man of means" in his early days through media performances; hasn't had to work since!
  • Doesn't have Power of Attorney over Sue's fortune.
  • Religion is possibly Methodist (or at least, he attended numerous United Methodist Women spaghetti dinners back in Waymore).

Sue posing
Sue Dearbon Dibny
Height: 5'?"
Weight: ??? lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Age: 28?
Frame: Yummy
Alter Ego: Elongated Woman (faked)
Nicknames: Mrs. Elongated Man
Elongated Man's Wife
Memberships: Justice League of America
(honorary, disbanded)
Justice League Europe/International
(administrative, disbanded)
Trivia about Sue:
  • Loves shopping for clothes. Loves shopping for clothes. Loves shopping for clothes.
  • Owns a small white dog named Frazier, named after a lion in California. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Eats pizza with lots of anchovies, which Ralph will eat but doesn't enjoy.
  • Has a second cousin surnamed Rothstein in Westchester, NY. Ms. Rothstein lets Ralph and Sue house-sit when she and her family are vacationing. The Dibnys stayed there when the original JLA relocated from the Detroit Bunker to the Secret Sanctuary.
  • Was educated in Europe.
  • Couldn't speak a word of French when she first married Ralph, but was fluent by the time J.L.E began.
  • Doesn't love mysteries as Ralph does; her attitude towards his sleuthing ranges from annoyed to tolerant to playful.
  • Parents are Republicans.
  • Gives Ralph a made-to-order mystery on his birthday.

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