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Fanzing Tutorial
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Fanzing Contributor's Central!

Information about Contributing

HTML Tutorial

This easy tutorial will teach you to make Fanzing-ready HTML documents, even if you've never done any web design before.

Fanzing Forum

This is where you can talk openly with other contributors, making art requests or other plans.

Making Fanzing Desktop Themes

This page will give you the basics on creating Desktop themes. It also covers the reasoning behind Fanzing's themes, has a large list of theme suggestions and provides resources for making icons, cursors, wallpapers, sounds and theme-creating instructions


Includes instructions on how to submit art, fiction and more!

WebEx - Conferencing Utilities

Not a Fanzing page, but a resource you may find useful. WebEx is an online service that lets you meet with other people in real-time. The way it works is this: You set up a meeting for a certain time and send invitations to the other participants (the free service is limited to four people at a time). At the appropriate time, you log in and start the meeting. All participants need to either use a plug-in or run the java version. You can show files on your computer (such as documents or graphics), point at things on them, highlight them, chat…and it's very useful. I used this service in coordinating the War Wheel story in issue #23 with the artists. If you'd like to do a conference but want me to control the meeting (I have an account set up already), just e-mail me!

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