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Theme Title: Legion of Super-Heroes 1
Author: Michael Hutchison
Artist: Phil Meadows
File Size: 800 k
Theme Elements
Wallpaper: Yes Icons: Yes
Sounds: Yes Cursors: Yes
Screen Saver: No Colors: Yes
Start Screens: Yes Font Settings: Yes
Webview: Yes Font Files: Yes

This theme was created by Phil Meadows and me using original art for the wallpapers, cursors and icons. The sounds are taken from Tomita synthesized music and a few clips from the Legion of Super-Heroes episode of "Superman Adventures". The cursor is Proty. Bouncing Boy functions as the Recycle Bin. (If he's fat, he's full.) This even has my first attempt at a Webview.

The sound scheme follows my basic design ideology: a desktop theme needs to be liveable. Most sound schemes are over the top and after two days you can't stand them. The sounds in this theme are quiet and don't go on too long. The most common sounds (asterix, minimize, maximize, menu) are little beeps and blips; the opening, closing and warning sounds are longer and more interesting. Enjoy!

I used Desktop Architect to create this, and I like it better than Left Side Software's Desktop Themes program. (D.A. is free, too.)

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