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The Hall of Champions

This page lists the winners of all of Fanzing's writing and art challenges.

Art Challenges

Everyday Life -- 1st place: Kingdom Cookies by Bill Wiist
Runner up: Flash Food by Tim Mahoney

If AQUAMAN Can Get A Series... -- The Zoo Crew by The Brothers Grinn

1st Swimsuit Challenge -- 1st place: Batgirl by Christian Moore
Runner up: Fire by Jerry S. Loomis

Silver Age Cover Art -- Green Lantern vs. Banana Man by Christian Moore

Inter-Company Crossovers -- 1st place: Superman/Daredevil by Christian Moore
Runners up tie: Sugar, Spike, and Spawn by The Brothers Grinn and Fantastic Four & Superman by Bill Wiist

Community Service Posters -- 1st place: Bat Rubber by The Brothers Grinn
Runner up: Cat Literacy by Bill Wiist

Movie Poster -- 1st place: Adam Strange by Kurt Belcher (artist) & Michael Hutchison (concept & letters)
Runner up: Sandman by Rob Nikolakakis

2nd Swimsuit Challenge -- 1st place: Starfire by Ray of Ray's Super-Heroines
Runners up tie: Supergirl by Victoria E. Williams and Swimsuit Imps by Bill Wiist

DC Advertisements -- Mr. Mxyzptlk for PEZ by Christian Moore

Re-design a Character's Costume -- Azrael by Thomas Chung

Desktop Themes -- Vibe's JLA by Aaron J. Sams

3rd Swimsuit Challenge -- Superman Romps It Up by Bill Wiist

Action Art -- Darkseid vs. Ambush Bug by The Brothers Grinn

Villain Profiles -- Poison Ivy by Larry O'Keefe

4th Swimsuit Challenge -- 1st place: Nightwing by Lori Sammy

Painting Parodies -- The Last Supper by Larry O'Keefe

Cover Parodies -- Implosion Crisis by Phil Meadows

5th Swimsuit Challenge -- Donna Troy by Rosaline Terrill

50th Issue Cover Challenge -- "Nifty Fifty" by Kinsey Stewart

Winter Weather Wear Challenge -- "Warlord in Winter" by Stephen Legge

Writing Challenges

alt.showcase.94 -- Umm....We forgot to judge this one. Whoops!

The Reclamation Project -- tie: Guy Gardner Reborn (Again) by Gil Carter and Just a Masked Cowby by David R. Black

Team-Ups and Crossovers -- Sibling Rivalry by Gil Carter

Arkham Asylum's Vacation -- 1st place: Green Future by Michael Rees
Runners up tie: Mere Mortals As Victims of History by D.J. LoTempio and Of Bugs and Men by Scott Rogers

Villainy On Vacation -- Diamonds Are An Outsider's Best Friend by David R. Black

The Vile Vial -- tie Invasions From Other Planets by Nicolas Juzda and Eve of Destruction by Black, Juzda, LoTempio & Morrison

DC TV -- Seinfeld: The Power by Michael Rees

Elseworlds -- True Colors by Rachel Ehrlich

Feeb-Off -- The Case of the Disappearing Heiress by Syl Francis

Origins -- Who was the First Star Rover? by Chaim Mattis Keller

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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