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Compiled by David R. Black and Michael Hutchison


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Tony Isabella -- "Black Lightning" scribe and net-guru Tony Isabella shares his thoughts on Black Lightning and creators' rights -- Michael Hutchison
Dan Curtis Johnson -- The writer of Chase talks about his hot new series -- Michael Hutchison
Kevin Dooley -- The editor of Green Lantern gives a few hints about the future of the title -- Simon Brown
Elliot S! Maggin -- Bruce interviews the one-time Superman scribe and author of the "Kingdom Come" novel adaptation -- Bruce Bachand
Bob Rozakis -- Time to ask the Answer Man! -- Mark S. Gillins
Jay Faerber -- Louise Freeman Davis
Mark Waid, pt. 1 -- Part one of our interview with one of comicdom's hottest writers! -- Bruce Bachand
Mark Waid, pt. 2 -- The conclusion of our Web-shattering Q&A with comicdom's hottest writer! -- Bruce Bachand
Walt Simonson -- Mario Di Giacomo -- Walt discusses his upcoming Orion series.
Todd Dezago -- Go 1-on-1 with the mind behind Impulse! -- Louise F. Davis
Tim Truman -- Tim gabs about the Creature Commandoes -- Michael Hutchison
Eddie Berganza-- The Titans & Superman editor spills the beans! -- Michael Hutchison
John Ostrander-- John talks about "Martian Manhunter", Hawkman's continuity changes and much more.-- Michael Hutchison
Chuck Dixon-- Chuck Dixon discusses the many, many comic books he's written!-- Michael Hutchison
Ty Templeton-- Ty the Guy talks Batman!-- Michael Hutchison
Devin Grayson-- The writer of DC's second-generation superteam talks Titans, Catwoman, and the new Batman family book, Gotham Knights!-- Michael Hutchison
James Robinson-- Thoughts on the end of Starman and where he'll go from there.-- Michael Hutchison
Butch Guice-- Erik gets 15 questions with the red-hot artist of Birds of Prey! -- Erik Burnham
Jeph Loeb-- The writer of Superman & Batman: Long Halloween tells all! -- Matt Morrison & Patrick Gerard
Gerard Jones -- The scribe of Green Lantern, JLA, JLI & JLE, (and much more) speaks about his DC days in the early and mid 90's. -- by Michael Hutchison
Rick Veitch Interview-- The writer/artist of titles including Swamp Thing, Maximortal, and Greyshirt discusses his career, his thoughts on the comics medium, and much, much more! -- by David J. LoTempio
Tom Yeates Interview-- Yeates discusses his work on Swamp Thing and DC's early 1980's sword & sorcery books! -- by D.J. LoTempio
Kurt Busiek Interview -- The writer of The Power Company discusses his 1980's DC work, including Red Tornado and Justice League of America -- by David J. LoTempio


Get to know the Fanzing Contributors

Bill Wiist -- Michael Hutchison
Louise F. Davis -- Michael Hutchison
Mark Gillins -- Michael Hutchison

David R. Black is's magazine editor and chief archivist. A big fan of "The Warlord," he has a cat named Shakira and is looking for a girlfriend named Tara....

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