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Desktop Themes are a lot of fun, but most of the comics-oriented themes on the web are unusable. Cruddy screen-captured art, annoying sounds, ugly colors. That's why Fanzing has embarked upon a new venture in 2000: fully fan-made desktop themes!

This page also has links to tools you can use to install desktop themes, or to create your own.

To get started, just use the menu at the right.


They're fun! They're free! They're essential! You will die without them!*

These downloadable True-Type fonts for your PC will let you view Fanzing as it's supposed to be seen. Also helpful for writing, comic art, desktop themes and other living things.

Click to go there now!

*Death may not be instantaneous. Fanzing is not liable if death occurs due to lack of fonts.


If you don't want to go the full-blown Desktop Theme route, that's okay! We have the components such as wallpapers and start-up and shut-down screens.


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