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Compiled by David R. Black and Michael Hutchison


Comic Book Reviews
JLA Casebook
Paperback Rack & From the Bookshelf
DVD Review

JLA Casebook

Rock of Ages Reviewed -- Bruce Bachand
To Live and Die in JLA, part 1 -- Bruce Bachand
To Live and Die in JLA, part 2 -- Bruce Bachand
JLA's "Ghosts" Annual -- Bruce Bachand
JLA/Titans #s 1 & 2 -- Bruce Bachand
JLA/Titans #3 -- Bruce Bachand
The JLA-JSA Crossovers begin again -- Mark Gillins
JLI #59 Reviewed -- Mark Gillins
"Crisis Times Five" far! -- Mark Gillins
Can America withstand...Tortolini?-- Mark Gillins
Justice League #1 -- Alan Kistler
JLA #37-- Mark Gillins
World War III Begins!-- Bruce Bachand
The JLA files on Superman and Batman!-- Alan Kistler
What was I thinking when I liked this comic? An analysis of JLTF #10- 12 and JLA #224-- Michael Hutchison
"JLA: Earth II" Reviewed-- Mark Gillins
JLA: Created Equal Reviewed-- Mark Gillins
The Grant Morrison era in review-- Michael Rees
JLA #50 reviewed-- Bruce Bachand
"Terror Incognita" - JLA issues #55-#56 reviewed- - Bruce Bachand

Comic Book Reviews

Classics Revisited -- A look back at the comics of yesterday.
Justice League of America #200 -- Michael Hutchison
Who's Who -- Kevin Huxford
Classics Revisited -- A look back at the comics of yesterday. -- JoeyKa
Despero Attacks the JLA -- Bruce Bachand
The JSA series -- Jonathan Bogart
Wonder Woman goes medieval! -- David Luhn
What made the great Titans stories great? -- Louise Freeman Davis
Sword of Sorcery -- David Luhn
Swamp Thing #50 -- Wayne Hotu
JLA: Rock of Ages Annotations -- Alan Kistler
Kingdom Event -- Russell T. Burlingame
80 Page Giants -- Chaim Mattis Keller
Books with Supporting Casts -- Russell T. Burlingame
Superman Elseworlds -- Benjamin Grose
Batman #430; Batman: Holy Terror
The New Dr. Mid-Nite; Jonah Hex -- Chaim Mattis Keller & Michael Hutchison
Hawk & Dove; Creeper -- Marc Campbell
Superman: Distant Fires -- Bruce Bachand
JLA #16; Legends of the DCU #2 -- Bruce Bachand
Chase; Chronos -- Michael Hutchison
Adventures In The DCU; Major Bummer -- Michael Hutchison
JLA 80 Page Special #1; GL #100 -- Michael Hutchison & Russell Burlingame
Starman; GL Secret Files -- Russell Burlingame
Tangent Superman; Tangent Batman -- Rick Blackwell
Arsenal -- Jim Greeno
Catwoman #62 -- Michael Hutchison
A review of the new Titans series -- Matt Morrison
Convention report from Wizard World '99 -- Michael Hutchison
Green Lantern Secret Files Reviewed -- Matt Morrison
Batman-Toyman & Day of Judgment -- Michael Hutchison
Babs and Nightwing finally take that first step! The Superman books are great once more! -- Michael Hutchison & Matt Morrison
"LSH: Legion of the Damned", "Starman: Stars My Destination" and "Guns of the Dragon" -- Chaim Mattis Keller & David R. Black
SPECIAL EDITION! DC Comics sent us a packet of previews, including "Creature Commandos 1-3," "Batboy and Robin #1" and "Impulse #60" -- Michael Hutchison
JSA: Liberty Files -- Bruce Bachand
Flashpoint -- David R. Black
Titans #14 -- Ian Tavener
Jimmy Olsen #83 -- Richard Croxton
Catwoman #80 -- Matt Morrison
Stars & STRIPE #9 -- David R. Black
Green Lantern #121-124 -- Matt Morrison
Dynamic Classics -- David R. Black
Sgt. Rock's Prize Battle Tales -- David R. Black
The Amazing World of Carmine Infantino -- Michael Hutchison
"Who Is Donna Troy?" reviewed -- Jack Morman
Robert Silverberg's "Nightwings" -- David R. Black
Blackhawk Reviewed -- Syl Francis & David R. Black
"Superman's Metropolis" Reviewed -- David R. Black
Legion Lost Reviewed -- Kris "G'leep" Burger
"Losers Special" Reviewed -- David R. Black
The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 -- Brian MacDonald

Paperback Rack & From the Bookshelf

Starman: "Sins of the Father" -- by Matt Morrison
JLA: American Dreams -- by Nicolas Juzda
"Batman: Year One" reviewed! -- by Brian MacDonald
The "Sins of Youth" TPB -- by Nicolas Juzda
Is Batman: Year Two worth reading? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Kingdom Come: The trade and the paperback! -- by Brian MacDonald
The Death of Superman: Good story or just another stunt? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Is The Books Of Magic: Bindings the place to start collecting the adventures of Tim Hunter? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Reinventing Comics: What does the future hold for comics? And is this the book to tell you? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters - Remember the last time Green Arrow was revived from obscurity? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Manhunter: The Special Edition - Sometimes good things come in small packages, as this collection proves -- by Nicolas Juzda
Time passes and things change. Does A Lonely Place Of Dying hold up today? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Who reviews the Watchmen? -- by Nicolas Juzda
Flash: Terminal Velocity was the high point of a good run -- by Nicolas Juzda
The Crisis On Infinite Earths brings an era to an end -- by Nicolas Juzda

DVD Reviews

Superman: The Movie (Special Edition) Reviewed -- Michael Hutchison

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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